Star Wars Digital Movie Collection available for the first time on Fire TV devices

The Star Wars Digital Movie Collection went on sale Friday, marking the first time the entire collection has been made available in a purely digital format. The collection includes all 6 Star Wars movies in addition to a bonus features video for each movie. The bonus features add up to over 9 hours of content and are only available if you purchase the bundled collection. The collection is priced at $89.99, a steep price for back catalogue movies, but is a savings of nearly $30 over purchasing the movies individually at $19.99 a piece.

  1. nyder says:

    Cool, now I can replace the digital copies I’ve already have of them with new ones. Can’t have any bit rot.

  2. Rick says:

    Have the 2006 DVD release that included a copy of the original versions. Haven’t seen anything in the Blu-Ray/digital releases to make me throw down the cash for more redundant featurettes and the ongoing changes that continue to make them worse than before.

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