Echo Show 15 owners can buy a Fire TV Remote for just $9.99 — UPDATE: Echo Show 15 may not be required for discount

Now that the Echo Show 15 can double as a Fire TV and is compatible with the Fire TV Alexa Voice Remote, Amazon is offering owners of the smart display a discount on the Fire TV remote. If you purchase the remote through the Echo Show, you’ll pay just $9.99, which is 66% off the regular price of $29.99. Read more ›

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Echo Show 15 with Fire TV interface does not allow App Sideloading, resulting in crippled app development

The Fire TV interface for the Echo Show 15 recently started rolling out to devices, turning the smart display into an entertainment powerhouse. While there are many apps already available for the device, a lot of them are missing and not compatible. Of the apps that are available, the majority are not optimized for the device’s touch interface and some are so buggy on the new platform that it renders them unusable. Unfortunately, Amazon has chosen to completely block app sideloading on the Echo Show 15, which is a crucial capability that Fire TV app developers need if they want to fix or improve their apps on the Echo Show 15. Read more ›

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Fire TV interface update for the Echo Show 15 has arrived

Amazon announced in September that the Echo Show 15 would be receiving an update that turned it into a full-fledged Fire TV. With only a few weeks left in the year, the Fire TV update is now rolling out to Amazon’s largest Echo smart display, bringing the two product lines closer together than they’ve ever been. Read more ›

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Now you can load websites directly from the Fire TV Home Screen

Amazon recently updated its Silk Web Browser for Fire TV devices to make it quicker and easier to jump directly to a specific website right from the Fire TV home screen. Silk, which comes pre-installed on all Fire TV devices, now takes advantage of the Fire TV’s app content preview panel that loads below the highlighted app on the home screen. In Silk’s preview panel are now buttons for direct access to your most recently visited website, most commonly visited website, and all your bookmarks. Read more ›

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Amazon adds Holiday Hub to Fire TVs for browsing holiday movies and TV shows

Just as Amazon did last year, it has added a Holiday Hub to Fire TV devices where you can find festive movies and TV show episodes to watch. For now, you can get to the new hub by saying “Open Holiday Hub” into your remote, but don’t be surprised if an icon to launch the hub appears in your app list in the coming days. The Holiday Hub has rows of content related to the holidays, such as a row of holiday romance movies, top holiday TV episodes, classic holiday movies, holiday comedies, and more. Amazon being Amazon, you’ll also find a row of various holiday shopping guides and deals that you can browse if you’d like.

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Top hidden features of the Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, and Fire TV Cube Remotes

You probably use your Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Cube, or Fire TV Smart TV remote every day without knowing that it has tons of hidden capabilities. Holding down certain buttons and certain button combinations serve as shortcuts to a lot of common tasks like rebooting the Fire TV, opening apps, checking the time, skipping ads, and much more. Here is a list of the top tips, secrets, and hidden features of the Fire TV remote. Read more ›

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You should turn on Fire TV Data Monitoring despite privacy concerns and here’s why

While scrolling through the Fire TV settings, you may have come across a Data Monitoring option in the preferences menu that gave you privacy concerns, so you made sure to turn it off. You may have even seen one of the countless YouTube videos or articles for Fire TV “tips” telling you to make sure Data monitoring was off so that Amazon can’t track you. Well, I’m telling you they’re all wrong and that you should turn on Data Monitoring on your Fire TV Stick or Fire TV Cube, and here’s why. Read more ›

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Triggering the Remote Finder feature on the Fire TV Pro Remote using the Fire TV app is way too cumbersome — There is a much better way

The remote finder feature of the Fire TV Alexa Voice Remote Pro is great, especially if you have an Alexa device, like an Echo speaker, to just shout out “Alexa, find my remote.” If you don’t have an Alexa-enabled device, Amazon’s suggestion is to tap a button in the Fire TV Remote app on a phone or tablet. That sounds easy enough to do, but, in practice, it’s quite annoying and requires way too many steps. Thankfully, there is a much easier and quicker way to find your remote if you don’t have an Alexa-enabled smart speaker. Read more ›

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How to trigger the Remote Finder Alarm on the Fire TV Alexa Voice Remote Pro

The Fire TV Alexa Voice Remote Pro has a lot of great features, all of which you can read about here in my review. One of the best features is the built-in speaker that can be triggered to beep in order to find a lost remote. There are several ways to trigger the remote finder feature, so here they are in order of easiest to hardest. Read more ›

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Fire TV software update makes it easier than ever to get to your apps

Every Fire TV owner knows you can place your six favorite apps in the Fire TV’s navigation menu for quick and easy access. To get to any of your other apps, you’ve had to select the Apps icon in the navigation bar to load up a grid view of all of your apps. Amazon has recently pushed a very welcomed software update to Fire TV devices that now lists all your apps in a horizontally scrollable list in the empty space below the Apps icon, eliminating the need to load the app grid. Read more ›

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