Amazon is killing off Amazon Drive cloud storage entirely — Important dates to know

Amazon has announced that it will be ending Amazon Drive, its cloud storage service. Amazon says the decision is being made so that it can “more fully focus our efforts on photos and video storage with Amazon Photos.” Photos and videos stored in Amazon Drive will remain accessible through Amazon Photos, but all other file types will no longer be accessible after of December 31, 2023. However, Amazon will begin to cripple the service much sooner when it stops accepting new uploads to Amazon Drive on January 31, 2023. Read more ›

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Amazon to discontinue access to Amazon Drive for Synology NAS Cloud Sync and Hyper Backup

If you, like me, are using a Synology NAS that is configured to backup or sync data to an Amazon Drive account, I’ve got some bad news. Amazon has decided to discontinue access to Amazon Drive by Synology Cloud Sync and Synology Hyper Backup apps running on Synology network attatched storage devices starting on November 1st, 2020. Read more ›

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Pricing comparison of the top cloud storage providers

Now that Amazon Drive has done away with their unlimited storage plan, I figured it would be a good time to do a quick roundup of the top cloud storage services and their prices. This is by no means a comprehensive comparison of each service’s features, but it should give you a good starting point to see what you get for your money with each service. Read more ›

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Amazon kills off unlimited storage plan for their Cloud Drive

Amazon has eliminated the unlimited option for their Amazon Drive cloud storage service. Replacing the $59.99 per year unlimited plan are tiered plans where you pay for the amount of storage being used. The new plans start at $11.99 per year for 100GB, move to $59.99 per year for 1TB, and cost $59.99 for each additional terabyte, up to a cap of 30TB. Read more ›

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Get unlimited Amazon Drive storage for 12 months for $48 — A discount of 20% [Expired]

You can currently sign up for a 1-year subscription of Amazon Drive unlimited storage for $47.99 by using promo code WINTERPRINTS at checkout. That’s 20% off the regular price of $59.99 and the lowest price I’ve seen for buying the service on its own. Amazon Drive allows you to store as much data of any type in the cloud. They recently added a Dropbox-like sync feature that allows you to automatically sync files to Amazon Drive and across multiple devices. I personally use it as my main offsite backup solution, in conjunction with a Synology NAS, and I’m very happy with the service.

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Amazon Cloud Drive adds new native Dropbox-like sync feature


I’m a big fan of Amazon Drive and use it regularly, but the desktop software is a bit lackluster. Sure, you can use the software to upload and download files, but that’s pretty much it. Amazon has now added the ability to automatically sync files in your Amazon Drive with your computer. To achieve this before, you had to use a 3rd-party app like Odrive, or do what I do, which is let my NAS handle syncing and have it upload a copy to Amazon Drive. Now syncing capabilities are natively built into the Amazon Drive client. Read more ›

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Amazon and Seagate team up to release 1TB drive that auto-syncs with Amazon Cloud Drive


Seagate and Amazon have announced the Seagate Duet, a new 1TB external hard drive that automatically syncs all of its content to Amazon’s Cloud Drive service. The drive can be pre-ordered now for $99.99 and it will be released December 10th. It comes with 1-year of Amazon Drive unlimited backup, which normally runs $59.99, making this drive essentially $40. For comparison, the best selling 1TB external drive on Amazon is a Seagate drive for $54.99.

For your files to be truly backed up and safe, you should always follow the 3-2-1 backup strategy. Meaning, there should be at least 3 total copies of your data, 2 of which are local but on different devices, and at least 1 copy offsite. This new Seagate drive takes care of the entire strategy with a single purchase. The included 1-year Amazon Drive Unlimited plan is only for new Amazon Drive Unlimited customers and you have to activate the plan within 2 months of purchasing the drive. So if you buy this as a gift for Christmas, be sure to tell the recipient they have about a month to set it up.

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Plex Cloud lets you run a virtual Plex Server using Amazon’s unlimited Cloud Drive


Plex has just announced Plex Cloud, which may be the simplest way to access all of your personal media from anywhere, without needing to leave a PC or NAS drive on all the time. Plex Cloud links a Plex Pass to an Amazon Cloud Drive account. This allows the Plex app to stream media directly from the Amazon Cloud Drive, without needing to have a PC or NAS running Plex’s server software. Read more ›

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Amazon giving away 1 year of unlimited Amazon Cloud storage for free


If you have an Android device, you can get one year of unlimited Amazon Cloud storage for free just by downloading a free Amazon Underground game. Simply install Amazon Underground on your android device, and use it to download any of the 10 select games. Once you’ve installed at least one of the games listed, you’ll receive an email within 5 days with a link to redeem the offer for a free year of unlimited Amazon Cloud storage, which normally runs $60 per year. The games that qualify are: Monument Valley, Jetpack Joyride, Goat Simulator, Inside Out Thought Bubbles, Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds Space, Looney Tunes Dash!, Beach Buggy Racing, Cars: Fast as Lightning, and My Little Pony. Amazon Underground is not yet available for Fire TV devices.

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