Fire TV update also adds no new features or UI changes


Much like the latest Fire TV Stick update, the new Amazon Fire TV software update, version, that is currently rolling out to devices makes no visible changes to the Fire TV. I initially speculated that this new update would bring the promised HBO search integration, but it turns out a software update is no longer required to add additional search sources. Fire TVs running the previous software version are also getting HBO results within voice and text searches.

This wasn’t always the case. When Amazon added Crackle and Showtime search integration with the update, the previous software version distinclty lacked the new search sources. At some point since, Amazon must have added in the ability to update search sources dynamically without the need of a full software update. All indication is that this Fire TV update and its sister Fire TV Stick update seem to only make changes behind the scenes.


Amazon has officially listed the features of this update to be “Bug Fixes” and nothing else.

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Fire TV Stick update adds no new features or UI changes

The latest Amazon Fire TV Stick software update, version, which began rolling out to devices earlier this week appears to make no changes to the devices user interface. I’ve compared this latest version side-by-side with the previous version and was unable to find a single difference. This isn’t the first time Amazon has released an update that only made back end changes, as the Fire TV has received several updates in the past with no visible changes. Amazon has lately been better about providing a small bit of information on their software page regarding what an update brings. They have yet to update the Fire TV Stick’s software page to reflect this new software version, so we’ll have to wait and see if they mention any changes once the page is updated. If I missed something and you’ve noticed a change in this update, be sure to mention it in the comments section, and I’ll update this post accordingly.


Amazon has officially listed the features of this update to be “Bug Fixes” and nothing else. It appears the primary bug fix has to do with video playback.

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