Amazon makes entire 100 Million track music library free without ads for Prime Members, but with one important caveat

Amazon has announced that the entire Amazon Music library of over 100 million tracks is now free to stream ad-free for Prime members. That’s a massive increase from the 2 million tracks that Prime members had access to prior to this change. Before you go canceling your music subscriptions, the catch is that you can’t request songs individually, but must, instead, request artists, albums, or playlists in shuffle mode to hear the expanded library without an Amazon Music Unlimited subscription. Read more ›

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Amazon Prime members now get same-day delivery from select retail stores

Amazon has announced a new perk for Prime members in the form of free same-day delivery from select retail stores. Prime members in or around Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas, Miami, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Seattle, and Washington D.C. can now shop from Diesel, GNC, PacSun, and SuperDry through or the Amazon app. Shopping from Sur La Table and 100% Pure will also be available in the coming months. Only some of the participating stores are shoppable in each region at this time. You can see which stores are shoppable in each region here. Same-day delivery is free for Prime members when ordering $25 or more. Otherwise, there is a $2.99 flat fee per delivery for Prime members or $9.99 for non-members. Orders must be placed by 5 pm to receive your items by 10 pm the same day. These orders are packed by and picked up from the retail store itself, not Amazon workers or warehouses. You also have the option to order through Amazon and pick up the items at the store yourself in some cases, which is similar to Amazon’s arrangement with Best Buy for Fire TV Smart TVs.

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Amazon Prime membership cost is increasing across several European countries

Amazon will be increasing the cost of Prime membership across several countries in Europe according to Reuters. The annual subscription in the UK will be increasing from £79 to £95, in Germany from €69 to €89.90, in France from €49 to €69.90, and in Italy and Spain from €36 to €49.90. The new pricing will go into effect on September 15. These Prime subscription increases come after Amazon increased the price of Prime in the US from $119 to $139 in February.

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Amazon Prime Members get 1 year of free Grubhub deliveries

Amazon has teamed up with Grubhub to give all Prime members a free 1-year Grubhub+ subscription. Grubhub+ normally costs $9.99 per month and provides subscribers with unlimited $0 delivery fees on orders of $12 or more at eligible restaurants. It also provides access to exclusive order discounts and free food offers. To redeem your free year of Grubhub+ you have to be a Prime member and then head to this link to activate the subscription. Note that the subscription will automatically begin charging you $9.99/month after the 12 months are up, so be sure to set a calendar reminder to cancel the subscription before the free year is up if you don’t want to pay anything.

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Prime Members get to play these games for Free on Amazon Luna in June

Amazon has revealed the free games that Prime members get to play on Amazon Luna next month. For the entire month of June, Prime members can play Far Cry 4, Bloodrayne 2: Terminal Cut, Beach Buggy Racing 2: Hot Wheels Edition, LUMIES REMASTERED, and Moving Out. These games can be played without any kind of sign up or trial. Simply load up the Luna app on your Fire TV or head to the Luna homepage on any PC, Mac, tablet, or phone. For those of you subscribed to a Luna channel, the new games coming in June to channels are Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3, and SAMURAI WARRIORS 5 for the Luna+ Channel, Mega Man Legacy Collection for the Retro Channel, and Riptide GP: Renegade for the Family Channel.

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These are the Free Games on Amazon Luna for Prime Members in May

Amazon is continuing it’s 3rd month of offering Prime members the ability to play select games for free through the Amazon Luna cloud gaming service. For the entire month of May, Prime members can play the motorcycle racing game Ride 4, the first-person sword slashing game Ghost Runner, the stunt driving game Monstor Truck Championship, and the classic arcade shooter Metal Slug 3. Amazon is also adding a few new games in May for those that are subscribed to the various Luna channels. Luna+ Channel subscribers can now play Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania, Retro Channel subscribers are gaining Capcom Arcade Stadium, and Family Channel can now play Get Packed. Remember, you can now use a smart phone as a virtual controler to play these Luna games if you don’t have a physical gamepad. It’s certainly not ideal, but good enough to at least see how good your connection to the service is before shelling out for something like the Luna Controller.

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Prime Members get to play these Amazon Luna games for Free in April

As promised last month, Amazon is adding new games that Prime members can play for free on its Luna cloud gaming service during the month of April. Starting tomorrow, Prime members will be able to play the games Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition and Amnesia: Rebirth for free, which normally require a subscrition to the Luna+ Channel. Also playable for free are the games King of Fighters ’98, which is part of the Retro Channel, and Tracks, which is part of the Family Channel. All four games can be played without any subscription fees during April, as long as you are a Prime member. For those of you who do have a subsctiption to the Luna+ Channel, the games Lost Judgment, Okami HD, and Sonic Colors are being added some time in April.

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Prime members can now play select Amazon Luna cloud games for Free

Amazon Luna, the cloud gaming service that can be played through Fire TVs, phones, computers, tablets, and other devices, is having a big day of new announcements and one of those announcements is the addition of a new Prime Gaming Channel to Luna which allows Prime members the ability to play a selection of games completely for free. Each month, new free games will be rotated in starting with 4 games today and a fifth game being made available in about a week. There’s nothing to sign up for. Just launch the Luna app or head to the Luna site through a browser and start playing. You don’t even need a physical game controller thanks to a new virtual controller options. Read more ›

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Amazon Prime membership to increase from $119 to $139 per year

Amazon has announced that the annual cost of Prime membership will be increasing from $119 to $139. This is only the third time that Amazon has ever increased the price of Prime, with the last increase being 4 years ago when the price went from $99 to $119 and the first increase being 4 years before that when it went from $79 to $99. The price increase will go into effect on February 18th for new members, so if you were thinking of signing up for Prime membership, better do it before then to get your first year at the cheaper price. The renewal price for current members will increase on March 25th. The monthly cost for Prime will increase from $12.99 to $14.99 per month on the same dates.

