Subscriptions to BBC, Acorn TV, BritBox, PBS Masterpiece, and more are $0.99/month for 2 months.

Amazon currently has a sale on select Prime Video Channels. There are 5 channels that you can get for $0.99 per month each for 2 months. The channels are Acorn TV (normally $5.99/month), BBC Select (normally $4.99/month), BritBox (normally $6.99/month), PBS Masterpiece (normally $5.99/month), and True Royalty (normally $5.99/month). As with all Prime Video Channels deals like this, you don’t have to commit to both months. You can subscribe for one month, pay $0.99, and then cancel immediately if you’re concerned that you’ll forget to end the subscription before the regular price kicks in. Canceling will always still give you access to the rest of the full month that you’re in.

  1. John P Grabouski says:

    And if you have credits for delayed shipping option,[You have earned a $1 digital reward because you selected No-Rush Shipping on your recent Prime order] those will be paid toward these subscription services before you will be billed with your alternate payment. BTW, the recent Round of My Credits must now be used by Sept 15th and the second round used by Dec 15th.

    As always, I also suggest purchasing some of Elias Apps which is a way to DONATE them to Elias as another option rather than letting them expire.

    • EJ says:

      “DONATE them to Elias”

      Can this be done post-“purchase” using the DONATE button?

      • EJ says:

        To be clear, I’m asking about the digital rewards post-app download.

        • My Downloader and Informer apps both have donations buttons in the app. That is what John is talking about. You can also launch any of my Loader apps about 10 times and you’ll see an option to remove interuptions for $0.99.

          • EJ says:

            Hi Elias. Thanks for your Reply. I have used the DONATE button in Downloader before. I was just asking for confirmation that my Digital Rewards would be applied.

          • Oh ok. There is no on-screen indication that Rewards will be applied, unfortunately, but if you do have Rewards they will always automatically be used before your credit card is charged. The only exception to this is if you pay with Amazon Coins. If you have both Rewards and Amazon Coins AND select to pay with Amazon Coins, I’m pretty sure the Rewards will not be used.

            So if you have Rewards, be sure to select the ($) money option and your Rewards will be automatically used instead of your credit card. You can verify it afterward by looking at the invoice in your Digital Orders History. The invoice will show a total of “$0.00” if Rewards were used.

    • Thanks for suggesting that to people. I certainly appreciate it.

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