FireStarter relaunched as AppStarter but without HOME button detection or auto-launching features


The developer of FireStarter, the popular Fire TV home screen replacement app that was recently blacklisted by Amazon, has decided on a new direction for his app. For starters, the app’s name has been changed to AppStarter. It also has a new package name, which means it will not be disabled by Amazon’s current app blacklist, since Amazon targets apps by their package name. In order for AppStarter to stay off of Amazon’s blacklist, the developer has removed the two FireStarter features that were likely the cause for being blacklisted. AppStarter does not have any kind of HOME button detection and it does not have the ability to automatically launch itself, or any other app for that matter, at startup. This means the only way to launch AppStarter is by selecting the icon within the Fire TV interface, just like every other app. Read more ›

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