Amazon Dash Buttons on sale for $0.99 — Plus get $4.99 credit after first use [Expired]

Today’s Prime Day Countdown Deals theme is Everyday Essentials, so to go along with that theme, Amazon has select Dash buttons on sale for $0.99. You will still receive a $4.99 credit the first time you use each dash button you purchase, so Amazon is literally paying you $4 to buy and use these Dash buttons at least once. You can also buy the buttons one at a time and select no-rush shipping, for each purchase, to receive $1 in digital credit, to make this an even better deal. This deal is for Prime members only.

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Amazon Dash Wand Review — What Alexa can and can’t do

When Amazon added Alexa capabilities to the Dash Wand, they instantly made a mostly forgotten device interesting again. At just $20, the Dash Wand is now the least expensive Alexa-enabled device Amazon makes, and it’s even more affordable for Prime members since they get a $20 credit when activating the device, making it essentially free. Since it wasn’t originally designed to be an Alexa device, there are limitations to its voice capabilities, compared to something like the Echo Dot. Here’s an overview of the Dash Wand, as well as a detailed look into what Alexa on it can and can’t do. Read more ›

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Amazon Dash Wand now has Alexa and is free for Amazon Prime members [Expired]

The Amazon Dash Wand is a small handheld device that lets you add items to your Amazon shopping list by scanning bar codes or dictating the item. The new version was released late last year and was mostly the same as the Dash Wand it replaced, but a little sleeker. Now Amazon has made the device a whole lot more useful by adding full Alexa capabilities. Just like with an Echo Dot, you can now speak to Alexa and hear responses directly through the Dash Wand.

The Dash Wand is only $20, making it the least expensive Alexa device Amazon sells, but it gets better because Amazon is essentially giving them away. If you’re a Prime member and order the Dash Wand for $20, you’ll automatically receive a $20 credit added to your Amazon account as soon as you register the device. See the promotion details here.

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1st-gen Amazon Dash reduced to just $3.29, down from $50 [Expired]

The 1st generation Amazon Dash has been reduced to just $3.29 as an add-on item. This is the little known wand shaped device that Amazon makes which allows you to order products by either speaking into the device or using it to scan a bar code. The Amazon Dash originally sold for $49.99, but now that a new model has been released, the old one is being marked down significantly. If you’re an Amazon Fresh subscriber, you can still get the new model for free, but if you aren’t, and want a simple way to order everyday items, now’s your chance to get the Dash for a steep discount.

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