Tablo announces new 4-tuner OTA DVR with internal drive slot and adds commercial skipping

Tablo has made a couple of new announcements for CES 2019. The first is the release of a new product called the Tablo QUAD which is an over-the-air DVR that packs in 4-tuners, which is twice as many as in their existing Tablo DUAL models. It doesn’t have any built-in storage, but it does feature a user accessible 2.5″ internal hard drive slot, which is a first for a Tablo device, that gives customers a sleeker alternative to using an external drive connected to the device’s USB port. Also being announced is a new automatic commercial skipping feature.

After recently releasing a completely redesigned 2-tuner DVR, the Tablo DUAL, a new 4-tuner model was to be expected, but what is unexpected are some of its new features. Like all previous models, the new Tablo QUAD has a USB port for connecting an external hard drive for storing recordings, but this new model is the first to include a slot for internal 2.5″ SATA hard drives. This provides a much more clutter-free setup. Both the USB port and the internal drive slot can accept up to an 8TB drive for as much as 4,000 hours of HD recordings.

The Tablo QUAD is also the first model to bump up its Ethernet connection to Gigabit speeds and it also offers 802.11ac WiFi with an “upgraded chip.” It will cost $199.99 with no included storage.

On the software side, Tablo is announcing a new automatic commercial skipping feature that is coming soon in beta. The feature will arrive in late March to all Tablo models, but it will require their existing subscription service, which runs $5 per month or $150 for a lifetime account. This subscription is what already provides Tablo customers with extended program guide data beyond the included free 24-hour data, content metadata, cover art, out-of-home streaming, and more. Commercials will be detected using Tablo’s cloud-based machine learning algorithms. Tablo apps will mark detected commercials on the playback timeline in yellow and an option can be toggled on to automatically skip those commercials.

  1. Fred says:

    They need commercial skip bad now that Recast is around

  2. H. D. R. says:

    ATSC 3.0 model please.

    • John R. Thomas says:

      Or upgrade

    • Mark B says:

      We are years from needing that. We will be ATSC 1.0 silmucast for a very long time. Also while ATSC may help with reception issues when fully deployed don’t be surprised if in all other ways it becomes all about drm and spying on consumers. Get ready to NOT be allowed to record OTA anymore, especially when it’s. a 4K game or god forbid movie. No more easy to view and convert mpeg2 That is 100% the way it is heading. Personally I’ve gone from looking forward to absolutely dreading ATSC 3.0.

  3. AR says:

    i wonder if / or when Amazon will start licencing out fire tv recast capability to 3rd party DVR tuners

  4. Mike rash says:

    What model and size hdd

  5. Mike rash says:

    What model and size internal hdd fits inside the quad

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