Amazon and Funai release the first Fire TV Smart TVs in Japan

Amazon has teamed up with Funai, a Japanese consumer electronics company, and Yamada Denki, one of the largest consumer electronics retailers in Japan, to release the first Fire TV Smart TVs in Japan. Predicted by the leak of a Japanese Fire TV Smart TV remote last year, the new TVs include the Funai F340 Series, which consists of three 4K models in 43, 50, and 55-inch sizes, as well as a Funai F140 Series, which will see the inclusion of a 720p 32-inch model. The arrival of these latest Fire TV Smart TVs in Japan marks the 6th country where Amazon now sells a total of over 100 different Fire TV Smart TV models, including the US, the UK, Germany, Canada, and India. Read more ›

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Amazon Fire TVs can now automatically download, install, and launch apps

Amazon has rolled out a new Auto App Download feature to Fire TV devices recently that can speed up access to new apps. The new feature, once enabled, will streamline the process of downloading, installing, and launching apps with a single click. Instead of needing to first select an app to be downloaded, wait for the download, and then find the app in your app list to launch it, all steps happen as soon as you select any app, with a few caveats. Read more ›

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Fire TV revamps how to add Live TV Sources to the Channel Guide

Amazon has updated how live TV channels get added to the built-in channel guide on Fire TV devices. When you’re in the channel guide, if you press the menu button you’ll find a new “Add Channels” option in the menu that appears in the lower right corner of the screen. Selecting the new option takes you to a new screen with a list of all available live channel sources, both those that are already installed on the device and ones that can be added. Read more ›

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Amazon glitch allowed Fire TV Stick 4K to be purchased completly for Free

The Fire TV Stick 4K is currently out of stock in the US because earlier this morning anybody could purchase it from Amazon for free. Around 6 A.M. PT, if you put the Fire TV Stick 4K in your Amazon cart, you would have found that your total at checkout was $0.00 without needing to enter a promo code or doing anything special. A discount, labeled as “Lumen/Century Link” for the entire cost of the device was automatically being applied to everyone’s purchase. Read more ›

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How to identify which model, year, generation Amazon Fire TV, Stick, Cube, Edition you have – Updated Feb. 2022

With all the different Amazon Fire TVs, Fire TV Sticks (a.k.a Firesticks), Fire TV Cubes, Fire TV Pendants, Fire TV Edition televisions, and Fire TV Edition soundbars that have been released over the last few years, it’s difficult for some people to figure out exactly which model, version, year, or generation device that they own. This guide will help you easily determine what you have. Read more ›

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Fire TV gains a new way to get to the Appstore from the main navigation menu

Amazon has added a new shortcut to the Appstore on Fire TV devices that can be accessed from the main navigation menu. Previously, when you highlighted the Apps icon in the navigation menu, the peak area below simply instructed you to select the icon to view your apps. The peak area now has two buttons, one for “My Apps” to view all of your apps, and one for the “Appstore.” The new Appstore button takes you to the same screen as the actual Appstore app on the device, but now you don’t have to load your list of apps just to open the Appstore. The “My Apps” button is pointlessly redundant, in my opinion, since it just loads your list of apps, which you’ve always been able to access by selecting the Apps icon in the navigation menu. There’s no reason to highlight the Apps icon and then take the extra step to go down to the “My Apps” button when you can just select the Apps icon that you already have highlighted. The “My Apps” button should really be a shortcut to the “App Library” section of the Appstore, where all of your apps (installed or not) can be viewed.

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Amazon and NBCUniversal team up for a new 2022 Winter Olympics Hub on Fire TVs

Amazon, with the help of NBCUniversal, has added a new hub on Fire TVs to serve as a one-stop place for all 2022 Winter Olympic coverage. The new hub can be found in your list of apps and will be available between now and February 20th. In it, you’ll find shortcuts that take you directly into Olympic sections and content within NBCUniversal’s various apps, like Peacock and NBC Sports. In addition to the new hub, there is also now a row on the home screen that lists Olympic content that is currently live. If you’re not interested in the new hub, you can always highlight it, press the menu button on your remote, and select to hide it.

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Amazon quietly swaps out the Fire TV’s Alexa Voice Remote with a new model

Amazon has released a new version of what it calls the “3rd-gen” Alexa Voice Remote. The new remote looks and functions identically to the one released in March 2021, which is likely why Amazon isn’t officially considering it a new remote, but this new remote actually has a new model number. The new remote also has a new FCC ID number, which suggests that the electrical components in the new remote are new as well. Read more ›

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Amazon outage over the weekend caused Network Connection and Alexa issues on Fire TVs

Over the weekend, especially yesterday, I saw a significant uptick in messages from people with Fire TV issues. The problems varied from network connection issues, to Alexa commands not working, to not being able to get past the initial setup process on a new Fire TV. While these all seem like unique issues, they were all related to issues with Amazon’s servers throughout the weekend. Fire TVs are constantly pinging Amazon’s servers to verify that they are connected to the internet. When those servers can’t be reached, or worse, can’t be reached intermittently, it tends to cause various Fire TV features to behave strangely. The issues with Amazon’s servers seem to have mostly been fixed now, but I figured I’d mention it in case people ran into issues over the weekend that they couldn’t explain. Whenever you run into issues with any Amazon devices, it’s always a good idea to check to see if there are active AWS issues or if others have reported AWS outages, before you start diagnosing things on your end.

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Insignia releases its first 75-inch budget 4K Fire TV Smart TV

A new Insignia 75-inch F30 Series Fire TV Smart TV has just made an appearance on Best Buy’s website. The F30 Series of Insignia Fire TV Smart TVs were first released in the middle of 2021 with several sizes that topped off at 55 inches. Insignia later released 58-inch, 65-inch, and 70-inch Fire TV Smart TVs in the same line, but has now pushed the size even further with this new 75-inch TV. The F30 Series is Insignia’s least expensive line of Fire TV Smart TVs, while its F50 Series TVs are its premium TVs, thanks to their QLED panels. Read more ›

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