Get these deals on HBO Max, Showtime, and Plex Pass subscriptions before they expire

There are currently a few notable deals on streaming services available. The ad-free plan for HBO Max is on sale for $7.49/month for the first 6 months. That’s 50% off the regular price of $14.99. This offer is likely an attempt to keep all the Prime Video Channel customers subscribed, since they just lost service earlier this week. The deal is for new or returning subscribers, but cannot be used by existing subscribers, and it ends Sept. 26. If you’re a Prime member, you can get 2 months of Showtime for $0.99/month through Prime Video Channels. That’s 90% off the regular price of $10.99/month. That offer ends on Sept. 19. Alternatively, you can subscribe through Showtime directly to get 6 months for $4.99/month when you use promocode MMANUTS when you sign up. Lastly, Plex is offering 20% off a Lifetime Plex Pass when you use promocode PLEXLIKEAPRO. That brings the one-time cost down from $119.99 to $95.99. This deal ends tonight at midnight.

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Discovery+ subscription is on sale for $0.99/month for 2 months through Prime Video Channels

Prime Video Channels has a new deal where you can subscribe to Discovery+ for $0.99/month for 2 months. This is for the ad-supported plan, which normally costs $4.99/month. The ad-free plan costs $6.99/month and is not on sale. Note that, unlike most Prime Video Channel subscriptions, subscribing to Discovery+ through Prime Video Channels does not currently give you access to the Discovery+ app. You’ll only be able to stream through the main Fire TV interface or through the Prime Video app on any device. One thing the Prime Video Channel subscription of Discovery+ does give you, however, is access to 11 live streaming channels which will be integrated into the Fire TV’s live program guide. This offer ends tomorrow, Sept. 15.

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Nearly all Fire TV models and Accessories are on sale — Better than average deals

Amazon has put nearly all Fire TV models and accessories on sale. These prices aren’t rock bottom deals as we see during Black Friday, but they’re definitely better than the average sales that come along all the time. If you weren’t impressed by the new Fire TV Stick 4K Max, then consider buying the regular Fire TV Stick 4K for $34.99, which is down 30% from its regular price of $49.99. That’s just $10 more than the lowest it has ever been. If you don’t need 4K, then the Fire TV Stick is $27.99 and the Fire TV Stick Lite is $21.99. Those are 30% and 27% off their regular prices, respectively, and are both within $5 of their lowest prices. At the other end of the lineup is the flagship Fire TV Cube for $94.99, which saves you $25 and comes within $15 of the lowest price it has been in the past. As for accessories, the Fire TV Recast DVR is $169.99, down 25%, and the Fire TV Blaster is $19.99, down 43%. Lastly, the just announced Fire TV Omni Smart TV 50-inch is $399.99, which is 22% off the regular price of $509.99, and the Fire TV 4-Series Smart TV 50-inch is $359.99, which is 23% off its regular price of $469.99. The main difference between the two is that the Omni has mics for hands-free Alexa control, like the Fire TV Cube.

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Prime members can play these 4 Amazon Luna cloud games for free through Sept. 15

Amazon Prime members can play 4 different Luna cloud games for free, as much as they want, through September 15. The available free games are Metro Exodus, Resident Evil 7 Biohazard (Gold Edition), Katamari Damacy REROLL, and Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom. An invitation to Luna is not required. Just launch the Luna app on a Fire TV, Fire tablet, or compatible browser/PC/phone and start playing.

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Amazon Fire Tablets and Kindles are on sale for Labor Day

Amazon has put many of its devices on sale for Labor Day. One of the best deals is the new 2021 Fire HD 10 tablet for $99.99. That’s 33% off the regular price of $149.99 and is the lowest price that it has ever been. Also for 33% off is the Fire HD 8 tablet for $59.99, which is down from its regular price of $89.99. That’s just $5 shy of its lowest price ever. For a bit more performance are the Fire HD 10 Plus for $129.99 and Fire HD 8 Plus for $79.99 The Fire 7 tablet is $39.99, but I’d steer clear of it since it is long overdue for an update and only 20% off. Kindles are also on sale with the standard Kindle being $59.99, which is 33% off its regular price of $89.99. You can step up to the Kindle Paperwhite for $84.99, which is also 33% off its regular price of $129.99. Fire TV devices aren’t on sale, but the Echo deals from last week are still available.

