SPMC version 16.5.1 update fixes 4K issues on the Fire TV 2

A couple of weeks ago, SPMC, the most popular Kodi fork, added support for 4K playback on the Fire TV 2 with a new 16.5.0 release. However, it was quickly evident that something was wrong because 4K playback was not working for most people. A new 16.5.1 version has just been released that should fix 4K playback on the Fire TV. To install the new version, you can follow my sideloading guide, or just use my Downloader app and enter http://bit.ly/spmc1651arm in the text field.

  1. Jimmy says:

    Anyway to install while leaving all my current Spmc settings/addons the same?

  2. Ichijoe says:

    Why would anyone bother with this, and not Kodi Krypton outright? I’ll grant you that SuperRepo is pants under Krypton at the moment. But, alas for whatever stupid reasons it seems that a disproportionate number of Add-ons have gotten the ol’ yank, these past couple of weeks. And are now suddenly listed as either broken, or incompatible. Which is on the whole odd, as on such other Systems where it was installed (older MXIII Box), those Add-ons were working just fine.

    A quick google brought some information that the Devs were looking to push some kind of advertising pop up thing which apparently can only work over Krypton. This the retreat. Now I’ve been running Krypton for about a week or so, and I have thus far not seen anything like this. Perhaps ’cause I’m rooted, and running AdAway? Or, perhaps they have yet to turn it on? I know not.

    What I do know is that running Jarvis at this time is neigh pointless. Yeah you do loose DTS, since that requires a Marshmallow Device. But, really, in a World where One had to ask about anything even being in 4k, I’d have to ask myself is there even anything, besides the odd surprise that’s even in DTS?

    Sometimes its just enough that something just works. And, who knows perhaps v17 of SPMC may eventually fix the DTS issue.

    • Adam says:

      You answered your own question Ichijoe, why run this instead of Kodi Kypton? Because you’re one of the people that have a surround sound system that you want DTS.

      And reading the forums, it looks like the Kodi team isn’t at all concerned that FireTV users used to have Dolby and DTS, but no longer do. They’re answer, “Yell at your vendor for the chip they use” is essentially “We broke it, but we don’t care because its the users fault for buying that hardware” “Why no, we don’t care that Kodi worked when the user bought the hardware, don’t ask dumb questions”

      The clear hostility to the platform is why Koying left the project and restarted SPMC, and what you see with Kodi’s inability to get a basic, basic function of a media player to work is a clear indication of what they lost when he left.

      So yes, I expect that Koying will be able to fix the DTS issue by v17.

      • Ichijoe says:

        Unless your someone with a NAS BOX full of RIPs, then you should be looking at some low power (Atom / RasPI), Mini HTPC. Finding anything in DTS on Kodi is like looking for Hens Teeth.

        What is more important to me is that I can continue using Ice Films to keep up with my Shows. 99% of which are only in standard DD5.1 (AC-3). Which is otherwise unaffected by the API change. Marshmallow vs. Lollipop, and earlier.

        As it is now if you have used Ice Films before on Jarvis. You preety much can not anymore, as the maintainer has effectively yanked back on all versions prior to Krypton. This is also true for most of the hardcore XXX Repos out there too.

        So if it has to be a choice of either working Add-ons, or Working DTS. The best answer would of course be. Why not both? But, since we can NOT have both at the moment. I’ll choose the former and move on to Krypton.

        • Robert says:

          You’ll rarely see Elias respond to these concerns. Much of the time it has to do with user settings and beta apps. Whenver updating KODI/SPMC to my Gen 1 Fire TV optical out config, I always enable the last four options on system audio profile settings. A ten second test of a 1080p/DTS 5.1 movie stream worked perfectly well in both SPMC 16.5.0 and Kodi Jarvis.

        • Adam says:

          “Unless your someone with a NAS BOX full of RIPs”

          Bingo. All my blu-ray’s are on my network drive in all their hi-def DTS glory. Finding stuff in DTS in Kodi is extremely simple then.

          I have no interest in Ice Films or the stuff on the third party repos out there.

          Apparently, people use different applications for different things.


  3. OhNo says:

    Don’t install 16.5.1 just yet there have been reports of it non-working with nothing but a black screen and crashing. See issue #570 from SPMC GitHub below.


  4. Some One says:

    New build “probably” being released this weekend!

  5. Pupe says:

    I tried to install this via downloader but it says error parsin package

  6. James Coates says:

    AFTV1 here. 16.5.1 enables 24p refresh rate switching, however the video becomes really jerky and unwatchable, even though the tv reports it’s playing at 24p.
    Anyone else have this problem?

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