Amazon’s News app for Fire TV now includes 158 cities and 259 channels for local news

Amazon has significantly increased the number of local news channels and cities in its News app for Fire TV devices. The app first launched its local news coverage with 12 cities and then expanded that to 88 cities earlier this year. Now the app takes another significant jump in coverage to include 158 cities where local news is available within the app. That takes the total channels available in the app from 126 to 259 and Amazon says more than 90% of U.S. households should find at least 1 local channel in the app, while 50 metros have 2 or more options to choose from. Follow this guide to learn how to select your local news channels within the Fire TV News app.

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How to configure Local News channels in the News app for Fire TV

Amazon has continued to add new channels and options in the News app for Fire TV. Here are instructions on how to get the most out of the app by configuring your preferred local news cities and selecting your favorite channels so that they are easily accessible. Read more ›

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Fire TV’s News app now has Local News for 88 cities

A few months ago, Amazon added local news channels to its News app for Fire TV. The initial list included on-demand and live news for just 12 cities in the US. Today, Amazon has announced that they’ve expanded that offering quite a bit to 88 major cities. All cities and channels included do not offer a live stream, so you may only have access to on-demand videos in some areas. The News app for Fire TV comes pre-installed on all Fire TV devices. Read on for the full list of 88 cities. Read more ›

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Amazon’s News app now integrates 9 Channels into the Fire TV’s Live tab

Amazon has somewhat integrated its News for Fire TV app into the Fire TV’s Live Experience. Despite the News app launching way back in 2019 and offering live channels from the beginning, those channels haven’t been accessible in the Fire TV’s Live tab until now. Unfortunately, the integration is half-baked, at best, with several aspects left out of the integration. Read more ›

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These are the 19 Local News Channels now available in the Fire TV’s News app

Last week, Amazon added local news options to the News app on Fire TV devices. They’re starting with 12 major cities and have said that they expect to expand to nearly 90 cities next year. There is currently a total of 19 different channels representing those 12 initial cities and here is the full list of those channels. Read more ›

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Amazon’s News app on Fire TV gains Local News Channels for 12 US cities

Amazon has announced that their News app on Fire TVs, Fire TV Sticks, Fire TV Cubes, and Fire TV Edition televisions now has live and on-demand local news for free from 12 major US cities. The Fire TV’s News app already offers numerous national news sources, including CBS News, ABC News, Bloomberg, USA today, and others. Now it is adding local channels to the mix, such as CBSN Chicago, ABC7/WABC-TV New York, KIRO7 Seattle, and more. Read more ›

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Amazon rumored to launch free Video News App for Fire TVs

Amazon is reportedly working on a free ad-supported video news app for Fire TVs, according to The Information. This is the same news outlet that correctly predicted the launch of Amazon’s free ad-supported IMDb Freedive video service, so there’s reason to believe this rumored video news app is at least being considered. Read more ›

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