Amazon Echo Autos are selling for 600% profit on eBay

Amazon’s first Alexa device for your car, the Echo Auto, is currently only available for purchase by invitation. Lucky customers with an invite will get 50% off the retail price and pay only $24.99. Some of those early adopters listed their Echo Autos on eBay last week and the first of those auctions just ended at $162.50, with another currently going for $172.50. That’s quite a hefty profit and a sign that people are eager to get their hands on the new Alexa device. Read more ›

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Amazon Echo Auto sees temporary price increase and begins popping up on eBay

The Echo Auto, Amazon’s first official Alexa device for you car, is still only available by invitation. Invites began rolling out in very limited numbers at the very end of last year and have been trickling out ever since. Earlier this week, the introductory price of $24.99 was temporarily removed, before being reinstated a few hours later. Additionally, this week is the first time multiple Echo Autos popped up for sale on eBay. Both of these events could be an indication that the Echo Auto is close to a more wide-spread release. Read more ›

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Amazon Echo Auto begins shipping to first batch of lucky invitees

The first batch of Amazon Echo Autos have begun arriving in customer’s hands who received an invitation to try Amazon’s first Echo device for your car, as spotted by ZatzNotFunny. Photos of the latest Alexa device are already showing up on social media (1) (2). Check you email to see if you’ve got an invite waiting for you. Those who get invites are able to purchase the Echo Auto for $24.99, which is half what it will cost when it’s released to everyone else.

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Amazon Echo Auto appears to be delayed until 2019

As the first Echo device for your car, the Echo Auto seems to be the most highly anticipated Echo device in a while, according to customer discussions across the web. The device was announced in September and Amazon has been accepting invitation requests from customers to be among the first to buy the device, but recent changes to the Echo Auto’s product page make it seem like nobody is going to be able to purchase it until next year. Read more ›

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Amazon announces Echo Auto — Their first Alexa device for your car

Amazon has announced the Echo Auto as their first device to add Alexa to your car. It’s a relatively tiny device that sits on your dash and provides hands-free Alexa capabilities through its array of 8 microphones. Amazon is adding in a lot of new car-specific capabilities to Alexa, like navigation directions that appear on your phone through Waze and Apple Maps integration, so they’re not quite ready to sell the Echo Auto to everyone. That’s why it’s currently only available by invite. It will be $49.99 when it’s released, but those who receive an invite to purchase will pay only $24.99 during the introductory period. Read more ›

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