3rd-gen Fire TV Cube and 4K Fire TV Sticks are on sale at Amazon — Several all time low prices

Amazon just kicked off a sale on most of its Fire TV models. The latest Fire TV Cube is on sale for $124.99 which matches its lowest price ever. Similarly, the Fire TV Stick 4K Max is on sale for $34.99 which is also its lowest price ever. Those two are the deals most worth getting. The Fire TV Stick 4K is on sale for $29.99 but you can often get it for $5 less than that. The Fire TV Stick is on sale for $26.99 but it regularly drops to $19.99. Lastly, the Luna Game Controller is on sale for $49.99 which is $10 above its recent Prime Day and Black Friday prices.

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Hisense 50in 4K QLED Fire TV is down to $288 for Amazon Prime card holders — New Lowest Price

If you have a Prime Rewards Visa or a Prime Store Card, you qualify for a great deal on the 50″ Hisense 4K QLED Fire TV. The TV is currently on sale for $337.89, which is already a pretty decent deal as it’s 36% off the regular price of $529.99. However, if you use either a Prime Rewards Visa or Prime Store Card during checkout and select to receive cashback, you’ll get an additional 15% cashback which drops the final cost down to $287.21. For comparison, the lowest regular sale price for this TV in the past was when it dropped to $299.99 during Black Friday, that is if you don’t count the doorbuster deal during Prime Day that sold out in seconds. This Hisense TV is among the best Fire TV Smart TVs available thanks to its Quantum Dot panel, 600 nits of peak brightness, full array local dimming with 32 zones, a variable refresh rate, 4K resolution, and support for both Dolby Vision and HDR10+. The bonus 15% cashback promotion ends on February 4th and its terms and conditions can be found here.

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The Fire TV Pro Remote is on sale for the first time — Grab this rare discount while you can!

Amazon has just put the new Alexa Voice Remote Pro for Fire TV devices on sale for the first time. While it’s just a $5 discount, which drops the price from $34.99 to $29.99, it’s still very much worth jumping on this deal if you’ve been contemplating the new flagship remote but haven’t wanted to pay full price. That’s because Fire TV remotes hardly ever go on sale so it’s surprising that this remote has been discounted at all. The last time a Fire TV remote went on sale was at the start of 2019, and that was only because people felt gypped that a new remote was released right after millions of devices were sold with the old remote during the holidays. This Pro Remote sale isn’t meant to make up for anything, but it might prove to be just as rare. Read more ›

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Newest Fire TV Cube 3rd-Gen is finally on sale for the first time ever in the US

It took longer than most people expected, but the all-new 3rd-gen Fire TV Cube has finally gone on sale for the first time in the US. For a limited time, you can buy the latest Fire TV Cube on sale for $124.99, which is 11% off the regular price of $139.99. The new Fire TV Cube has been on sale in Europe and Australia a few times since it was released in October, but this is the first time it has been discounted in the US, apart from a very limited discount for select qualifying customers a few months ago. While 11% off isn’t much of a sale, it’s certainly better than paying full price. The rest of the Fire TV lineup is also on sale, but those discounts are also a bit mediocre. If you need a Fire TV Stick soon you’ll save a bit with this sale, but if you’re looking for a great deal on a Fire TV Stick, you’re better off waiting for a better discount. As for the new Fire TV Cube, there’s no telling if this first sale will kick off the trend of the Cube always going on sale along with the rest of the lineup or if this is a one-off discount that won’t return for a while. Either way, you’re probably better off picking one up now if you’ve been holding out for a discount because, based on the fact that Amazon didn’t drop the price at all during Black Friday and the holidays, it doesn’t seem like Amazon is eager to drop the price of the new Fire TV Cube.

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Paramount+, Showtime, Starz, AMC+, and many more streaming services are $2/month for two months

Amazon is having another sale on Prime Video Channel subscriptions that drops the price to $2 per month for two months. Available channels include Paramount+, AMC+, Showtime, Cinemax, Starz, Vix+, Britbox, Noggin, PBS Kids, PBS Living, PBS Documentaries, Lifetime Movie Club, ScreenPix, BET+, Acorn, and History Vault. You have to be a Prime Member to subscribe to these channels and you can cancel your subscription at any time with just a few clicks on Amazon. The sale is good through January 1st.

