Tablo to stop offering Lifetime TV Guide Data Service on August 30

Tablo has announced that it will no longer offer customers the option to pay a one-time fee of $179.99 for lifetime TV guide service and other premium features. The lifetime subscription option will be removed on August 30, but this will not affect existing lifetime subscription customers as their plans will remain active. Anyone wanting to buy the lifetime subscription before it’s gone can do so and continue using the service after the plan has been removed. That needs to be done by August 29 because on August 30, the yearly $49.99 and monthly $4.99 options will be the only subscription plans that remain. If you recently purchased a yearly plan and want to upgrade to the lifetime plan before it’s gone, Tablo’s policy is to not offer any refunds for unused portions of its subscriptions, but the company says you can contact support to see if an exception can be made. Tablo TV guide data service subscriptions are used with its line of networked OTA DVRs which come with 1 day of guide data included. Paying for a subscription grants you 14 days of guide data, as well as a few premium features like out-of-home viewing of your recordings and live TV.

  1. Randy says:

    Get the lifetime Plex AND Emby ASAP.
    I have been predicting Plex and Emby would also go this route soon.

  2. anon_001 says:


    Do you think Amazon ever, ever EVER will consider allowing Silicon Dust HDHomerun in as a Live TV source? I would like my local OTA channels integrated into the Fire TV Live guide without unnecessary additional hardware. I don’t need DVR or a 14-day guide. Just would like the ability to Favorite a few local channels into the guide.

    • Randy says:

      Channels for HDHomeRun (aka Channels Plus) app will allow your fire tv to direct access your HDHomeRuns and it has a 24hr Guide at no extra cost.
      However, it is very expensive (24.99 one time purchase) and it does not integrate with fire TV’s Live guide.

      • anon_001 says:

        The HDHomerun app on Fire TV provides direct access and a real-time guide at no cost. The Live TV Guide integration is the missing piece.

    • Rik Emmett says:

      The only other OTA service that I’ve heard mentioned that integrates with the fire tv live guide is from sling, but you have to buy their OTA device. I think it’s cheaper than the fire tv recast.

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