‘Hotel Transylvania 4’ is rumored to debut exclusively on Prime Video

Sony is allegedly in talks with Amazon to release Hotel Transylvania: Transformania, the fourth movie in the popular series, exclusively on Prime Video as an Amazon Original Movie, according to Variety. The movie was originally slated to open in theaters on Oct. 1st, but the surge in COVID cases has reportedly caused Sony to explore alternative releases, with Prime Video being the most likely platform. Sony has already made a similar arrangement with Amazon for the released of Cinderella, which will premiere exclusively on Prime Video on Sept. 3rd. Being the only major studio without a dedicated streaming service of its own, Sony has been making deals with Amazon, Netflix, Apple TV, HBO, and Hulu since 2020 for the release of its movies.

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Universal movies are coming exclusively to Prime Video and IMDb TV

Amazon and Universal have come to a multi-year agreement that will bring Universal films to Prime Video and IMDb TV, according to Deadline. The deal states that Universal’s live-action films, starting with 2022 releases, will stream exclusively on NBCUniversa’sl Peacock service during the 4 months after their theatrical release ends and then stream exclusively on Prime Video for 10 months, after which they will returning to Peacock. Universal’s animated films, such as those by DreamWorks and Illumination, will also eventually be available on Prime Video, but Netflix currently has first dibs to stream them after they leave Peacock. As for IMDb TV, Amazon’s ad-supported service, it will be streaming Universal’s 2020 and 2021 films. This deal also includes a collection of pre-2020 Universal films that will make their way to Prime Video or IMDb TV.

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Fire TV devices now support Prime Video Watch Parties

Prime Video launched its Watch Party feature a year ago to allow people to watch the same movie or TV show together simultaneously. Today, Amazon has extended the capability to the Prime Video app on Fire TVs, Fire TV Sticks, Fire TV Cubes, and Fire TV Smart TVs. Hosting a Watch Party and interacting with the features chat capability still requires a mobile or PC browser, but once things get going you can watch or join directly through a Fire TV. Read more ›

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Amazon launches first mobile-only Prime Video plan in India

Amazon Prime Video has teamed up with Airtel, India’s second-largest mobile carrier, to announce Prime Video Mobile Edition in India, the streaming service’s first mobile-only subscription plan. The base subscription costs just Rs 89 (about $1.22) per month and includes 6GB of data, with more expensive plans available that include additional perks. Read more ›

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Vizio to appease Walmart’s request by removing Amazon Prime Video button from their TV remotes

As if we aren’t all tired of streaming TV rivalries between big companies affecting consumers negatively, here’s a new one for you. Walmart has told television manufacturer Vizio that they need to remove the Amazon Prime Video button from their remote if they want to continue to sell their TVs in Walmart stores, according to a report by The Information. Vizio has allegedly agreed to remove the Prime Video button, which is one of 6 streaming service buttons, alongside Vudu, Netflix, Xumo, Hulu, and Redbox, on their latest remotes. Read more ›

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Amazon Prime Video app w/ Offline Viewing is now available for Windows 10

An Amazon Prime Video app has just been released in the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 computers. You may think it’s unnecessary to have a dedicated app, since you can access all the same content through a browser, but the app comes with the unique ability to download videos for offline viewing. Like Amazon’s mobile apps, you can select from video quality settings of Good, Better, and Best when downloading content. One hour of video at the highest setting, which maxes out at 1080p, will use around 2.4 GB of storage space. The app is free, but you’ll need a Prime membership to access movies and shows.

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Amazon launches Watch Party feature for co-viewing Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video has introduced a new Watch Party feature for group viewing sessions with up to 100 people. The feature allows Prime members to watch the same content with playback synchronized. Currently, it’s only compatible with Prime Video content and only through the desktop website. Read more ›

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Amazon Prime Video is now available through Comcast Xfinity X1 cable boxes

Comcast Xfinity customers with X1 set-top boxes can now stream Amazon Prime Video directly through your cable boxes. This partnership was announced a few months ago and is now starting to roll out to customers. This marks the first time that Prime Video has been available through a traditional cable television platform. This is especially significant because it means that Comcast Xfinity subscribers can now choose to get premium channels, such as HBO, Showtime, and Starz, through Amazon Prime Video Channels instead of through Comcast.

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Amazon Prime Video will soon be available through Comcast Xfinity X1 cable boxes

Comcast and Amazon have announced a partnership that will bring Amazon Prime Video access to Comcast’s Xfinity X1 cable boxes. This will be the first time that Prime Video has been available through a cable box in the US. Remember that Amazon recently rebranded Amazon Video into Prime Video, so this doesn’t just mean that free content included with a Prime membership will be accessible. It also means that all of the Amazon Channels, such as HBO, Showtime, and Starz will also be accessible. That’s significant because being able to get these channels without a traditional TV subscription is a huge reason why so many people are dropping cable subscriptions, like Comacast Xfinity. Prime Video will arrive on Comcast’s devices later this year.

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Amazon Prime Video gains over 100 seasons of 20 newly added reality TV shows

Amazon Prime members can now watch 20 reality TV shows through Prime Video, such as Hell’s Kitchen, Man vs. Wild, and more. The shows, which include over 100 seasons of combined content, are being added through Amazon’s Prime Video Direct platform (previously called Amazon Video Direct). FilmRise, a TV show distribution company, is using the self-service video platform to make their library of reality TV shows available to Prime members. Read more ›

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