Star Warfare 2 comes to the Amazon Fire TV & Fire TV Stick

Star Warfare 2: Payback is the sequel to the immensely popular game Star Warfare, and it has just been released for the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. The game is a first-person shooter reminiscent of the Halo franchise. It features numerous game modes including a single player campaign, co-op team play, player vs player standoffs, and even a mode which lets you play as the alien boss. If you’re itching to shoot up some aliens this weekend, give Star Warfare 2 a try.

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  1. Chad says:

    I just played through the first level of the game on my FTV and the game runes great. Reminded me a lot of Jet Force Jemini on the N64. Pretty straightforward third person arcade shoot em up. It is free so of course upgrading and buying new gear is integrated.

    The ingame money seemed to be dropping fairly reasonably so far, but I am sure at the later levels some real life $$$ might need to be spent. No ingame ads and relatively small (300mb) install.

    Haven’t tested the co-op but hoping in works cause this seems like it would be a blast with people online.

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