Fire TV 2 with software version and older can now be rooted with KingRoot

The KingRoot rooting utility is now capable of rooting the Amazon Fire TV 2 running software version Software update blocked the previous rooting method used by KingRoot, but now the app has been updated and is capable of rooting software version Several people on XDA have confirmed that v4.9.6 and v5.0.1 of KingRoot was able to root their Fire TV 2 running Read more ›

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Pre-Rooted ROM for the Amazon Fire TV 2 Released


Rbox has released a pre-rooted version of the software update for the Fire TV 2. You can download it over on XDA and install it using TWRP as always. This allows Fire TV 2 owners with rooted devices to update to the latest software version without losing root. Those of you with the first generation Fire TV, a pre-rooted version of was released last week. If you have the means, be sure to thank rbox for his continued effort by donating to him. Read more ›

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Pre-Rooted ROM for the Amazon Fire TV 1 Released


Those of you with rooted first generation Fire TVs can now update to the latest software version because rbox has released a pre-rooted ROM version. You can download the ROM at the usual place and install it using TWRP. I had a bit of a hiccup with my update capturing setup, which is why a ROM for the Fire TV 2 is not available yet. I was able to finally capture the Fire TV 2 update this morning and have passed that on to rbox, so hopefully he’ll find time to release a pre-rooted ROM for the Fire TV 2 soon. Read more ›

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Fire TV update contains new “Not In My House” system app for more sophisticated app blocking


As I continue dissecting Fire TV and Fire TV Stick software update, I’ve discovered a new system app dedicated to disabling blacklisted apps that Amazon doesn’t want installed. The app is humorously named “Not In My House” and has a package name of When Amazon first introduced an app blacklist in software version, and used it to disable FireStarter and FiredTV Launcher, it was done in a very rudamentary manner. The two blocked apps were hardcoded into the Fire TV’s settings app, which is why it was easy to circumvent the block by changing FireStarter’s package name, which is what FireStopper’s developer did. The new app blocking mechanism introduced with this latest software update is more sophisticated. Read more ›

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Software update blocks rooting with Kingo Root on the Fire TV Stick


Fire TV Sticks running software version or older were rootable with a utility called Kingo Root. As is expected, the new software update has blocked the available rooting method. There is currently no way to root a Fire TV 1, Fire TV 2, or Fire TV Stick running the latest software version. There is a chance a new rooting method for the Fire TV 1 will emerge, because it is vulnerable to the QuadRooter exploit, but nothing has been developed yet.

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Fire TV parental controls can now prompt you for a PIN before launching restricted apps

Amazon Fire TV devices have always had the option to block apps under their parental control settings. The problem was, there was no easy way for an adult to bypass the restriction without disabling parental controls entirely. The new software update addresses this annoyance by giving users the option to simply be prompted for their PIN when trying to launch an app that is being blocked. This allows adults to easily access Fire TV apps while restricting access to children, or any user that doesn’t have the parental control PIN code. Read more ›

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You can now opt-out of Ad Tracking on the Amazon Fire TV


The software update for Fire TV devices introduces a new option that allows users to opt-out of ad tracking within apps. The option can be found in a new Advertising ID menu under the System area of the Fire TV’s settings section. A setting called “Interest-based Ads” is turned on by default. If left on, Fire OS will provide an advertiser ID value, which is unique to each device, to any app that requests it. This allows advertising networks, which display ads within apps, to track a single device/user across multiple apps. There is also an option to reset your device’s unique advertising ID number. Read more ›

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Fire TV Software update (551203220) begins rolling out


A new Amazon Fire TV software update, carrying version number (551203220), has just started rolling out to devices. Currently, I only have confirmation that the Fire TV 1 is receiving this update. Amazon has updated their source code notice page to include this new software version. It is listed under both the Fire TV 1 and Fire TV 2 sections, so it appears the Fire TV 2 will also be receiving this update. The Fire TV Stick section of the page has not been updated, which is a bit odd since the last 3 software updates have arrived on all devices simultaneously, so the Stick might be excluded from this update. Read more ›

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