New Chromecast HD has an Unlockable Bootloader from the factory

The new budget-friendly Chromecast HD from Google has been released and now that I’ve run it through a few benchmarks I’ve started digging deeper into what it has to offer. One surprising aspect of the 1080p Chromecast is that, much like Google’s Pixel phones, the Chromecast HD’s bootloader can be unlocked with the simple flip of an option in its settings. Read more ›

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How to check if your Fire TV’s Bootloader is Unlocked


The original version of rbox’s Fire TV bootloader unlocking script had an issue which caused it to fail without notice on some Fire TVs. He has fixed the issue and uploaded a new version of his utility. Here is a simple way to determine if your Fire TV’s bootloader is fully unlocked or not, so that you know if you need to redo the unlocking procedure. Read more ›

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How to Fully Unlock the Amazon Fire TV Bootloader

This guide will walk you through the steps to unlock your Fire TV’s bootloader. Credit goes to dpeddi for outlining the unlock procedure and to rbox for developing a tool to make it incredibly simple to do. Unlike the partial bootloader unlock, this full unlock enables fastboot flashing and booting. For the time being, unlocking the Fire TV’s bootloader still requires that your Fire TV is already rooted, so this will not allow you to root newer Fire TVs. For now, the average person will gain very little from fully unlocking their Fire TV’s bootloader if they’ve already partially unlocked the bootloader. So there’s not much reason to follow this guide yet, but hopefully that will change as custom ROMs get developed for the Fire TV. At which point this guide will become more useful. Read more ›

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Amazon Fire TV Bootloader Fully Unlocked


A procedure to fully unlock the Amazon Fire TV’s bootloader has been discovered. The procedure developed by dpeddi was created to unlock Amazon’s Fire HDX 8.9 tablet. Several people have confirmed the same procedure works on the Fire TV. This is different from the partial bootloader unlock created by rbox which relies on a bug to trick the device into thinking it’s unlocked. Having the bootloader fully unlocked should grant access to the full suite of fastboot commands and open up more modding options. The unlock procedure is a bit complex, but rbox has let me know that he’s working on a program that will perform the unlock procedure automatically. Once that program is complete, I’ll write a full guide. Stay tuned.

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How to Partially Unlock the Amazon Fire TV Bootloader

The great rbox has done it again. He has just released a method to partially unlock the Fire TV’s bootloader. It’s only a partial unlock because it does not enable fastboot flashing, which means it requires that your Fire TV already be rooted. Sorry, but this release does not help those with unrootable Fire TVs gain root. What it does do is make the Fire TV a little more modding friendly, which will hopefully lead to even cooler mods in the future. For the time being, the most important thing to know is that an unlocked bootloader will be a requirement to installing future updates to ClockworkMod custom recovery. Starting with ClockworkMod version, your Fire TV will need to have an unlocked bootloader to install ClockworkMod for the first time or to install ClockworkMod updates. Read more ›

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