Matter Casting is coming to Fire TVs and the Echo Show 15 — An industry-first by Amazon

Amazon announced today at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that Matter Casting is coming to both Fire TV devices and the Fire TV-enabled Echo Show 15. Much like Apple’s AirPlay, Google’s Chromecast, and Amazon’s own defunct Fling casting protocols, Matter Casting allows video content from one device, like a mobile phone, to be sent to another device, like a TV or streaming media player. Amazon, as the biggest player without a popular casting protocol of its own, is the largest proponent of Matter Casting, but it might be too little too late. Read more ›

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Peacock, Tubi, and more are coming to Fire TV’s “Continue Watching” row

Amazon announced its new “Continue Watching” row for the Fire TV home screen back in September as the new way to easily resume movies and shows you didn’t finish watching and the place to quickly jump into the next episode of a series. The feature has been slowly appearing at the top of the Fire TV home screen over the past few weeks and Amazon has now made its release official. While several streaming services already work with the “Continue Watching” row, Peacock and Tubi will be the next streaming services that integrate with it, and more are said to be added soon. Read more ›

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10 Ways to Avoid Autoplaying Ads on Fire TVs, Firesticks, Fire TV Cubes, and Fire TV Smart TVs

Amazon recently made what is quite possibly the worst change it has ever made to Fire TV devices by enabling fullscreen autoplaying ads to appear when the device wakes up or powers on. While there is no simple option to switch these ads off entirely, here are ten things you can consider doing to avoid the ads or make them less annoying. Read more ›

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Fire TV Hardware Winners and Losers of 2023 — The best and worst Fire TV devices released this year

Each year brings with it new Fire TV devices and accessories, both from Amazon and 3rd-party manufacturers, and 2023 was no exception. This year saw the release of new Fire TV Sticks from Amazon, many new Fire TV Smart TVs from numerous TV manufacturers, and some Fire TV accessories from both Amazon and others. Here’s a look back at the best and worst new Fire TV hardware released in 2023. Read more ›

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New Fire TV privacy options control the info your apps share with Amazon

As part of the new Continue Watching row feature on the Fire TV home screen, Amazon has added new privacy options that allow you to control which of your apps share your viewing history with Amazon. With these new privacy options enabled, your supported apps will share your watch activity, watchlist, DVR recordings, content purchases, and rentals with Amazon. While Amazon will use this data about you for positive things, like the new Continue Watching row, it will also use the data to target ads at you. Read more ›

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Fire TVs now autoplay Full-Screen Video Ads when waking up and what you can do about it

Amazon has made an audacious change to Fire TV devices that causes a full-screen video ad to automatically play when the device is powered on or wakes from its standby sleep mode. Fire TVs have long had a large banner ad at the top of the home screen that, when manually navigated to, would expand into a full-screen video. A recent change made by Amazon has made the ad the new default cursor location, instead of the navigation menu as it has been since the Fire TV debuted in 2014. Making the banner ad the new default cursor location now causes the ad to expand and autoplay immediately. Read more ›

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Hisense now makes the most expensive Fire TV Smart TV — New 65″ & 75″ QLED 4K TVs Released

While compiling the list of all Fire TV Smart TVs on sale for Black Friday, I came across a set of new TVs that quietly snuck into the lineup recently. Hisense released its first Fire TV Smart TVs with the introduction of its 50-inch and 58-inch U6HF Series QLED 4K Fire TVs about a year ago. Without any fanfare, Hisense expanded that lineup with the release of new 65-inch and 75-inch models of the same TV a couple of months ago. Hisense’s Fire TVs are among the best-speced models available with Amazon’s TV operating system, so these new larger sizes take the crown as the most expensive Fire TVs yet. Read more ›

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Recently Used Apps row returns to all Fire TVs — Amazon says its removal was caused by an issue that has been fixed

Earlier this week, Fire TV users began noticing that the “Recently Used Apps” row had been removed from their Fire TV home screen. Amazon has just informed me that the removal was not intentional and was caused by a “temporary issue” that affected Fire TV customers in North America. I’m told that the issue has now been fixed and that those who saw the “Recently Used Apps” go missing should now see it restored to their home screens.

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Recently Used App row goes missing on some Fire TVs

Some people are finding that the “Recently Used Apps” row on the Fire TV home screen has been removed. Several users on Reddit and Cord Cutters News are seeing this change across numerous Fire TV models including the Fire TV Cube, Fire TV Stick 4K Max, and Fire TV Smart TVs. While Amazon has been making positive changes to the Fire TV home screen recently, like the recent addition of a Continue Watching row, this change is upsetting a lot of customers. Read more ›

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Ambient Experience on Fire TV Stick 4K Max can now stay on longer or forever

The 2nd-gen Fire TV Stick 4K Max, which is currently on sale at an all-time low of $39.99, debuted earlier this year as the first non-television Fire TV device with the Fire TV Ambient Experience. Disappointingly, the Echo Show-like screensaver replacement would only run for about 15 minutes before the device went to sleep, making the feature nearly useless for many people who thought the feature could turn their TV into a smart display of sorts. In a new software update, Amazon has now made it possible to set how long the TV stays on with the Ambient Experience running. Read more ›

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