Starz Network releases Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick app

Starz premium television network has just released a new app for the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. The app provides on-demand access to all of Starz’s programming. As you’d expect, the app must be activated with a cable TV provider. There is no a-la-carte option to pay a monthly subscription for access. On the bright side, the app does allow you to browse around the offered content before activating. There are even about a dozen free episodes that you can watch without activation.

  1. Bob says:

    Wow, looks like a really nice app with an appealing UI. That is a pleasant surprise. SlingTV could learn something from this.

  2. ozziefel says:

    probably means encore is coming to FireTV also.

  3. Itzme says:

    Unwatchable on my fire stick, plugged directly into pioneer AVR. Just like HBO Go there’s horrible lip synch and also jerky video (like Showtime’s app). Sigh.

    • Wael says:

      Itzme – I work for Starz and would like to help you resolve your issue. Can you share with me the model of your Pioneer AVR? Most audio systems that have an HDMI component have a audio synch feature whereby the user and speed up or slow down the audio to match the video.
      Since you mentioned that you were seeing this is several apps, I am almost certain that is the case.
      Try to adjust the audio synch and hope that solves the problem for you.

      Take Care.

      • Excelynn says:

        I have a Starz subscription through my cable provider however I am unable to download the app on my fire stick. absolutely everything I’ve done just brings me to the place where I can subscribe for a free trial and then subscribe by payment. I am still waiting for Amazon to explain how to proceed but it’s been several days. additionally I have a Sony TV which is supposed to support the Starz app. Help!

  4. krawhitham says:

    This app crashes every time I move left or right in the “Originals” section

  5. This is a great app! I just tried it…. I like the way the content is organized… there is lots of stuff I’m going to watch! Thank god I don’t have to scroll endlessly and aimlessly like on netflix.

  6. Jonny says:

    Has a decent selection of films. Too bad the app nor the actual website seem to offer a feature that will let you remove your watch history. Aside from privacy, it’s just nice to be able to clean up every once in a while. As for the interface/UI, it’s all right. Sometimes the app kind of freezes for a moment when scrolling though.

  7. Daneille Robinson says:

    This application is terrible! I was so excited as I love my fire TV and pretty much all of my tv this way. It crashes before it loads 95% of the time. I am soooo disappointed. None of my other apps have this issue. I hope they work it out soon because at this point the app is absolutely worthless!!!

  8. Brian Miller says:

    When i go to Starz Play to activate for Fire TV it comes up with this website: I don’t have an xbox I’m trying to activate for Fire TV what gives?

  9. Scott says:

    Can anyone find outlander season 2 on firestick?

  10. Laura says:

    Except it seems to be the only Starz app that doesn’t let you choose Charter Communications as your provider…really stupid and not sure why they wouldn’t allow it on the fire stick when they do the kindle and every other device.

  11. Carolyn says:

    Stars play requires re activation every time I use it. Very aggravating

  12. Sharon Walker says:

    Please help because I can’t seem to get a valid answer from anyone. I watched Starz on my Firetv until Tuesday night. On Wednesday when I started to watch it asked to input a activation code then service provider. I tried to I put my same provider which is Specturm but it and or TWC or no longer listed. I called Specturm who said its a Starz problem, I called Starz who said its a Spectrum problem. I tired to access the app.again today now I get an error message. Is the app. For Starz going to comparability for Spectrum again.

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