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Prime members can play these 4 Amazon Luna cloud games for free through Sept. 15

Amazon Prime members can play 4 different Luna cloud games for free, as much as they want, through September 15. The available free games are Metro Exodus, Resident Evil 7 Biohazard (Gold Edition), Katamari Damacy REROLL, and Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom. An invitation to Luna is not required. Just launch the Luna app on a Fire TV, Fire tablet, or compatible browser/PC/phone and start playing.

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Amazon has been offering One Week Trials of Amazon Prime for $1.99 to former Prime members

It’s not entirely clear when the practice started, but Amazon is offering select former Prime members the option to start a “One Week Trial” of Amazon Prime for $1.99. Since the dawn of the program, Amazon has offered a 30-day free trial of Prime to first-time subscribers, but once those 30 days are up or once a customer doesn’t renew their subscription, the only option has been to pay the full annual price, which is currently $119 per year, or a monthly price, which is currently $12.99 per month. This appears to be the first time Amazon has offered a one week option for Prime membership. Read more ›

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Amazon Prime members now get 10% off sale items plus extra discounts at Whole Foods

Ever since Amazon acquired Whole Foods grocery stores last year, they’ve been introducing ways for customers to save money, like general discounts to popular products and 5% cashback when you pay with a Prime Rewards Visa Card. Now they’ve started rolling out the program that everyone was probably expecting them to roll out, which is everyday extra savings for Prime members. These savings include 10% off sale items, as well as extra discounts on select items. Read more ›

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Amazon now offers immediate discounts for select items when you choose No-Rush Shipping

If you’re a Prime member, you’re probably well aware of Amazon’s No-Rush Shipping credits. They’re incentives, like $1 Digital Credit or $5 Prime Pantry Credit, for voluntarily selecting a slower shipping method instead of the free 2-day option that Prime members are entitled to receive. It appears as though Amazon recently began offering immediate discounts on select items if you opt for no-rush shipping. Read more ›

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How to avoid the Amazon Prime price increase and keep paying $99 a year

Amazon has announced that the annual price of Prime membership will increase from $99 to $119 on May 11th for new members and on June 16th for existing members. If you’re willing to pre-pay your membership dues, there is a way to ensure you pay the current $99 for Prime, instead of the new $119 price. Read more ›

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Amazon is increasing the cost of Prime membership from $99 to $119

During today’s quarterly earnings call, Amazon CFO Brian Olsavsky announced that the cost of an annual Prime membership will be increasing from $99 a year to $119 a year. Prime student membership will also increase from $49 to $59 annually. The price for new members will increase on May 11th, so if you sign-up for Prime before then, you’ll still pay $99 for your first year. For existing Prime members, the price will increase on June 16th, so if your renewal date is after that, you’ll pay the new price. Read more ›

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Twitch now gives Amazon Prime members free games every month

Twitch has announced a new benefit for Prime members that provides a set of new games for free every month. Amazon first integrated Prime into Twitch, the live streaming video platform that they aquired, over a year ago with Twitch Prime. Prime member benefits on Twitch already include ad-free viewing, one free channel subscription, and free in-game loot. Now free games to keep forever are also included. Read more ›

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Amazon now offers discounted Prime Membership to Medicaid recipients

Amazon has launched a low-cost version of Prime for customers enrolled in Medicaid, the government program providing health insurance to low-income Americans. Medicaid recipients can subscribe to Prime for $5.99 per month, which is less than half the usual monthly price of $12.99. At about $72 annually, it’s also less than the regular $99 annual price. To qualify for the discount, go to and upload a photo of either your Medicaid card or EBT. This program provides most of the same benefits as a regular Prime membership, including free two-day shipping, Prime Video, Prime Music, and more. One difference is customers enrolled in the discounted program cannot share their benefits with another adult like the regular membership allows. Customers must requalify once a year and can only receive the discount for the first four years.

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Amazon is now bundling Prime membership with the purchase of a Fire Tablet

Amazon is no stranger to offering discounts by bundling multiple devices together, but now they’re bundling Prime membership with their devices. You can now buy the Fire HD 8 tablet bundled with 3 months of Prime for $89.22. Since the tablet is regularly $79.99, you’re paying $9.23 for 3 months of Prime, which would normally cost $38.97 when paid monthly. The bundle is only available to new Prime members, so it can’t be used to extend an existing Prime subscription.

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Amazon Prime members now get Free Shipping at

Amazon has just added another perk to their ever-growing list of Prime benefits. Prime members now get free shipping at Amazon acquired the daily deals site Woot! back in 2010 but hasn’t done much with it. To take advantage of free shipping, just login with your Amazon account at Prime members get free standard shipping on all orders and free express shipping on Shirt.Woot orders.

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Amazon Prime monthly membership fee is increasing by 18%

Starting today, Amazon is increasing their monthly membership fee for Amazon Prime from $10.99 to $12.99, according to Recode. That’s an increase of 18% and works out to $156 per year if you’re paying monthly. Prime Student’s monthly fee is also increasing from $5.49 to $6.49. The annual membership fee of $99 for Amazon Prime is not increasing. Neither is the $8.99 per month fee for just Prime Video. If you’re subscribed to Amazon Prime on a monthly basis for more than 7 months out of the year, it now makes more sense to switch to the annual membership.

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