All but one Fire TV model is currently on sale, including the Fire TV Pro Remote

Amazon just kicked off another sale on Fire TV devices this week. While the prices are pretty decent for this not being a significant sales event, like Prime Day or Black Friday, it’s interesting that all but one model is on sale. Here’s the breakdown of this sale and how it compares to past deals on Fire TVs. Read more ›

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Fire TV Voice Remote Pro is on sale for $27.99 for Early Prime Day — New Lowest Price Ever

The Early Prime Day Deals continue to trickle out and today is a great one. The Alexa Voice Remote Pro is now on sale for $27.99, which is 20% off its regular price of $34.99. This is the new lowest price that this remote has ever been. If you’ve been waiting on a good price to buy this remote, this is the time to buy it because Prime Day sales are typically the lowest prices you’ll see all year on Amazon devices. This Pro remote is easily the best remote for Fire TV devices, both standalone devices like Firesticks and the Fire TV Cube, as well as Fire TV Smart TVs. It has two customizable buttons to open any app, backlight buttons, and a remote finder that beeps the remote when you as Alexa or through a button in the Fire TV mobile app. Do not expect the remote to get any cheaper than this when actual Prime Day rolls around since that hardly ever happens for Amazon devices.

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Fire TV Alexa Remote Pro is back on sale for only the second time ever — Lowest Price

Amazon has just put the Alexa Voice Remote Pro on sale for $29.99. This is only the second time the new remote has ever been on sale. While $5 off its regular price of $34.99 isn’t much of a discount, it matches the previous sale and is the lowest it has ever been. The sale is also available in Canada where the price is down from $44.99 to $39.99. This Pro remote is easily the best remote for any Fire TV device thanks to its two customizable buttons, backlight, and remote finder that beeps the remote. You can read about all of its capabilities in my detailed review.

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The Fire TV Pro Remote is on sale for the first time — Grab this rare discount while you can!

Amazon has just put the new Alexa Voice Remote Pro for Fire TV devices on sale for the first time. While it’s just a $5 discount, which drops the price from $34.99 to $29.99, it’s still very much worth jumping on this deal if you’ve been contemplating the new flagship remote but haven’t wanted to pay full price. That’s because Fire TV remotes hardly ever go on sale so it’s surprising that this remote has been discounted at all. The last time a Fire TV remote went on sale was at the start of 2019, and that was only because people felt gypped that a new remote was released right after millions of devices were sold with the old remote during the holidays. This Pro Remote sale isn’t meant to make up for anything, but it might prove to be just as rare. Read more ›

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