Prime members can play Fallout games for free on Amazon Luna

Amazon just released its new Fallout original TV show, based on the popular gaming franchise. To celebrate, Prime members will be able to play Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas for free through Luna cloud gaming. The games will be available to play for the next six months, which should give you plenty of time to explore the vast post-apocalyptic wasteland in both games. For those of you with a capable gaming PC or an Xbox, you can also play the much newer Fallout 76 for free for the next month by claiming access through Prime Gaming.

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More games are free to play on Amazon Luna for Prime members this month than ever before

If you’re a Prime member and haven’t given Amazon Luna a try yet, this is the best month yet to do so. While Amazon typically makes four or five games free to play each month if you’re a Prime member, this month includes the most games yet with nine free games. The games are Control, Fortnite, Fortnite Festival, Kitaria Fables, LEGO Fortnite, Rocket Racing, Trackmania, Wonderboy: The Dragon’s Trap, and Young Souls. While the best Luna experience is on a Fire TV device using the Luna Controller, you can also use your phone as a controller.

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August brings these 4 new Free Amazon Luna games for Prime members to play

Amazon is continuing its trend of releasing new Luna games for Prime members to play for free each month. For August, those games are Batora: Lost Haven, SteamWorld Quest, The Smurfs: Mission Vileaf, and Ys VII: Lacrimose of Dana. You can also still play Fortnite for free as well. For those of you with a Luna+ subscription, you’ll be seeing ENCODYA added to the list of over 100 available games to play and the games Wonderboy: The Dragon’s Trap and StarWars Pinball are returning to the service.

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These are the 4 new Luna games available for Free for Prime Members to play in July

If you were hoping for something special to be offered from Luna in conjunction with Prime Day this money, that doesn’t appear to be happening, but Amazon is still providing its usual four new games for Prime members to play this month. Those games are Endzone: A World Apart, Mail Mole, Metal Slug, and Hot Wheels: Unleashed. I believe the Hot Wheels game is the only repeat and Endzone was just added to Luna+ a couple of months ago. Fortnite is also still available to play for free. The only new game being added for paid subscribers of Luna+ is Orbital Bullet.

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Prime members get 4 new free games to play on Amazon Luna in June

Amazon Luna cloud gaming recently pulled its Mac and Windows PC app clients down but that shouldn’t stop Prime members from playing the set of four new games available to them for free. For the month of June, if you have a Prime membership you can play Batman: Arkham Knight, Citizen Sleeper, SteamWorld Heist: Ultimate Edition, and Monster Harvest for free through the cloud gaming service. For those of you subscribed to the Luna+ channel, you’ll be seeing Persh and Haven as two new games being added to your subscription sometime in June.

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Fortnite is now playable on Amazon Luna cloud gaming — Free for Prime Members

Fortnite, one of the most popular games in the world, is now available on Amazon Luna cloud gaming in the US, Canada, Germany, and the UK. To play at no additional cost, you need to either be Prime member or be subscribed to the Luna+ channel, which costs $9.99/month and includes just over 100 games. It’s unclear whether Fortnite is only free for Prime members during May, as part of May’s bundle of free games, or if it will be free indefinitely, as I’ve seen reports of both. I’ve reached out to Amazon for clarification and will update this post if I hear back. While there are many Luna compatible devices and controllers, the best way is through a modern Fire TV device and the Luna Controller, which is currently on sale for $49.99. Update: Amazon says Fortnite will be free for Prime members indefinitely.

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Prime members get some great games for free on Amazon Luna in May but not so much for paid subscribers

Prime members get to play a new set of four games for free through Amazon’s Luna cloud gaming service during the month of May. The free games this month are LEGO DC Super-Villains, Resident Evil 2, Overcooked!, and Time on Frog Island. If you’re a subscriber to the Luna+ channel, new games this month are a bit disappointing. Tormented Souls is the only triple-A developed game being added. The others are retro games which include Breakthru, Express Raider, Super Real Darwin, and Wizard Fire. Those are all Retro Classix games which are usually sold in collection bundles.

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These are the free Amazon Luna games for Prime Members in March

Amazon is continuing its trend of offering free Luna cloud gaming for Prime members. For the month of March, those with a Prime subscription can play The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero, Get Packed: Couch Chaos, Mega Man 11, and Sail Forth for free. You just need a compatible device, like a Fire TV, phone, tablet, or computer to start streaming these games for free. Of course, having a gamepad like the Luna controller, which is currently on sale for $49.99, will make for the best gaming experience, but you can also use your phone as a controller. New games being added to Luna for paid subscribers of the Luna+ channel include Citizen Sleeper and Guacamelee! 2.

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Amazon Luna cloud gaming continues free access for Prime members with 4 new games

With other cloud gaming services like Google Stadia shutting down and recent layoffs taking their toll on Amazon Luna, the future of the game streaming service seems bleak, but Amazon Luna is continuing to truck ahead with business as usual. Nearly a year since starting the trend, Prime members continue to have access to a small selection of free games on Luna. For the month of February, Prime members can play Yakuza Kiwami, WRC Generations, Potion Permit, and SkateBIRD without paying a dime or signing up for any services. While this is the third month that SkateBIRD has been offered for free, the other three titles have never been available for free. Just fire up a compatible device, connected a gamepad or use a phone as a controller, and start playing in seconds. Last month, Luna arrived on select LG TVs and Amazon consolidated its Luna subscription plans, so the service is certainly not sitting idle. New games being added in February for paid subscribers include Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider and Sail Forth.

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Here is the list of the first free Luna games for Prime members in 2023

Amazon is continuing to offer free Luna cloud gaming for Prime members into the new year. For the month of January, Prime members can play Beach Buggy Racing 2: Hot Wheels Edition, Monster Truck Championship, Lumines Remastered, and The Jackbox Party Pack 2, which includes five different party games. Those first two have been included in the list of free games for Prime members in the past, but Lumines and the Jackbox Pack are new offerings. These Luna games are playable on most Fire TV models, computers, phones, tablets, and newer Samsung Smart TVs. They work best with the Luna Controller, thanks to its ability to connect directly to Luna’s game servers over wifi for reduced latency, but generic Bluetooth, Xbox, or PlayStation controllers work as well. If you don’t have a controller to use, you can use your phone as a virtual controller to give the service a try without spending any money.

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