Amazon announces Smart Soap Dispenser that can automatically trigger Alexa routines

Amazon has announced a new Smart Soap Dispenser that works with Alexa. All on its own, the soap dispenser has a few smart capabilities, such as guiding you through the proper amount of time to spend washing and dispensing the right amount of soap. If optionally paired with an Echo smart speaker, the soap dispenser will also launch an Alexa routine when used, which opens it up to numerous additional possibilities. Read more ›

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Amazon’s Alexa Smart Sticky Note Printer reaches pre-order goal and will be released

Earlier this week, Amazon launched a new crowdfunding-like program called Build It where the number of pre-orders of a product determines if the product gets released. The program launched with three potential Alexa Gadgets and, after less than 3 days, the first of those products has already reached the required number of pre-orders to be released. The Smart Sticky Note Printer, which allows you to print notes, lists, puzzles, and more on inkless sticky paper by asking Alexa, will be released later this year. Anyone who places a pre-order for the printer before March 19 will pay $89.99, while all orders after that date will pay the regular price of $114.99. The printer is estimated to be released between July – September 2021. As of this posting, the Smart Nutrition Scale and Smart Cuckoo Clock have only received 39% and 35% of their necessary pre-orders, respectively.

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Amazon launches new crowdfunding program with 3 new Alexa products

Amazon has kicked off a new crowdfunding-like program called Build It where they allow customers to pre-order a new product that will only be built if it reaches a pre-order goal. Customers can cancel their pre-order anytime and even return products after they ship, like any other Amazon purchase, making the program far less risky than traditional crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. The program is launching with 3 Alexa products: a Smart Cuckoo Clock, a Smart Nutrition Scale, and a Smart Sticky Note Printer. Read more ›

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Amazon Echo Wall Clock Overview and Video Demo

The Amazon Echo Wall Clock was among the more surprising devices that Amazon announced at their Alexa hardware event earlier this year. It’s Amazon’s second Alexa Gadget, the other being Echo Buttons, which means it needs to be paired to any Echo model for it to work. Once paired with an Echo, the Echo Wall Clock will display Alexa timers, alarms, and notifications. Here’s an overview of how it works, along with a few video demos. Read more ›

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Amazon announces new Echo Wall Clock

Amazon has announced a new Echo Wall Clock. Much like the new AmazonBasics Microwave with Alexa capabilities, the Echo Wall Clock does not actually have Alexa built-in, nor does it have microphones or a speaker in the device itself. Instead, it falls into the Alexa Gadget category of devices and serves as a companion to Echo devices to serve as a visual indicator for Alexa timers and reminders. Read more ›

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Amazon is now letting anyone make Alexa Gadgets

Amazon has announced the availability of the Alexa Gadgets Toolkit, which will allow anyone to create accessories that pair and interact directly with Echo devices. Amazon first introduced the concept of Alexa Gadgets when they released their Echo Buttons about a year ago. Those buttons haven’t really taken off, but perhaps third-party manufacturers can come up with my successful accessories. Read more ›

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Amazon’s Echo Buttons are now available to pre-order

Amazon Echo Buttons are now available to pre-order in a 2 pack for $19.99. These are accessories used to play games with any of Amazon’s line of Echo devices. Read more ›

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Amazon announces a new Echo accessory called the Echo Button

Amazon has announced the Echo Button, which is a small device, similar in size to the Echo Dot, that wirelessly connects to Echo devices to give you a way to physically interact with Amazon’s line of smart speakers. It was demonstrated as the buzzer button for an Alexa trivia game skill at today’s event, but will likely be capable of much more thanks to a new Gadget API that Amazon announced for Alexa developers. You can’t order the button yet, but it seems like there will be additional “Alexa Gadgets” released in the future.

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