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All Fire TV Sticks are on sale for possibly the last sale of the holidays

Amazon has just put all Fire TV Sticks on sale and this may be the last sale before Christmas arrives. So, if you’ve been procrastinating on some gifts or stocking stuffers, take a look. The Fire TV Stick Lite is on sale for $19.99, which is a pretty mediocre discount, given that it was $14.99 for most of November. The regular Fire TV Stick is $24.99, which is $5 higher than its Black Friday price. The Fire TV Stick 4K is $26.99, which is just $2 above the lowest regular sale price it has been in the past. Lastly, the Fire TV Stick 4K Max is $34.99, which matches the lowest regular sale price it has ever been in the past. Unfortunately, the new 3rd-gen Fire TV Cube has still not gone on sale in the US, so it seems unlikely that it will be discounted anytime this year.

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Echo Show 15 owners can buy a Fire TV Remote for just $9.99 — UPDATE: Echo Show 15 may not be required for discount

Now that the Echo Show 15 can double as a Fire TV and is compatible with the Fire TV Alexa Voice Remote, Amazon is offering owners of the smart display a discount on the Fire TV remote. If you purchase the remote through the Echo Show, you’ll pay just $9.99, which is 66% off the regular price of $29.99. Read more ›

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Qualifying Fire TV owners get $6 Prime Video Credit for Free

Amazon is offering select Fire TV customers a Free $6 Prime Video credit. There are three known ways to see if you qualify for the free credit. The first is to visit this page while logged into your Amazon account. If the page is blank, then you likely don’t qualify. Otherwise, you should be given the option to earn your free credit. Another way to see if you qualify is to turn on your Fire TV and look for the green banner shown above. If you see it, select it with your remote and you’ll be shown a QR code to scan that will earn you the free credit. The last method is to check your email for a message from Amazon titled “Here’s a $6 rent or buy credit to watch a holiday classic.” The email will contain instructions for how to redeem the free credit. This promotion is running through December 11, so keep an eye out for the banner and/or email. The free credit must be used within 90 days.

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Buy an Echo Show 8 at its lowest price ever and get a Free Echo Show 5 Kids

Amazon has just put up one of the best Echo Show deals it has ever offered. Right now, you can buy an Echo Show 8 for $69.99 and get an Echo Show 5 Kids for free. Paying $69.99 for the Echo Show 8 is a great deal on its own since that’s the lowest price it has ever been. The Echo Show 5 Kids edition on its own is on sale for $39.99, which is also the lowest price it has ever been, so you’re saving $40 if you buy this deal. Both Echo Shows included are the latest generation models released last year. While the Echo Show 5 that is included comes with the green Chameleon fabric pattern, it doesn’t have to be configured as a kids device and can be used as a regular Echo Show 5 if you prefer. As far as I’m aware, Amazon has never offered a bundle like this before so there’s no telling how long it will last.

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65in 4K Fire TV Smart TV w/ Dolby Vision is on sale for $399.99 for Cyber Monday — Lowest Price Ever

The vast majority of Black Friday deals are still available today as Cyber Monday deals. While a few deals are no longer available, an even smaller number of items are actually less expensive now than they were during the Black Friday sale. One of those items is the 65-inch Toshiba C350 Series 4K Fire TV Smart TV now on sale for $399.99. The current sale price is $30 less than it was during Black Friday and is now the lowest price it has ever been. This is a great TV that falls perfectly in the middle of the Fire TV Smart TV lineup. It has a few extra nice features, like Dolby Vision and a decently bright panel, that you won’t find on the absolute cheapest Fire TV Smart TVs, but it doesn’t have things like local dimming or a QLED panel, which you’d have to pay at least $100 more to get. If you’re looking for a large screen that doesn’t break the bank without too many compromises, the C350 Series from Toshiba is the one to get. This series also tends to sell out the quickest of all Fire TV Smart TVs, so grab it fast if you’re interested.

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