Amazon reportedly working on an ad-supported tier for Prime Video

Amazon is considering an ad-supported tier for Prime Video, according to people familiar with the situation who spoke with The Wall Street Journal. While most people seem to get Prime Video as an included perk with Prime membership, it’s also available for $8.99 per month as a standalone subscription. Presumably, a new ad-supported tier would cost less than $8.99 per month and it’s probably safe to assume that Prime members would also start seeing the same ads in Prime video as subscribers of the ad-supported tier. Read more ›

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Prime Video makes voices easier to hear with new Dialogue Boost feature

Prime Video has announced the addition of a new Dialogue Boost feature to improve voices and conversations in TV shows and movies. Instead of just increasing the volume of the center audio channel, as most dialogue enhancers do, this addition to Prime Video provides a separate audio stream that has been modified by artificial intelligence so that specific moments are easier to understand. Read more ›

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Prime Video to stream Black Friday NFL game for free to all

Amazon has announced that it will be streaming an NFL game on Black Friday, November 24, for free to anyone that wants to watch. You will not need a Prime membership to watch the game, as you do for all of Amazon’s other NFL game streams. Given how important of a shopping day that is to Amazon, you can probably expect plenty of Amazon shopping tie-ins and ads during the stream, but if you’re not a Prime member and have never watched one of Amazon’s game streams, this will be your chance to try it out without signing up for anything.

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Fire TV gains new Alexa commands for Thursday Night Football on Prime Video

The first regular season Thursday Night Football game between the San Diego Chargers and the Kansas City Chiefs kicks off tomorrow at 4pm PT and Amazon has added some new Alexa commands to make the experience a bit better on Fire TV devices. Of course, you can say “Alexa, play Thursday Night Football” to jump into the game but you can now also say “Alexa, open X-Ray” to see real-time access live stats appear on the right of the screen. If you don’t want to be distracted with on-screen stats, you can just ask Alexa for specific stats, like “Alexa, how many rushing yards do the Chiefs have today?“, “Alexa, who has the most tackles today?“, or “Alexa, who leads the NFL in touchdowns?“, and Alexa will reply with the answer without interrupting the game. As a reminder, Thursday Night Football is the first Prime Video content that can be recorded for viewing later. You can set games to record in the Prime Video app on Fire TV devices, or you can achieve the same thing by simply saying “Alexa, add Thursday Night Football to my watchlist.” Adding Amazon’s NFL coverage to your watchlist will make all game playback available “until 2023,” according to Amazon.

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Prime Video leans more into Dolby Vision HDR by adding support to both new and old Amazon Originals

When it comes to High Dynamic Range (HDR) formats, most experts agree that Dolby Vision is the superior format, edging out HDR10+ content and significantly outperforming HDR10 and HLG content. That’s why it’s unfortunate that Prime Video tends to favor HDR10 and HDR10+ as its format of choice, with the selection of Dolby Vision movies and TV shows available on the streaming service being quite sparse, especially when it comes to Amazon originals. That could finally be changing as Amazon has released its highly anticipated The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power series in Dolby Vision and, more surprisingly, gone back and added Dolby Vision to an older Amazon original series for the first time. Read more ›

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Get a $5 Prime Video credit for watching a 15 second ad on your Fire TV

You probably try to avoid the banner ads on Fire TV devices, but there’s one right now that will instantly earn you a $5 Prime Video credit for simply watching a 15-second video ad. The banner ad is for a Lincoln SUV and it is being shown to select Fire TV customers. Here is how to find the ad and earn your free credit. Read more ›

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Prime Video now has a built-in DVR option for select Live Streams

Amazon recently redesigned its Prime Video app across a multitude of devices and one of the new features that has been added is the option to record some live streams offered within the app, like you would with a cloud DVR. The first live events to become recordable are the Thursday Night Football games streaming exclusively on Prime Video this year. While you’ve always been able to pause and rewind these streams for up to 15 minutes, setting them to record within the Prime Video app now allows you to rewind and fast forward as much as you’d like, as well as replay the games from the beginning. Read more ›

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Amazon overhauls Prime Video app on Fire TVs and other devices

Amazon is giving its Prime Video app a full redesign. A newly overhauled app is starting to roll out now to Fire TV devices, as well as other streaming platforms like Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, and game consoles. The new design closely resembles other streaming apps, such as Netflix, with the navigation menu changed from being a horizontal menu across the top, so a slim vertical menu across the left side. Read more ›

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Amazon is adding fake CGI products as advertisements to scenes in Prime Video and Amazon Freevee

Amazon has unveiled a new advertising method, called Virtual Product Placement, where it is adding fake computer-generated products to scenes in Prime Video and Amazon Freevee content. The image above was provided by Amazon as an example where, presumably, the M&Ms on the counter did not exist when the scene was shot and have been digitally inserted after the fact to advertise the candy. The program is currently in open beta and already being used in Amazon’s own original content, such as Reacher, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, the Bosch franchise, Making the Cut, and Leverage: Redemption. Henrik Bastin, CEO of Fabel Entertainment and executive producer of Bosch: Legacy, says “it creates the ability to film your series without thinking about all that is required with traditional placements during production. Instead, you can sit with the final cut and see where a product could be seamlessly and naturally integrated into the storytelling.”

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Amazon and Apple said to be top candidates for NFL Sunday Ticket streaming rights

Amazon and Apple are said to be the two front runners for NFL Sunday Ticket streaming rights for when DirecTV’s current deal expires in 2023, according to Fierce Video. Rights for NFL Sunday Ticket, the league’s out-of-market games service, is said to cost $2 billion per year for exclusive rights. Disney is said to be the other contender, but is reportedly not willing to pay as much as Apple or Amazon. Should Amazon land the deal, it would make Amazon quite the destination for football fans, as Amazon Prime Video already has exclusive rights to all Thursday Night Football games starting with the upcoming 2022 season and running through 2033.

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