Spotify now available on the Amazon Fire TV


After 2 months of teasing, Spotify is now officially available on the Amazon Fire TV. The app, released moments ago, is more of a Spotify receiver then a full fledged app. It relies on a smartphone or tablet to serve as a remote to control the Fire TV app. By itself, the Fire TV app is unusable. Using a smartphone or tablet, you select the song or playlist you wish to play and change the source to be the Fire TV. Spotify’s premium subscription service is required for the Fire TV app to function. Once a song is playing on the Fire TV Spotify app, the album art is displayed along with a trackbar showing the current position of the playing song. Using the Fire TV remote, you can pause/play the music, or skip to the next or previous song in the current playlist.

  1. Dan says:

    Holy crap, the quality is atrocious. I’m a big fan of Spotify, but they need to get this working half-decently before release. I have to hit the next button 10+ times to get it to actually select the next queued song rather than picking one of the previous ones. Hopefully they get it together soon…

  2. william says:

    I just started using spotify (free version) on my kindle fire hd and I am pretty impressed by it so I was glad to see spotify come as a fire tv app. I would like the fire tv use spotify without the premium subscription (Roku also needs premium subscription as well) and without the need for phone/tablet. Instead of using the fire tv spotify version, I am using the google play version which I can use the free version and there is no need for phone/tablet. The only negative is that I am unable to use the fire tv remote or ps3 remote. I have to use my logitech wireless keyboard but that isn’t that big of a deal. I am so impressed with all the stuff that a rooted fire tv can do.

  3. Pete says:

    Wow, what a letdown. I’ll just continue to use Spotify from my phone, tablet, or computer connected to the sound system via Bluetooth. This is useless, and pretty much an insult to Fire TV owners that they thought this was in any way truly useful. I’m floored by how shortsighted a release this is.

  4. Dave says:

    Yes what a let down to have to use another device to control the app instead of just using the Fire TV remote. I can already Airplay Spotify from my iPad Air to my Apple TV so this is kind of pointless. I had hoped to just use the Fire TV to search, add to playlist, play, etc instead of using a phone or tablet. Oh well, maybe in the future it will actually be useful.

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