Tablo releases 2 new DVRs with Included Storage — 128GB w/ 2 Tuners & 1TB w/ 4 Tuners

Tablo has announced 2 new models of their network DVRs that come with onboard storage. The first is the Tablo DUAL 128GB OTA DVR for $169.99. It comes with 2 tuners and 128GB of built-in flash storage. The second is the Tablo QUAD 1TB OTA DVR for $239.99. It comes with 4 tuners and an internal 1TB spinning hard drive. As with all of Tablo’s models, these 2 new ones feature 802.11ac Wifi, Ethernet, and a USB port for expanding their storage with up to an 8TB external drive.

Both of these new Tablo DVR models are still available without any internal storage, as the Tablo DUAL LITE OTA DVR and the Tablo QUAD OTA DVR, if you prefer going that route. A HUGE bravo goes out to Tablo for not gouging buyers with ludicrous storage prices, like so many other consumer electronic companies. The cost premium of the 128GB flash storage in the Tablo DUAL is only $20 over the no storage model and the cost of the 1TB drive in the Tablo QUAD is only $40 over the no storage model. That’s less than it would cost you to buy a 1TB 2.5″ drive yourself and Tablo should be commended for that. Bravo.

For those of you not familiar with how a network DVR works, it’s a device that you place anywhere in your home where you can get the best reception through an HD antenna. You don’t need to physically connect it to your TV or streaming device because it makes all of the channels that it picks up and all of the recordings that it stores available over your network. Just install the Tablo App on your Fire TV or other streaming/mobile devices and you’ll have full access to the channels and recordings.

One significant advantage of Tablo DVRs over Amazon’s Fire TV Recast, apart from being $40 cheaper, is that it works through non-Fire TV streaming devices. So if you use a mixture of Fire TV, Roku, Android TV, and/or Apple TV devices, you’ll be able to access the Tablo all the same from any of them. A disadvantage with Tablo is their optional subscription if you want TV guide data, which costs $4.99/month, $49.99/year, or $149.99 once for lifetime service. There’s also an additional $2/month or $20/year for premium features, like automatic commercial skipping, which isn’t available at all on the Fire TV Recast.

The 2 new Tablo models with storage included, and the no storage versions, are available to through Tablo’s website. Tablo DUAL with no storage is $149.99, the Tablo DUAL 128GB is $169.99, the Tablo QUAD with no storage is $199.99, and the Tablo QUAD 1TB is $239.99.

  1. /u/kilnvideo says:

    any info about atsc 3.0 or 4k broadcast support? hard to consider a purchase with the second digital transition on the horizon.

    I wanted to like the recast, it worked ok, apart from the amz hardware restrictions. honestly what got me to return it was the privacy/telemetry implications.

    is tablo cloud based, or could it be theoretically run in a lan with no outside access? remote cabin for example.

    settled on tvheadend on a rpi for now. haven’t bothered trying to integrate with live channels on amz or goog hw.

    honestly, the implications of the harmony hub and remote getting channel data aren’t great either.

  2. Ian King says:

    Is there a reason why no-one has made and sold a DVR for recording streaming content, i.e., why are these devices restricted to recording over-the-air broadcast content? If the Internet is the new video transmission medium, shouldn’t the Sony Betamax decision, which made DVRs legal, apply to streaming content as well?

    • Every streaming service makes recording against their terms/agreement and there aren’t any laws that grant us the right to record streaming services, like the VCR law allows/protects the right to record broadcast television.

    • /u/kilnvideo says:

      playon offers a pc based soft dvr that will download from prime netflix or others, and let you copy the screen ripped file after it watermarks it, or you can play it back on mobile devices or w/e.

      I use it to access a cable service I can’t bend across a vpn. so I render it on the home network and watch the upnp transcode over the vpn. computationally wasteful, but I only use it for live content really.

      it’s not perfect, but it’s got it’s niche.

    • /u/kilnvideo says:

      “playon” dvr app

  3. Charlie says:

    Good prices for a lot of storage. I wonder how noisy the drives are and how much the DVR service costs a year.

    • D.H. says:

      Go to the Tablo website and you can find the price for the subscription. I find it worth it, but you need to check the movies every few days to be able to find the new ones to record.

  4. Rik Emmett says:

    I think I would still go with the models without storage so you don’t have to crack open the case to try and replace a failed hard drive in a 4 tuner model. The 2 tuner model will probably be bricked if the flash storage fails.

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