Podcast integration is coming to Amazon Music and Audible

Amazon will be integrating podcasts directly into both Amazon Music and into Audible, according to GeekWire. Amazon has sent an email to podcast creators asking them to submit their podcast feed in advance of an upcoming launch. While it has been possible to listen to podcasts on Amazon Echos and Fire TVs through various 3rd party services, such as TuneIn, for some time, the experience has always been less than ideal, especially if you like to listen to your podcasts through multiple devices. If executed well, direct podcast integration into Amazon’s audio services could greatly improve the experience of listening to podcasts through Fire TVs, which already have an Amazon Music app and Audible app, as well as Amazon Echos, which currently redirect Alexa podcast requests to TuneIn.

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Amazon launches new ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Alexa Skill through Audible

Amazon has teamed up with ChooseCo, publishers of the classic Choose Your Own Adventure series of books, to bring their guided adventure stories to Alexa devices. A new Choose Your Own Adventure Alexa Skill has been released using Amazon’s Audible brand. The skill currently offers two different books that are both free. Read more ›

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Audible audiobook ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ by Charles Dickens is free through Amazon Alexa devices

All Amazon Alexa enabled devices are currently able to listen to the Audible audiobook A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens for free. Just say “Alexa, read A Tale of Two Cities from Audible” and the audiobook will begin playing without needing to sign up for anything. The book is available to listen to for free through September 30th, so you’ll have a little over a month to finish it the 15-hour long unabridged audiobook. Thanks to the newly refreshed Alexa interface on Fire TV devices, you can use the Fire TV remote to control playback, rewind, and fast-forwarded as needed. You can also control playback through Alexa voice commands. Amazon is also currently offering the Kindle ebook version of the book for free if you want to read along.

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Audible is offering $50 off any Echo device and $50 off an annual subscription

Audible currently has a great deal that gives you $50 off any Echo device and $50 off an annual membership. I’ve seen each of the $50 discounts available individually in the past, but this is the first time I’ve seen them available simultaneously, making this a killer deal. A 12-month membership normally costs $149.50 and includes 12 audiobook credits. With this deal, you’ll pay $99.50 for those same credits, which will all be available immediately, and a $50 credit good towards the purchase of any Echo device will automatically be added to your Amazon account. Each audiobook credit is used to purchase one audiobook, for a total of 12 books, that you own forever, even if you don’t renew your membership. Some larger titles might cost 2 credits. This offer ends March 25th and you must use your $50 Echo discount within 14 days of signing up. Past Audible customers can also take advantage of this offer.

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Amazon Echo devices will now read any Audible book for free

Amazon Echo devices will now read your first full audiobook for free from Audible by just asking, according to Engadget. If you’re new to Audible, just ask for any book and you’ll be able to listen to it in its entirety with no need to sign up for anything. I assume the free first book is available from any Alexa-capable device, like a Fire TV, but I’m unable to test it myself since I’m already an Audible subscriber. If you’re wondering which book to hear as your free book, take a look at Amazon’s best seller list or browse best sellers by year. Once a book is playing, there are several custom commands to give Alexa to control playback.

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Get $50 off any Echo device for starting a one-year Audible membership

Audible just started a new promotion where you will receive $50 off any Echo when you start a one-year membership. The one-year membership gives you 12 credits that can be used to purchase any audiobooks and costs $149.99. The nice thing about Audible is that once you’ve purchased an audiobook with your available credits, you own it and can listen to it forever, even if you don’t renew your membership. After signing up, the $50 credit will automatically be applied towards your next purchase of an Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show, Echo Spot, or Echo Plus. This promotion ends November 23rd, but if you sign up before then, you’ll have 3 months to use the credit, so you’ll be able to combine it with the Black Friday sale prices that are coming up. That means you’ll pay $29.99 for an Echo, $69.99 for an Echo Plus, or $129.99 for an Echo Show. This promotion is available to everyone and is NOT limited to new members only like many similar promotions.

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A 1 year Audible membership is on sale for $99.99 — Savings of $50

Audible is currently having a sale on their annual Gold Membership for $99.99. That’s $50 off the regular price of $149.99 for that subscription. The Gold membership gives you 12 credits a year that can be used to purchase 12 audio books, making each book just $8.34. If the 12 books a year aren’t enough, you’ll also receive 30% off additional audio book purchases with your membership

Audible is a great service to use with Alexa devices because you can just say “Alexa, read my book” (among several other commands) and playback will instantly begin where you last left off. Your place in the book is automatically synced across all devices, so you can start and stop whenever it’s convenient to listen, regardless of whether it’s in the car during your commute, through an Echo while doing chores, or on the Fire TV while you’re waiting for someone to get back from the restroom. This offer is for new Audible members only and ends June 28.

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‘Bosch’ audiobooks are free this month through Alexa [Expired]

To celebrate the premiere of season 3 of Amazon’s original series Bosch, Amazon is letting everyone with an Alexa capable device to listen to two of the Audible audiobooks that inspired the show for free this month. The available free audiobooks are The Black Echo and A Darkness More than Night. Just say “Alexa, read [TITLE]” and the audiobook will begin playing. If you’ve never listened to audiobooks through Alexa, you may want to take a look at the available options, like sleep timers and chapter navigation. You can use any Alexa capable device to listen to the book, including the Fire TV and Amazon iOS app.

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Amazon Prime members now get exclusive Audible content for free


Amazon has just added Audible Channels, a subscription service that normally costs $4.95 a month, as the latest benefit that Prime Members get for free. Audible Channels is an audio collection of original programs, comedies, lectures, news, and articles that is consistently refreshed. The new Prime benefit also includes a rotating selection of more than 50 premium audiobooks that you can listen to for free. The audiobooks are arranged in categories like movies, which currently includes The Silver Linings Playbook and Slumdog Millionaire, or self-improvement books, like No Excuses! and Stitches, and many more categories. There is way too much content included with this new Prime benefit to list here. Once you install the Audible app, from Google Play or the Apple Appstore, you’ll be able to login with your Prime account and browse the complete collection of free content.

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