Amazon to stop paying Alexa Skill developers

Back when Alexa was the hottest tech coming out of Amazon, there was a large push to get developers onboard to make Alexa Skills, which served as apps for the voice assistant. Part of that push was the launch of the Alexa Developer Rewards Program in 2017 which directly paid developers of popular Alexa Skills. That rewards programming is now coming to an end at the end of June, as reported by Engadget. With over 160,000 skills available, Amazon says “these older programs have simply run their course.” Developers will now have to resort to accepting in-skill payments directly from their users to earn income from a free Alexa Skill.

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Google Nest Cameras and Doorbells finally work with Fire TVs, Echo Shows, and Fire Tablets through Alexa

Google has announced an update to its Google Nest Alexa Skill that finally adds compatibility with Nest cameras and doorbells. With this update, you can now view live feeds of newer Nest cameras, from 2021, on Fire TVs, Echo Shows, and Fire Tablets by simply saying “Alexa, show my [CAMERA NAME].” For Nest doorbells, you can also now have a two-way conversation from a Fire TV, Echo Show, or Fire Tablet by saying “Alexa, talk to the front door.” Not available yet but coming soon is the ability for Alexa to support announcements when a Nest camera or Nest doorbell detects a person.

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Alexa can now control Roku media players and TVs

Roku has released an Alexa skill that allows customers to control Roku media players and Roku TVs with their voice through an Alexa device, like an Amazon Echo or Echo Dot. The skill allows you to control media playback, launch channels, and search. Roku TV owners will additionally be able to use the skill to power on/off the TV, change the volume, change channels, and switch inputs. Read more ›

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Amazon now lets you publish your custom Alexa Skills to the Alexa Skill Store

Amazon introduced Alexa Blueprints last year as a way for anyone to create their own Alexa SKills, without any coding, right from a web browser. They later made it possible to share those custom skills with friends and family, but now they’ve announced that you can publish your custom skills to the Alexa Skill store for anyone to use. Read more ›

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Amazon launches new ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Alexa Skill through Audible

Amazon has teamed up with ChooseCo, publishers of the classic Choose Your Own Adventure series of books, to bring their guided adventure stories to Alexa devices. A new Choose Your Own Adventure Alexa Skill has been released using Amazon’s Audible brand. The skill currently offers two different books that are both free. Read more ›

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Amazon made it easier than ever for Alexa Skills to add in-skill purchases

Amazon has announced a new tool for developers that makes it much easier to add in-skill purchasing (ISP) to Alexa Skills, as spotted by CNET. Where before, developers had to use an unintuitive command-line interface to add purchases to their skills, they can now use a simpler web interface built directly into the Alexa Developer Console that they’re already used to using. For Alexa users, this will likely mean that more and more of the 70,000 Alexa Skills will likely begin adopting and experimenting with premium features that require paying money. Be sure you’ve got an Alexa PIN set up for voice purchases if you have kids or others that might inadvertently buy something while interacting with Alexa.

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Amazon’s Alexa Skills of the Year 2018

Amazon has posted a list of Alexa Skills that they consider to be the best of the year. The list is divided into various categories, such as best game skills, best family skills, and best wellness skills. Check out the list of best Alexa Skills to find some new Alexa capabilities to add to your Echos and Fire TVs. If you have Echo Buttons, which are still on sale for $13.99, you should also check out the winners of the Echo Button game skill contest that just got posted.

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Amazon takes a major step towards eliminating the need to say “ask” for custom smart home Alexa Skills

One of the confusing and cumbersome aspects of using Amazon’s Alexa to control smart home devices is the need to sometimes say “Alexa, ask…” before issuing a command. Prefacing a command with “ask” or “tell” is necessary when a smart home device manufacturer provides capabilities that go beyond what Amazon supports in their regular set of Alexa smart home control commands. Amazon is now allowing developers to extend the capabilities of regular smart home Alexa skills with extra functionality so that they don’t need to resort to a custom skill that requires the user to say “ask” before issuing an advanced command. Read more ›

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Protect your home from burglars with insufferable conversations using this Alexa Skill

A funny new Alexa Skill, called Away Mode, has just been released that “harnesses the power of human awkwardness to ward off unwanted visitors.” Quite simply, it uses your Alexa devices to play recordings of conversations to make it seem like someone is home while you’re away. Other similar Alexa Skills, such as Burglar Deterant, are already available, but they’re not nearly as funny. Hippo Insurance, the creators of the Alexa Skill, hired SNL and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia writers to come up with scripted conversations that would scare off anyone, let alone a would-be burglar. Samples, which can be heard on the skill’s website, include a couple breaking up while watching TV, a PTA meeting discussing memes, and a group arguing over the rules of a board game.

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You’ll soon be able to publicly share your custom Alexa Blueprint skills — Update: Now Sharable

A couple of months ago, Amazon released a system for anyone to easily customize Alexa’s responses, called Alexa Blueprints, without any programming. Through easy to fill out forms and templates, you can create your own custom Alexa games, use Alexa to pass on specific information, and a lot more. According to TechCrunch, it’ll soon be possible to make your Alexa Blueprints public and share them with a link that lets anyone install them on their own Alexa devices. The sharing feature doesn’t appear to be live yet, but Alexa Blueprints do now have an “Access” setting that lists blueprints as “Private.” Once sharing is available, you’ll be able to mark a blueprint you made as public and be given a custom sharable link that lets anyone who clicks it install your custom blueprint.


Alexa Blueprints are now sharable. View the details of any blueprint and you’ll find a “Shar with others” link on the right.

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