Software update is only for the Amazon Fire TV 2

Amazon has just updated their Fire TV Software Update page to now list the new update that began rolling out last week. It appears as though the new update is only for the 2nd-gen Fire TV, since Amazon has only updated the listing for that one model. Amazon hasn’t changed the “New and Enhanced Features” section of the update page, so it’s still a mystery what this new update changes. Since the update is only being deployed to one model in the Fire TV lineup, it likely addresses a change or a fix related to that specific hardware. Amazon never gives any details about which bugs they’ve fixed, so we’ll likely never know what this new update does.

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Amazon Fire TV software update begins rolling out

A new software update has started rolling out to 2nd-gen Amazon Fire TVs. The software update carries version number and build number 574262620. It’s not clear at this time if the update adds any new features or if it just contains bug fixes. So far, I’ve only heard of 2nd-gen Fire TV set-top boxes receiving the update, so it may not be released to other Fire TV models. Sound off in the comments if you receive the update, which device it arrived on, and if you notice any changes.

For those wondering, this update has nothing to do with the new blacklisted app. The two things are not connected, since I’ve confirmed that devices still on older software versions still receive the updated blacklist.

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