Tablo 2-Tuner over-the-air DVR on sale for $167 [Expired]

The Tablo 2-tuner DVR has just gone on sale for $167.23. Apart from a one-time sale price on Black Friday in 2014, this is the new lowest price this OTA tuner has ever been. The 4-tuner model reached an all-time low price a couple weeks ago, and now it’s the 2-tuner model’s turn.

Tablo allows you to watch and record free over-the-air content using your Fire TV and the free Tablo App. You simply connect the Tablo to your network and stream live or recorded content to all of your devices. This 4-tuner model allows you to record 4 shows at once by connecting a USB hard drive or flash drive. Apart from Amazon’s upcoming Fire TV Edition televisions, this is the best way to watch OTA content on the Fire TV.

  1. Craig says:

    HDHomeRun FTW! They may not have the greatest app support, but at least their API’s are open for devs to make the greatest viewing apps. #channels

    Amazon & Roku (Roku did just get access to TiVO licenses) really need to consider working with SiliconDust to integrate HomeRun viewing/time-shifting/DVR support natively into their boxes and native OTA guides, just like Google has already done with Live Channels and Network Tuner support on Android TV.

  2. Cheap-O says:

    Don’t forget to add $150 for the lifetime program guide service.

    Also ATSC 3.0 will be here in a year or two.

  3. HeyRadar says:

    In theory I really want a Tablo. In reality, for the price of it and the service, I could pay for about 3 years of Hulu and to date has about everything I need.

    What to do….

  4. Richard says:

    NO Surround Sound just Stereo. No thanks. I mean what isn’t at least 5.1. Okay, Echo is Monaural.

  5. Blake says:

    I can’t wait to try the Mohu Airwave and other similar devices to get my locals when traveling to another city.

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