Logitech Harmony Smart Remote w/ Hub on sale for $69.99 — Lowest Price Ever [Expired]


The Logitech Harmony Remote w/ Smart Hub is on sale for $69.99 during Amazon’s Cyber Monday sale. This matches the lowest price this remote has ever been. Harmony remotes are among the few universal remotes that can control the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. The included hub connects to the Fire TV via bluetooth and the remote relays button press through the hub to the Fire TV. The remote connects via RF, so you still don’t have to physically point the remote anywhere, just like with the Fire TV default remote. Additionally, Harmony just created their own Alexa Skill, so you can have limited control of your TV with just your voice through an Alexa-enabled device.

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TP-LINK Smart Plug is $17.95 through Alexa-exclusive deal [Expired]


Amazon has added a new batch of Alexa-exclusive Deals for their Cyber Monday sale. One of the best deals among them is the TP-LINK Smart Plug for $17.95. This price isn’t as good as when it was $15 as an Alexa deal during Prime Day, which sold out very quickly, but it’s the second best price I’ve ever seen for this plug. The TP-LINK Smart Plug allows you to control anything you plug into it through Alexa or a smartphone app. It does not require a central hub or anything else to work, so it’s a great first smart home product to buy.

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Amazon Dash buttons are $0.99 and receive $4.99 credit after first use [Expired]


You can currently buy am Amazon Dash Button for $0.99 with promo code CYBERDASH. Once you use the button the first time to place an order, you will receive $4.99 credited to your account for a net gain of $4. If you’ve purchased and/or used Dash BUttons in the past, you still qualify for this promotion, since the $4.99 credit is per button. However, it appears you can only purchase one button at the $0.99 discounted price this time around.

Dash Buttons are available for over 200 brands. You configure the button to order a specific item from Amazon and place it in a convenient location. Then just press the button anytime to order the item. The button is smart enough to not place a second order if there is an open order that hasn’t arrived yet, so there’s no fear of accidentally ordering too many of the same item at once. Plus, you get a notification on your phone whenever the button is pressed and have time to cancel the order in case the button was pressed accidentally.

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Amazon Black Friday deals are continuing through Cyber Monday [Expired]


Just as Amazon did last year, they’re continuing their Black Friday deals throughout the weekend and into Cyber Monday. They haven’t stopped their onslaught of lightning deals and all Amazon device deals will continue through the end of Monday. While some devices, like the black Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Fire Kids Tablet, are currently backordered, nothing has sold out to the point that Amazon is no longer taking orders at the discounted price. So if you just woke up from your Thanksgiving food coma, you can still get in on some of the best deals of the year. Check out my Amazon Device Buyer’s Guide to better gauge where these deals stand compared to previous sales.

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