Amazon announces new Fire 7 and Fire 7 Kids Tablets with more speed, memory, and battery life

Amazon has announced an all-new Fire 7 tablet and an equivalent new Fire 7 Kids tablet. These new tablets are upgraded in many ways compared to the outgoing Fire 7 that was released 3 years ago. THey have faster processors, double the RAM, longer battery life, and, finally, a USB-C port. Read more ›

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Hisense releases its first Fire TV Smart TV with a QLED 4K Dolby Vision screen in 50″ & 58″ sizes

Hisense is joining Toshiba, Insignia, Pioneer, and Amazon itself with its first-ever Fire TV Smart TV. The new Hisense U6HF Fire TV Smart TV is available in 50-inch and 58-inch sizes, although the larger size won’t be released until sometime this fall, with both sizes being 4K TVs. These new Fire TV Smart TVs are slotting in among the more premium offerings from other manufacturers with features like Dolby Vision, Quantum Dot QLED, Full Array Local Dimming, and a variable refresh rate. Read more ›

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Amazon quietly swaps out the Fire TV’s Alexa Voice Remote with a new model

Amazon has released a new version of what it calls the “3rd-gen” Alexa Voice Remote. The new remote looks and functions identically to the one released in March 2021, which is likely why Amazon isn’t officially considering it a new remote, but this new remote actually has a new model number. The new remote also has a new FCC ID number, which suggests that the electrical components in the new remote are new as well. Read more ›

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Insignia releases its first 75-inch budget 4K Fire TV Smart TV

A new Insignia 75-inch F30 Series Fire TV Smart TV has just made an appearance on Best Buy’s website. The F30 Series of Insignia Fire TV Smart TVs were first released in the middle of 2021 with several sizes that topped off at 55 inches. Insignia later released 58-inch, 65-inch, and 70-inch Fire TV Smart TVs in the same line, but has now pushed the size even further with this new 75-inch TV. The F30 Series is Insignia’s least expensive line of Fire TV Smart TVs, while its F50 Series TVs are its premium TVs, thanks to their QLED panels. Read more ›

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Amazon releases professional-grade Bridge hardware to expand its Sidewalk network

Amazon has released the Amazon Sidewalk Bridge Pro, made by Ring, to help enterprise and commercial locations fill in the gaps of Amazon’s low-bandwidth and long-distance wireless Sidewalk network. The device, when placed in optimal outdoor locations, is said to support hundreds of Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices up to five miles away. It’s meant to be used in public spaces, like parks and commercial centers, but can also be used indoors to cover areas like warehouses and large stores. Read more ›

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Amazon releases new 2nd-gen Alexa Voice Remote Lite with added App Shortcut buttons

Amazon has released a new 2nd generation version of the Alexa Voice Remote Lite that is bundled with the Fire TV Stick Lite. The new remote is identical to the previous version, which debuted in 2020, except the new version now has four app shortcut buttons along the bottom. Also changed on the new 2nd-gen remote is the voice command button which has been changed from a black button with a microphone icon to a blue button with the Alexa logo. Read more ›

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Toshiba’s flagship Fire TV Smart TV, the first with full-array local diming, will also come in 65″ and 75″ sizes — Full Specs Revealed

Toshiba’s new flagship Fire TV Smart TVs, the M550 Series, technically first became available about a month ago through Best Buy but now it’s also available through Amazon and, so, is getting an official reveal. Along with the 55-inch size (model 55M550KU) that has already been available for purchase, we now know that there will also be 65-inch (model 65M550KU) and 75-inch (model 75M550KU) sizes coming soon. We also now know all the various techinical specifications like CPU, GPU, RAM, and storage details. These are the first Toshiba TVs with hands free-voice control built in and the first Fire TV Smart TVs from any manufacturer with full-array local diming. Read more ›

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Amazon now sells its own Smart Light Switches for use with Alexa

Amazon now sells its own branded smart light switches, as first spotted by Dan Wroclawski (via Dave Zatz). The Amazon Basics-branded switches come in Single Pole, Single Pole Dimmer, 3-Way, and 3-Way Dimmer varients, starting at just $17.99 for the least expensive model and peaking at $20.99 for you fancy 3-way dimming folk. These are setup and configured directly within the Alexa app and connect directly via Wi-Fi, so there is no need for a hub. Read more ›

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Toshiba reveals its first Fire TV Smart TV with hands-free Alexa voice control

As promised when Amazon announced its own hands-free Fire TV Smart TVs, Toshiba has revealed it’s first flagship TV with hands-free Alexa capabilities that can be controlled by voice, without needing to pick up the remote. The Toshiba M550 Series TVs, as they are called, feature an array of 4 microphones, a physical mute switch, and multi-color LED indicator lights along the bottom center to communicate if the TV is muted or listening as a result of hearing its wake word. The 4K TVs, which will be available in 55, 65, and 75-inch sizes, feature LED backlighting with full-array local dimming and support for Dolby Vision, HDR10+, and HDR content. Read more ›

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Amazon releases new Smart Air Quality Monitor that works with Alexa

Amazon has been on a bit of an Alexa Gadget kick related to health. A few months ago we saw the release of a Smart Soap Dispenser that pairs up with Alexa to ensure you and your loved ones are washing for the full recommended 20 seconds. Now, Amazon has announced a new Smart Air Quality Monitor that also works with Alexa to keep track of particulate matter (PM), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), carbon monoxide (CO), humidity, and temperature in your home. Read more ›

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