Staples to sell Fire TV and Fire TV Gaming Edition for 25% Off for Black Friday [Expired]

Staples will be selling the new 2nd-gen Amazon Fire TV for $74.99 online starting Thursday, November 26th, thru Saturday the 28th. Additionally, on page 4 of their Black Friday Ad is a coupon for 25% off a regular-priced in-store purchase that should work for either the Fire TV or Fire TV Gaming Edition. You will not be able to combine the $74.99 sale price with the 25% off coupon. While the Fire TV sale price without a coupon will be available online, expect it to sell out fast.

  1. vulcan195 says:

    I am so glad I was able to snap up mine for $79.00 (no tax). But having used it for a while – I would have gladly paid full price. //

  2. stephen says:

    some of the stores have been out of stock for weeks, hopefully they will have them before black friday.

  3. kuya says:

    I get mine for $75 everytime, no need to wait till black friday,

  4. natebetween says:

    $75 on sale for AFTV + $25 off $75 online coupon from eBay, bought using a $100 Staples GC purchased for $85 = ~$43 out of pocket for a new AFTV2. Have done this several times.

    Alternatively, you can take the in-store 25% off coupon and order at the Kiosk for delivery, even if it is out-of-stock in your store. I’ve done this several times. Combine with aforementioned $100 Staples card for $85 (or $200 card for $170 linked above) and you’re looking at ~$60 out of pocket for a new AFTV2. Not as good of a deal…but not bad.

    If/when they start selling the new gaming controller (for $50 presumably), it will be nice to use a $25/$75 coupon on 2, plus discounted gift cards from eBay, to get 2 controllers for $30 each. That way I can have a controller for games and for silent listening and STILL keep my regular controller.

  5. Jim says:

    Wonder what time the online sale starts on thursday

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