Black Friday App Sale Roundup [Expired]

With Black Friday in full swing, a number of apps are getting in on the fun and have gone on sale. Rather than list each one individually like I normally do, I thought I’d round them up in one post. Here are all the currently discounted apps I could find. Read more ›

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Top Fire TV Keyboard, Logitech K400, $19.99 at Amazon & Best Buy [Expired]


As part of their Black Friday sales, both Amazon and Best Buy currently have the Logitech K400 Keyboard with Touchpad on sale for just $19.99. That’s the cheapest I’ve ever seen this keyboard, as it normally sells for around $30. This keyboard is touted by many, including myself, as the best Fire TV keyboard. It works perfectly on the Fire TV, including the touchpad. The keyboard is wireless and comes with a tiny USB receiver that plugs into the Fire TV’s USB port. It also works fine plugged into a USB hub if you’re using the Fire TV’s USB port for other uses. The Fire TV also has no trouble recognizing the keyboard during boot, so you can use it to get into recovery if needed.

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Amazon Fire TV for $74 at Staples and Best Buy — NOW LIVE [Expired]

The Amazon Fire TV is currently $74 at Best Buy and Staples. This is the lowest price we’ve ever seen for the Fire TV. Both deals are part of each retailers Black Friday sale, so online stock won’t last long. Both deals are also available in store. Also remember the Fire TV Stick is still just $24 at Best Buy and Staples.

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Staples to sell Amazon Fire TV for $74 on 11/27 & 11/28 [Expired]

Staples has released a sneak peak of their upcoming Black Friday deals. The sneak peak consists of 8 electronic devices, one of which being a $74 Amazon Fire TV. This sale will be the cheapest price a Fire TV has ever been sold for without the use of a coupon. The sale starts Thursday November 27th and ends on the 28th. I would expect online stock to be limited and sell fast, so get up early on Thanksgiving day if you want to snag a Fire TV at this price.


Best Buy will be selling the Fire TV for $74.99 on the same days. No word on whether Amazon will match these prices but, recently, Amazon has been pretty good about matching Staples and Best Buy when they put the Fire TV on sale.

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This deal is only available to select customers, so the code may not work for you.

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