Amazon offering $10 off when buying new Fire TV and Game Controller together [Expired]


Amazon is currently running a promotion where they’ll take $10 off your total when you buy the 2nd-gen Fire TV and the new Fire TV Game Controller together. It’s not much of a discount, but it’s significant since Amazon has literally never put any of their game controllers, new or old, on sale. Buying a Fire TV and the game controller with this promo will cost the same as the Fire TV Gaming Edition. The difference is you’ll essentially be trading the 32GB microSD card and two free games, which come included with the Fire TV Gaming Edition, for a Fire TV voice remote, which does not come with the gaming edition. Simply add both the Fire TV and the game controller to your cart and you’ll automatically see a $10 discount labeled “Controller Discount” when you checkout.

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List of all Fire TV and Fire TV Stick Remote and Game Controller Specs

With the addition of a new voice remote and the switch from bluetooth to wifi based connectivity, there seems to be some confusion about the various Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick remotes and game controllers. Here’s a list of all the different remotes and controllers that exist, along with their specifications to help clear up the confusion. Read more ›

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Amazon Fire TV Game Controller Software updated to v66


Packaged within the latest Amazon Fire TV software update was an update for the Fire TV Voice Remote, but it wasn’t the only peripheral to receive some attention. The Amazon Fire TV Game Controller has received its first update, taking it from v65 to v66. As always, Amazon has provided no information about this update, other than the fact that it exists. Follow my remote and controller software guide to learn how to install the new update.

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How to Update the Amazon Fire TV Voice Remote or Game Controller Software


Both the Amazon Fire TV Voice Remote and Game Controller are capable of receiving software updates. These updates come packaged inside the main Fire TV software update, meaning they are not downloaded separately. After your Fire TV updates, it’s important to check if a remote or controller update is available because remote and controller updates are not installed automatically. In this guide, I’ll show you how to check for a remote or controller update, and how to install it if it is available. Read more ›

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Fix PS4 DualShock 4 button mapping on the Fire TV

The PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 controller is one of the best alternate game controllers that easily connects to the Amazon Fire TV right out of the box. The only problem with the controller is that the Fire TV sees it as the official Amazon Fire Game Controller which results in some buttons being mapped incorrectly. User lilcza1 on the XDA-Developer forums has created a custom android keylayout (.kl) file which correctly maps the DualShock 4 buttons. Read on for our guide on how to install the custom key layout file.  Read more ›

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