Freevee rumored to shut down now that Prime Video has ads too

Sources familiar with the strategy have told Adweek that Amazon plans to shut down its free ad-supported streaming service, Freevee, now that ads have made their way into Prime Video. However, Amazon has been quite quick to say “There are no changes to Freevee.” Given that you can already watch all Freevee content within the Prime Video app anyway, it may not be a bad idea to consolidate the two services. Read more ›

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Amazon is adding fake CGI products as advertisements to scenes in Prime Video and Amazon Freevee

Amazon has unveiled a new advertising method, called Virtual Product Placement, where it is adding fake computer-generated products to scenes in Prime Video and Amazon Freevee content. The image above was provided by Amazon as an example where, presumably, the M&Ms on the counter did not exist when the scene was shot and have been digitally inserted after the fact to advertise the candy. The program is currently in open beta and already being used in Amazon’s own original content, such as Reacher, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, the Bosch franchise, Making the Cut, and Leverage: Redemption. Henrik Bastin, CEO of Fabel Entertainment and executive producer of Bosch: Legacy, says “it creates the ability to film your series without thinking about all that is required with traditional placements during production. Instead, you can sit with the final cut and see where a product could be seamlessly and naturally integrated into the storytelling.”

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Amazon rebrands IMDb TV as Amazon Freevee

Amazon is renaming its free ad-supported streaming service from IMDb TV to Amazon Freevee. The service originally launched in the US in early 2019 as IMDb Freedive before being renamed IMDb TV a few months later. Over the last two years, it has tripled in monthly active viewers and expanded to the UK late last year. Amazon says the service will expand to Germany later this year and increase its catalog of original shows and movies by 70% in 2022.

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IMDb TV is now available in the UK

Amazon’s free ad-supported streaming service, IMDb TV, is now available in the UK, according to Deadline. Currently, you can only access its content through the Prime Video app, but a Fire TV app for UK customers is said to be coming soon. Last month, IMDB TV finally launched standalone mobile apps for Android and iOS devices, so those may soon become available to UK customers as well. This marks the first time IMDb TV has been available outside the US.

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IMDb TV apps launch on Android and iOS mobile devices

IMDb TV, the free ad-supported streaming service run by Amazon, has finally launched mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices. The service launched at the start of 2019, then called IMDb Freedive, and while it has technically been available on mobile devices ever since through the Prime Video app, it now has dedicated stand-alone mobile apps. IMDb TV has evolved into a decent streaming service which now includes its own original shows, like Leverage: Redemption and the docu-series Luke Bryan: My Dirt Road Diary, which just premiered today. It will also be where you can watch Universal’s 2020 and 2021 films, thanks to a recent deal between Amazon and NBCUniversal.

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Universal movies are coming exclusively to Prime Video and IMDb TV

Amazon and Universal have come to a multi-year agreement that will bring Universal films to Prime Video and IMDb TV, according to Deadline. The deal states that Universal’s live-action films, starting with 2022 releases, will stream exclusively on NBCUniversa’sl Peacock service during the 4 months after their theatrical release ends and then stream exclusively on Prime Video for 10 months, after which they will returning to Peacock. Universal’s animated films, such as those by DreamWorks and Illumination, will also eventually be available on Prime Video, but Netflix currently has first dibs to stream them after they leave Peacock. As for IMDb TV, Amazon’s ad-supported service, it will be streaming Universal’s 2020 and 2021 films. This deal also includes a collection of pre-2020 Universal films that will make their way to Prime Video or IMDb TV.

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Android TV / Google TV gain IMDb TV, Amazon Music, and Apple TV apps

Google’s streaming platform has gained a few notable apps during the last week. An Amazon Music app is now available on multiple Android TV / Google TV devices, including the NVIDIA Shield TV and the 2020 Google Chromecast. IMDb TV and Apple TV apps have also recently arrived but, unfortunately, those apps are only available on a very limited set of devices. The new Chromecast with Google TV is compatible with both apps, but popular Android TV devices, like the Shield TV, are not compatible yet. Google did say that the Apple TV app would be coming to “more devices powered by Android TV OS in the future” so the app is not going to be exclusive to the Chromecast. There’s no word on whether IMDb TV will be available on more devices in the future.

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IMDb TV app appears to be coming to Android TV / Google TV devices

Amazon’s IMDb TV streaming service, which offers free ad-supported movies and TV shows, appears to finally be heading to Android TV and Google TV devices. A new listing in the Google Play Store for an IMDb TV app has appeared with screenshots that indicate the app is made for streaming media players. The new IMDb TV app isn’t currently configured as compatible with any devices yet, so it can’t be installed yet. IMDb TV arrived on Roku devices for the first time a few days ago, so it makes sense that it’s being made available on other streaming platforms as well.

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Amazon’s IMDb TV streaming service is now available on Roku devices

IMDb TV, the free ad-supported streaming service from Amazon, is now available on Roku devices. IMDb TV launched 2 years ago, originally named IMDb Freedive, and was only available through Fire TV devices at first. While it has since come to mobile devices and you could access most, if not all, of IMDb TVs content through the Prime Video app on nearly any device, the arrival of an official app on Roku marks the first time the service has received a dedicated app on a streaming device that isn’t a Fire TV. Read more ›

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IMDb TV channels have been added to the Fire TV’s Channel Guide and Live tab

The IMDb TV app installed by default on all Amazon Fire TV’s has been updated to support the Fire TV’s Channel Guide and Live tab. In addition to IMDb TV’s on-demand content, the service offers over 50 linear channels that you can tune into and channel surf through. A subset of 26 of these channels can now be accessed directly from the Fire TV’s various Live TV interfaces. Read more ›

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