Amazon Glow interactive video calling device for kids is now available without an invitation

Last year, Amazon announced the Amazon Glow, an interactive video calling device tailored specifically for kids. The device uses a downward-facing projector to display a tabletop touchscreen book or game that both the child and the person they are speaking to (via a phone or tablet) can interact with. When it launched, the Amazon Glow required an invitation to purchase, but Amazon has now lifted that requirement and made it available to anyone in the US to buy. As Amazon stated would happen at the time, the price of the Amazon Glow has increased from $249.99 to $299.99, now that it is available to everyone. If you want one with Tangram Bits, which are special tiles that can be used with certain activities, that’ll set you back an addition $30. As a reminder, you don’t need two Amazon Glow devices to facilitate a call, since the adult can use a tablet instead, which is why Amazon is also offering a bundle with both the Amazon Glow and Fire HD 10 tablet for $379.99, which saves you $70 versus buying them individually.

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Amazon Glow is a video calling device for kids with an interactive projector built-in

Among the many new devices that Amazon announced today is the Amazon Glow, which is a video chatting device that allows both participants to interact with a tabletop video projection. The gadget is targeted exclusively for kids to talk and interact with distant family members and friends. Read more ›

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