Amazon discontinues their press-to-order Dash Buttons

Amazon has decided to stop selling Dash Buttons, which were their programmable buttons that ordered a specific item when they were pressed, as reported by CNET. The buttons were $4.99 each but were often essentially free because Amazon credited most or all of their purchase prices back when they were used for the first time. Since most people interested in Dash Buttons probably already own an Alexa device, the buttons don’t serve the same convenience as they did when they were first launched in 2015. Read more ›

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Amazon Dash Buttons are on sale for $2.49 with a $4.99 credit on first use [Expired]

Amazon is selling over 300 Dash Buttons for $2.49 each for Black Friday. That’s half off their regular price and you will still receive the full $4.99 credit the first time you use each button you order, for an overall net profit on the purchase. Additionally, these 14 Dash Buttons will earn you 20% cash back when you use an Amazon Visa or Amazon Store Card. Dash Buttons are configured using a mobile phone to purchase a specific item when they’re pressed. There’s no risk of you or someone else accidentally ordering multiple items because the buttons will not place a new order until a prior order has been delivered. You also receive a notification on your phone when a button is pressed, allowing you to cancel the order if it was not intended. These buttons are only available for Prime members.

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Prime Surprise Sweets Dash Button is FREE plus get $4.99 credit on first use [Expired]

The Prime Surprise Sweets Dash Button is completely FREE when you use promocode SWEET50OFF at checkout. Yes, your total will litteraly be $0.00. This deal is only available for Prime members. The first time you use the button to order Prime Surprise Sweets you’ll automatically receive $4.99 off of the $18.00 purchase. This is likely a price mistake where two promotions are overlapping and it will not last long.

There are also several Dash Buttons on sale for $2.49. The above promocode only works on the Surprise Sweets button, but all $2.49 Dash Buttons will still receive $4.99 credit the first time they’re used, making them essentially free with a $2.50 profit.

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Amazon Echo Show now displays virtual Dash buttons on command

Amazon has added a somewhat obvious but potentially handy feature to the Amazon Echo Show. You can now ask “Alexa, show me my dash buttons” to view a scrollable list of your virtual Dash buttons that give you a quick way to reorder specific products. Read more ›

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Amazon Dash Buttons on sale for $0.99 — Plus get $4.99 credit after first use [Expired]

Today’s Prime Day Countdown Deals theme is Everyday Essentials, so to go along with that theme, Amazon has select Dash buttons on sale for $0.99. You will still receive a $4.99 credit the first time you use each dash button you purchase, so Amazon is literally paying you $4 to buy and use these Dash buttons at least once. You can also buy the buttons one at a time and select no-rush shipping, for each purchase, to receive $1 in digital credit, to make this an even better deal. This deal is for Prime members only.

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Amazon Dash Buttons on sale for $0.99 with $4.99 credit after first use. [Expired]

Amazon is celebrating 2nd birthday of Dash Buttons by offering them for $0.99 with promo code DASHBDAY. Buying Dash Buttons at the discounted price will still earn you the full $4.99 credit the first time you use each button, for a net profit of $4 just for placing at least one order with each button. There is a limit of 3 buttons you can order at the discounted price.

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Amazon releases surprise and virtual Dash Buttons

According to Amazon, their Dash buttons have been a big hit with customers, so now the company is trying two new things with them. First, there is a new Surprise Sweets Dash button, that when pressed, will order you a box containing a “selection of multiple small-batch treats crafted by artisans from across the nation.” Each box costs $18 and there is no way to know what will arrive, hence the surprise, but Amazon has shown off several example boxes to get an idea of what may arrive. To get one of the new surprise buttons, you have to request an invitation.

The second new addition to Dash buttons is the release of virtual buttons on Amazon’s website and mobile app. The virtual Dash buttons, like their physical counterparts, can be configured to order a specific product when pressed. While they don’t add nearly as much convenience as the physical buttons, they may be worth setting up to save you a few clicks for products you order often.

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Amazon Dash buttons are $0.99 and receive $4.99 credit after first use [Expired]


You can currently buy am Amazon Dash Button for $0.99 with promo code CYBERDASH. Once you use the button the first time to place an order, you will receive $4.99 credited to your account for a net gain of $4. If you’ve purchased and/or used Dash BUttons in the past, you still qualify for this promotion, since the $4.99 credit is per button. However, it appears you can only purchase one button at the $0.99 discounted price this time around.

Dash Buttons are available for over 200 brands. You configure the button to order a specific item from Amazon and place it in a convenient location. Then just press the button anytime to order the item. The button is smart enough to not place a second order if there is an open order that hasn’t arrived yet, so there’s no fear of accidentally ordering too many of the same item at once. Plus, you get a notification on your phone whenever the button is pressed and have time to cancel the order in case the button was pressed accidentally.

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Update: Get any Dash Button, including the $20 AWS IoT programable button, for FREE [Expired]


Earlier today I posted about a promotion that lets you buy Amazon Dash buttons for $0.99 each and still get a $4.99 credit when you use the button the first time. It turns out that there isn’t just one promo code that works, but several different promo codes. Even better is that the different codes stack on each other, so if you apply more than one code to a single order, it will make the Dash button completely free. You’ll even still get the full $4.99 credit when you use the button for the first time. The promo codes even work on the $20 AWS IoT Dash button meant for programmers and developers. I was able to stack several promo codes to get an IoT button and regular Dash button for free in a single order (screenshot). The stacking of codes is likely an unintended bug with this promo, so order soon because I exepect it will be disabled soon.


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Amazon Dash Buttons are $0.99 and you still get a $4.99 credit on first use [Expired]


Amazon Dash Buttons are the handy little buttons that you configure to order a specific Amazon product, which you select, when pressed. Normally they cost $4.99 each, which Amazon credits back to you the first time you use each button. Right now, if you use promo code COLLECTDASH or RMNBUTTONS or ZIFFBUTTONS or REVIEWDASH at checkout, each Dash Button you buy will be only $0.99. The best part is, Amazon will still credit you $4.99 per button when it is first used. So you essentially get $4 for free for every button you buy and use at least once. There are now over 200 button brands to choose from, so you’re bound to find products that you’ll use the button for at least once. The terms of the promotion say you must use each Dash Button by December 31 2016 to receive the $4.99 credit. Dash Buttons are only available for Prime Members.


See my new updated post on how to get these buttons for free.

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