Amazon Fire TV Appstore Reaches 2,000 Apps


The Amazon Fire TV Appstore has hit another milestone by reaching 2,000 total apps for all Fire TV models. The rate at which new apps are arriving has been steadily increasing since the Fire TV’s launch in April of last year. The Fire TV Appstore gained its second thousand apps in nearly half the time it took to acquire its first thousand apps. The 1,000 app milestone was achieved 306 days after the Fire TV launched, and the 2,000 app milestone occurred just 180 days later.

Developers have been taking notice of the Fire TV Stick’s popularity, resulting in fewer and fewer apps being only compatible with the more powerful Fire TV. Only 13% of Fire TV apps are not compatible with the Fire TV Stick, with the vast majority of those apps being higher-end games. If the recent Fire TV Stick 2 leaked specs are any indication, that won’t be the case for much longer.

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Amazon Fire TV reaches 1,500 apps

About 3 months after reaching 1,000 apps, the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick Appstore has reached its next milestone of 1,500 apps. Ofcourse, the quantity of apps isn’t as important as the quality. Since the last milestone, we’ve seen several console caliber games released like Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Tales from the Borderlands, and XCOM: Enemy Within. Some great indie games have also been released recently, like Hotline Miami, Space Marshals, and GoatZ. Games are among the most popular apps and continue to make up half the Fire TV’s app library, but there have been several noteworthy entertainment apps released recently as well. Read more ›

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Amazon Fire TV reaches 1,000 apps


On the verge of Amazon Prime’s 10th birthday, Amazon has another milestone to celebrate. The Amazon Fire TV app library has just reached 1,000 apps. Thanks to a stellar month of December, which brought over 100 new apps, this achievement comes about 300 days after the original Fire TV was released. Read more ›

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Amazon Fire TV Reaches 500 Apps


With today’s addition of the game Sleeping Souls, the Amazon Fire TV library has reached 500 apps. The Fire TV has achieved this milestone 145 days after its April 2nd launch, averaging about 2 new apps per day. New apps from big names like Disney, MLB, and WWE have recently strengthened the Fire TV app offering. Apps expected to land later this year, like NFL Now, Watch ABC, and Spotify, paint a promising picture for the future of the Fire TV app ecosystem. With the app selection growing strong, it’s good to be a Fire TV owner. And with the current price drop to $84, there has never been a better time to become a member of the Fire TV community.

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