These are the Free Games on Amazon Luna for Prime Members in May

Amazon is continuing it’s 3rd month of offering Prime members the ability to play select games for free through the Amazon Luna cloud gaming service. For the entire month of May, Prime members can play the motorcycle racing game Ride 4, the first-person sword slashing game Ghost Runner, the stunt driving game Monstor Truck Championship, and the classic arcade shooter Metal Slug 3. Amazon is also adding a few new games in May for those that are subscribed to the various Luna channels. Luna+ Channel subscribers can now play Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania, Retro Channel subscribers are gaining Capcom Arcade Stadium, and Family Channel can now play Get Packed. Remember, you can now use a smart phone as a virtual controler to play these Luna games if you don’t have a physical gamepad. It’s certainly not ideal, but good enough to at least see how good your connection to the service is before shelling out for something like the Luna Controller.

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Prime Members get to play these Amazon Luna games for Free in April

As promised last month, Amazon is adding new games that Prime members can play for free on its Luna cloud gaming service during the month of April. Starting tomorrow, Prime members will be able to play the games Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition and Amnesia: Rebirth for free, which normally require a subscrition to the Luna+ Channel. Also playable for free are the games King of Fighters ’98, which is part of the Retro Channel, and Tracks, which is part of the Family Channel. All four games can be played without any subscription fees during April, as long as you are a Prime member. For those of you who do have a subsctiption to the Luna+ Channel, the games Lost Judgment, Okami HD, and Sonic Colors are being added some time in April.

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Prime members can now play select Amazon Luna cloud games for Free

Amazon Luna, the cloud gaming service that can be played through Fire TVs, phones, computers, tablets, and other devices, is having a big day of new announcements and one of those announcements is the addition of a new Prime Gaming Channel to Luna which allows Prime members the ability to play a selection of games completely for free. Each month, new free games will be rotated in starting with 4 games today and a fifth game being made available in about a week. There’s nothing to sign up for. Just launch the Luna app or head to the Luna site through a browser and start playing. You don’t even need a physical game controller thanks to a new virtual controller options. Read more ›

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Prime members can play these 4 Amazon Luna cloud games for free through Sept. 15

Amazon Prime members can play 4 different Luna cloud games for free, as much as they want, through September 15. The available free games are Metro Exodus, Resident Evil 7 Biohazard (Gold Edition), Katamari Damacy REROLL, and Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom. An invitation to Luna is not required. Just launch the Luna app on a Fire TV, Fire tablet, or compatible browser/PC/phone and start playing.

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Amazon rebrands Twitch Prime as Prime Gaming

Twitch Prime launched nearly 4 years ago and has been giving gamers with a Prime membership a regular stream of free games and in-game loot, as well as 1 free Twitch channel subscription for their favorite streamer, ever since. Amazon is now making the Prime perk a bit more of a 1st-party offering by rebranding it as Prime Gaming. This detaches it from Twitch, the live streaming platform, and better aligns it with Amazon’s core offerings, like Prime Video and Prime Music. Prime Gaming still offers Prime members the same benefits that Twitch Prime offered, but a rebranding is often a precursor to something bigger coming in the near future.

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Amazon Prime Members now get 12 months of Nintendo Switch Online benefits for Free

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Amazon has teamed up with Nintendo to give all Prime members up to 12 months of Nintendo Switch Online benefits for free. This is part of Twitch Prime, which gives Prime members extra perks, at no extra cost, when you link your Amazon and Twitch accounts. This online access gives Nintendo Switch owners the ability to play online, access to classic NES games, and more. If you already have a paid Nintendo Switch Online account, the 12 month free offer will stack on top of your existing access and extend it by 12 months. If you’re interested, follow me on Twitch because I’ve been thinking of doing live Q&A / News / Help streams there in the near future.

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Amazon’s children’s book subscription box is now available to all Prime members

Amazon’s Prime Book Box subscription service no longer requires an invitation and is now available to all Prime members in the US. The service costs $22.99 per delivery and includes 4 board books or 2 hard cover books, depending on which age range you select. The books are hand-curated for kids and can be delivered every 1, 2, or 3 months. Amazon says the subscription service will save customers up to 35% off the list price of the included books.

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Amazon launches Grocery Pickup at Whole Foods for Prime members

Amazon has announced the launch of grocery pickup at Whole Foods. The new service allows Prime members to shop Whole Foods through Prime Now and pickup their items in as little as 30 minutes. After picking your items and placing your order, you park in a designated spot for pickups at Whole Foods and your groceries will be brought to your car. You can also use the Prime Now app to indicate you’re on your way so that the order is ready as you arrive. Pickup in as little as an hour is free for orders over $35 and costs $1.99 for orders under $35. Pickup in 30 minutes will cost $4.99. Orders can be picked up between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. The grocery pickup service is available at select Whole Foods locations in Sacramento and Virginia Beach starting today, and will be rolling out to other stores soon.

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Prime members in 10 more states now save at Whole Foods

Amazon has announced that Whole Foods Market stores in 10 more states are joining the Prime rewards program beginning June 13th. Prime members in Alabama, Arizona, Mississippi, Georgia, Hawaii, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Washington, as well as the rest of California and Nevada will now receive 10% off at Whole Foods and be eligible to buy additional weekly sale items at a discount. To save at Whole Foods, install the Whole Foods app (Android | iOS) and link it to your Amazon account. The app is also the best way to know if your local Whole Foods is participating in the new rewards program yet. And don’t forget to use your Prime Rewards Visa Card to when paying to get an extra 5% off.

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Amazon Prime members now get 10% off sale items plus extra discounts at Whole Foods

Ever since Amazon acquired Whole Foods grocery stores last year, they’ve been introducing ways for customers to save money, like general discounts to popular products and 5% cashback when you pay with a Prime Rewards Visa Card. Now they’ve started rolling out the program that everyone was probably expecting them to roll out, which is everyday extra savings for Prime members. These savings include 10% off sale items, as well as extra discounts on select items. Read more ›

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