Amazon and Best Buy announce new Fire TV Smart TVs from Pioneer and Toshiba with 4K and hands-free Alexa

In the shadows of the announcement of the new Fire TV Stick 4K Max and the new Amazon-built Fire TV Smart TVs, Best Buy and Amazon have announced their continued relationship around Fire TV Smart TVs in the US with new models from Pioneer and Toshiba. The Pioneer sets will come in 43″ and 50″ screen sizes and feature 4K resolution, as well as HDR 10 and Dolby Vision high dynamic range. The new Toshiba series of Fire TV Smart TVs, like Amazon’s own Fire TV Omni Series Smart TVs, will feature far-field microphones for hands-free control through Alexa. Read more ›

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Fire TV Edition TVs purchased on Amazon can now be picked up and returned in-store at Best Buy

Amazon and Best Buy partnered up a few years ago to sell Fire TV Edition televisions. That partnership is expanding a bit because you can now purchase select Fire TV Edition televisions from Amazon and pick them up in-store at your local Best Buy as quickly as the same day. You can even return those picked-up TVs at Best Buy if you’d like. This arrangement is exclusive to Fire TV Edition TVs and Best Buy specifically, so you can’t pick up other items in-store. Read more ›

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Best Buy releases new low-cost Insignia Fire TV Edition televisions starting at $149.99

Best Buy has released three new Fire TV Edition televisions under their Insignia house brand. These new TVs are the least expensive Fire TV Edition models due to their small screen sizes and lack of 4K support. The models released include a 720p 24-inch size for $149.99, a 720p 32-inch size for $169.99, and a 1080p 39-inch size for $249.99. Read more ›

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Exclusive: Best Buy to release 6 new Insignia Fire TV Edition televisions that range from 24 to 55 inches

Amazon and Best Buy announced a collaboration earlier this year that would facilitate the release of “more than 10” new Fire TV Edition televisions from Toshiba and Insignia. Toshiba has since released 6 new Fire TV Edition televisions this year, but no Fire TV Edition televisions from Best Buy’s house brand Insignia have been released. New information that I’ve discovered indicates that Best Buy will very likely be releasing 6 new Insignia Fire TV Edition televisions in the coming months. They appear to have screen sizes of 24, 32, 39, 43, 50, and 55 inches and consist of 720p, 1080p, and 4K UHD resolutions. Read more ›

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Best Buy replaces Roku TV OS in their Insignia TVs with Amazon’s Fire TV OS

When Best Buy and Amazon announced their partnership this morning to make and sell new Fire TV Edition televisions running Amazon’s Fire TV operation system, it was great news for Fire TV fans because it will bring new hardware options to the Fire TV line. It turns out that the multi-year deal between the two companies goes a bit deeper because, not only is Best Buy going to start making Fire TV Edition televisions under their Insignia brand, they’re also going to be dropping Roku TV televisions. Read more ›

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Amazon teams up with Best Buy to launch over 10 new Fire TV Edition televisions this summer

Amazon has announced that, in partnership with Best Buy, there will be at least 10 new Fire TV Edition televisions released this summer. The first phase of this multi-year partnership will include 4K and HD (1080p) models from Toshiba and Insignia. The TVs will be available to purchase in the United Sates in Best Buy stores, on Best Buy’s website, and on where Best Buy will be the third-party seller. Read more ›

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Amazon Echo now available online and in-store from Best Buy


The Amazon Echo is now available for purchase from Best Buy for the first time. Staples became the first 3rd-party retailer to sell the Echo, followed by several others a few months later, but now it’s finally available through the U.S.’s largest consumer electronics retailer. You can find the Amazon Echo both in-store on Best Buy’s shelves and available for purchase online through Best Buy’s website. Since the Echo is currently out of stock through Amazon, the timing couldn’t be better. Considering they were just released today, it’s no surprise that the Amazon Tap or Echo Dot are not yet available thorugh 3rd-party retailers like Best Buy, but I expect them to be available soon, especially considering the Echo Dot’s packaging comes with a retail hanger slot built in.

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Best Buy delivering 2nd-Gen Fire TVs ahead of release date


If you pre-ordered a new 2nd-gen Fire TV from Best Buy, you may want to check your doorstep. One commenter on just received his new Fire TV from Best Buy two days early. We’ve already seen that Best Buy doesn’t quite have their ducks in order since they’ve been displaying the new Fire TV on store shelves already, even though their point-of-sale system isn’t letting anyone purchase the new device before its official October 5th release date. Looks like those restrictions don’t extend to their shipping department.

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Fire TV Stick available in-store at Best Buy starting Nov. 20th

Views of Early Black Friday Shopping at a Best Buy Store
If you haven’t put your Fire TV Stick order in yet or don’t want to wait until next year for Amazon to ship out new orders, then you’re in luck. Best Buy will begin selling the Fire TV Stick at their physical stores starting tomorrow, November 20th. A Best Buy sales associate showed me an internal memo instructing employees not to sell the device until the specified date. He also showed me inventory figures for the Los Angeles, CA area. Most stores in the Los Angeles area will be receiving around 80 units each. Some stores already have them in stock waiting for the 20th to arrive, while the majority are expecting their supply to arrive in the next few days. Of course, availability and quantity will vary from region to region, so be sure to call your local store before heading over. Staples is also expected to sell the Fire TV Stick in-store, but employees at the stores I visited were unable to tell me when their inventory would be available.

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Fire TV Stick Pre-Orders at Best Buy and Staples Now Live

Both Best Buy and Staples have begun taking pre-orders for the Amazon Fire TV Stick. Both retailers waited for Amazon’s $19 Prime Member promotion to end before accepting pre-orders. Best Buy is selling the device for $39.99 while Staples is charging $39.00, the same as Amazon. Seeing how orders placed today at Amazon won’t be shipping until next year, your best bet at getting one this year would be purchasing one at one of these two retailers. No word from either retailer on when they expect to ship orders.

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