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Amazon’s Smart Soap Dispenser with Alexa capabilities is on sale for the first time

The Amazon Smart Soap Dispenser is on sale for $41.24. That’s 25% off its regular price of $54.99 and the first time that it has been on sale since it was released last month. The soap dispenser, which uses any standard liquid soap, displays an LED countdown on top when used to tell you when 20 seconds has passed, which is the CDC’s recommended hand washing time. It also adjusts how much soap is dispensed depending on how far away your hand is from the nozzle, with more soap being dispensed the lower you position your hand. Lastly, the Smart Soap Dispenser can be paired with an Echo device which allows it to launch any Alexa Routine when the dispenser is used. A button on top, when pressed, will cause the Alexa Routine to not run during the next use.

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STARZ subscription is just $0.99/month for 2 months through Prime Video Channels

Amazon’s Prime Video Channels has put its STARZ subscription on sale for $0.99 per month. The offer is good for 2 months before the price returns to its regular cost of $8.99 per month. The subscription grants you access to STARZ original content, a slew of movies, and TV shows. The subscription also gives you access to 8 live linear STARZ cable channels, which will appear in the Fire TV’s channel guide once you’re subscribed. As always, you don’t have to commit to both months if you just want to pay $0.99 for a single month. Whenever you decide to cancel your subscription, you will retain access for the remainder of the billing month you are currently in, even if you cancel immediately after subscribing.

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Ubisoft+ subscription for Amazon Luna cloud gaming is only $1 — Normally $14.99

The Ubisoft+ subscription for Amazon Luna is currently only $1 for the 1st month. This subscription, which normally costs $14.99, gives you access to play 31 Ubisoft games through Amazon’s Luna cloud gaming service. Included are numerous Assassin’s Creed games, Far Cry games, both Watch Dogs 1 and 2, Tom Clancy Ghost Recon games, and more. Of course, the real reason you would want this subscription is undoubtedly to play Monopoly Plus and Uno: Ultimate Edition. This deal ends tomorrow, Aug 31, so act fast. You do not need a Luna+ subscription or a Luna controller to play these Ubisoft games. Just pay the dollar, install the Luna app on your Fire TV, pair a Bluetooth, Xbox, or PlayStation controller, and play these games for a month.

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Select customers can get $15 off $25 purchases in Amazon’s app — Works twice for $30 off

Amazon is running a new promotion where they will instantly take $15 off of a $25 order for shopping through the Amazon app. This promotion is targeted to select customers only, but it’s not only for those that have never shopped in the app, as you might expect. To see if you qualify, install the Amazon shopping app on an iOS or Android device, login, and then visit this page. The page should open within the Amazon app and if you see a yellow “Get Coupon” button at the bottom of the page, then you qualify for the promotion. Then just tap the button and purchase something that is $25 or more which is sold by You will see the $15 discount applied at checkout. If you’d like, you can return to the page linked above tomorrow to receive a second $15 discount on a second $25 purchase. Amazon currently has some decent deals on Echo devices if you’re looking for something to use this promotion on.

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Nearly all Echo and Echo Show models are on sale at pretty good prices

Amazon has just put the majority of Echo devices on sale. While these aren’t as good as Prime Day and Black Friday deals, they’re pretty good. At the low end is the 3rd-gen Echo Dot for $29.99, which is about $10 higher than its all-time low. The 4th-gen Echo Dot is $34.99 which is also $10 above its lowest price. Not as good of a deal is the 4th-gen Echo for $79.99 with a free smart bulb, since it has been $59.99 in the past. As for Echo Shows, the Echo Show 5 is $44.99 for the 1st-gen and $54.99 for the 2nd-gen. Since the main difference between the two is a slightly better camera on the newer model, I’d go with the older model. The Echo Show 8 is $79.99 for the 1st-gen and $99.99 for the 2nd-gen. In that case I would recommend the newer model because the processor and camera on the newer model are significantly better than the old one. Lastly are the Echo Auto on sale for $19.99, the 2nd-gen Echo Buds on sale for $89.99, and the 2nd-gen Echo Frames on sale for $179.99.

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