ABC News launches new Amazon Fire TV app with free live stream and on-demand content

ABC News has just launched a new app for all Amazon Fire TVs, Fire TV Sticks, and Fire TV Edition televisions. The app provides a 24/7 live feed in addition to on-demand coverage from shows like Good Morning America, Nightline, 20/20, and more. All of the content, including the live stream, is completely free without requiring any kind of activation or login. Read more ›

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Updated ABC and Freeform apps released for all Fire TV models

ABC originally released an app for the 1st-gen Fire TV over a year ago and never updated it to work with any other Fire TV devices. That has finally changed with an all new ABC app that works with all Fire TV and Fire TV Stick models. The new app is quite nice with, most importantly, a lot of free content that does not require activating the app through a cable provider. If you do have a participating cable subscription, you can use it to unlock all content. Unlike most apps from cable or broadcast networks, this new ABC app includes a live stream. Unfortunately, the live stream does require activating the app and it’s only available in select cities, which include Chicago, Fresno, Houston, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, Raleigh-Durham, and San Francisco. ABC has also released a new Freeform app, which was formerly known as ABC Family.

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ABC News releases local Fire TV apps for L.A., N.Y., Chicago, and other major cities

ABC has just released eight new Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick apps for local news coverage in major cities across America. The included cities are Chicago, Fresno, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, Raleigh-Durham, and San Francisco. The Fire TV Appstore is filled with local news apps, but up until now, those have all been from smaller affiliate networks which are not directly owned by the major broadcast network they represent. Most local news productions in major cities are owned by the broadcast network themselves, which is why there hasn’t been local news apps for major cities released in the past. This new batch of local news apps are released by ABC themselves, which is why so many major cities are included.

The apps themselves are all identical and fairly mediocre. They include on-demand streaming videos of the most recent and largest news stories in each local city. There is unfortunately no live stream in any of these apps, which is the feature people tend to want most out of a local news app. The apps also include a 7-day weather forecast, along with clips of recent forecast videos. Hopefully someday ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX will release live streaming apps for all of their local news coverage, but for now, these new apps from ABC are a nice baby step towards that dream.

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WATCH ABC app arrives on the Amazon Fire TV


The WATCH ABC has made it’s way over to the Amazon Fire TV app library. With Disney Movies Anywhere and now ABC on the Fire TV, it looks like Amazon and Disney are finally playing nice. We first heard about WATCH ABC coming to the Fire TV over a year ago. The app lets you stream some ad-supported shows for free, but watching live or watching most recently aired full episodes will require you to activate the app with a traditional cable subscription provider. Oddly though, the app is not currently available for the Fire TV Stick.

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