Amazon Echo Buttons can now be used to trigger Alexa Routines

Amazon has made their Echo Buttons far more useful by now allowing them to be used as a physical way to trigger an Alexa Routine. With the flexibility of Alexa Routines, the Echo Buttons can now be used to turn lights on or off, control music, tell you the weather, start your flash briefing, and several other functions. Simply edit or add an Alexa Routine in the Alexa app and select Echo Button as the trigger option. The number of Alexa skills that use Echo Buttons is close to 200, but the vast majority are just games. This newly added capability for Echo Buttons has made them much more than just a novelty item. A pair of buttons cost $19.99, but they’ll very likely be on sale during Black Friday for $14.99 or less.

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Amazon Echo Spot and Echo Buttons have been released

The Amazon Echo Spot and Echo Buttons have arrived to customers who placed pre-orders. There seems to be a decent amount of interest in these because ordering either of them today will not see them arrive until next year, since both are back-ordered. Initial reviews across the web seem to be positive for the Echo Spot, with some articles calling it the best Alexa device. I’ve purchased both the Spot and the Buttons to see what they’ve got to offer. I don’t know if I’ll be writing up a standard review for them, but I’ll, of course, be digging in to see if there’s anything exceptionally interesting beneath the surface to tell you all about. Please let me know in the comments below if there’s anything specific that you want to know about either the Echo Spot or the Echo Buttons.

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Amazon’s Echo Buttons are now available to pre-order

Amazon Echo Buttons are now available to pre-order in a 2 pack for $19.99. These are accessories used to play games with any of Amazon’s line of Echo devices. Read more ›

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Amazon announces a new Echo accessory called the Echo Button

Amazon has announced the Echo Button, which is a small device, similar in size to the Echo Dot, that wirelessly connects to Echo devices to give you a way to physically interact with Amazon’s line of smart speakers. It was demonstrated as the buzzer button for an Alexa trivia game skill at today’s event, but will likely be capable of much more thanks to a new Gadget API that Amazon announced for Alexa developers. You can’t order the button yet, but it seems like there will be additional “Alexa Gadgets” released in the future.

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