Amazon blacklists Launcher Manager app for taking control of Fire TV remote buttons

It was inevitable, but it looks like Amazon has already blacklisted the Fire TV app, Launcher Manager. The sideload-only app, which was updated earlier this month with the ability to remap the Home and App Shortcut buttons on Fire TV remotes, can no longer be opened on Fire TV devices. Selecting the app displays the message seen above about the app needing to be updated. Read more ›

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Fire TV 2-Series Smart TV specs revealed with a few surprises

Amazon has just published the specs for its new budget-friendly Fire TV 2-Series Smart TVs that were announced last week. For the most part, the specs are aligned with what you’d expect from a budget TV, but there are a few surprises, specifically with the larger and higher resolution 40-inch 1080p model. Read more ›

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Fire TVs will soon use AI to generate art from voice prompts to use as custom wallpapers

Photo via TechRadar

When Amazon introduced the new Fire TV 2-Series and new smaller sized Fire TV Omni QLED Series smart TVs last week, it also previewed a new AI-powered art feature coming later this year. Fire TV owners will be able to ask Alexa to generate custom art from any voice prompt and then set that unique art piece as the background image on the TV. Read more ›

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Over 200 Million Fire TVs have now been sold globally

Along with the release of its new budget-friendly Fire TV 2-Series line of smart TVs and expansion of its flagship Fire TV Omni QLED Series with three new cheaper sizes, Amazon has revealed that over 200 million Fire TV devices have been sold globally. That includes both streaming players, like the Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Cube, as well as the numerous Fire TV Smart TVs from various manufacturers. The last time Amazon released total Fire TV sales figures was at the start of 2022 when it announced that 150 million devices had been sold, for an increase of at least 50 million units in just over a year. Read more ›

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Amazon expands its flagship Fire TV Omni QLED Series Smart TVs with three new cheaper sizes

Last year, Amazon released its most advanced and premium Fire TV Smart TVs when it introduced its new Fire TV Omni QLED Series of TVs. At the time, you had to pay a pretty penny if you wanted all the bells and whistles those TVs had to offer because they were only available in 65-inch and 75-inch sizes. Amazon has now announced that its flagship Omni QLED Series Fire TVs are also now available in 43-inch, 50-inch, and 55-inch sizes with nearly all the same features advanced features. Read more ›

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Amazon releases new budget-friendly Fire TV 2-Series Smart TVs for those wanting a smaller TV

As expected from the leak earlier this week, Amazon has released its most affordable Amazon-built Fire TV Smart TVs. The new Fire TV 2-Series line of TVs announced today is available in a 32-inch size for $199.99 and a 40-inch size is available for $249.99. Read more ›

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New method released to remap the Home button and App Shortcut buttons of Fire TV Remotes

Since the original Fire TV was released, it has been a constant back-and-forth battle between Amazon and modders over control of the Fire TV’s home screen and its remote buttons. Most recently, Amazon clawed back control by blocking a method used to replace the Fire TV’s launcher and by blocking my method of remapping the app shortcut buttons on the Fire TV remote. Control has now shifted back towards modders with the release of an update to the app Launcher Manager which allows for both the home button and app shortcut buttons to be remapped. Read more ›

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Amazon likely close to launching its own cheaper Fire TV-branded TVs

Smart TVs from various manufacturers with Amazon’s Fire TV operating system built-in have been around since 2017. However, it wasn’t until 4 years later that Amazon decided to release its own branded Fire TV Smart TVs with the introduction of the Fire TV 4-Series and Fire TV Omni Series TVs in late 2021. While those TVs did all have 4K screens, they lacked many high-end features. It wasn’t until last year with the release of the Fire TV Omni QLED Series in 2022 that Amazon incorporated premium features into its own line of TVs. Now it’s looking like the next set of Amazon-branded Fire TV Smart TVs will target the opposite end of the TV market with cheaper TVs. Read more ›

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Fire TV gains an NCAA March Madness Hub and interactive bracket game

Amazon has added a March Madness Hub to Fire TV devices for the 2023 NCAA basketball tournament. The hub contains links to various apps where the games can be streamed, a row of basketball movies to watch while you wait for the tournament to start, and an interactive game where you can fill in your predictions for the final tournament bracket. Read more ›

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Xiaomi announces new Redmi Fire TV Smart TV with a never before seen remote

As expected from multiple teases earlier in the week, Xiaomi has announced a new Fire TV Smart TV model. The new TV is slated for release in India under the brand Redmi, which is one of Xiaomi’s numerous sub-brands. While what little is currently known about the TV isn’t terribly interesting, it appears the TV will not come with the standard Fire TV remote that nearly all Fire TV Smart TVs ship with. Instead, the TV appears to include an an all-new Fire TV remote. Read more ›

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