SPMC requests app withdrawal to protest Kodi’s removal from Amazon Appstore


The developer of SPMC, the most popular unofficial spinoff of Kodi, has requested for Amazon to remove his app from the Amazon Appstore in protest of Amazon’s decision to remove Kodi from their appstore last week. Koying, the developer of SPMC, says there is no way for a developer to remove their app themselves, so he has submitted a support ticket for its removal and is currently waiting for Amazon’s response. In his message to Amazon, he writes “In light of your ridiculous removal of Kodi from you store and by solidarity, I hereby request that you remove my SPMC (com.semperpax.spmc) app from your store.” Koying’s decision is bold and garners respect, especially considering his app would have been in a position to gain in popularity following the removal of Kodi. #freeKodi

  1. Dave says:

    It is only through self-sacrifice that the “powers that be” in the world are eventually forced to change their ways. Much kudos to Koying for taking this stand.

    • Bob says:

      Change their ways, how? By getting the content they view as piracy and competitive to voluntarily to leave the store? Not sure how this helps.

    • Jimmy says:

      No sweat for Amazon. Amazon could care less who removes their apps from their store. You are delusional if you think anyone at Amazon cares about SPMC being pulled. I guarantee the SPMC dev tries to get his app back on Amazon in a couple days, and thy will probably rejectSPMC when he tries.

      • Harley says:

        @Jimmy, well considering that Koying, the developer of SPMC, is also part of the official Kodi team, as their main developer of Kodi for Android, I highly doubt he will try to get his app bac on Amazon Appstore until they have approved Kodi again.


        Koying have full solidarity with Kodi team because he is a member of Team Kodi.

  2. Justin says:

    If Amazon officially allowed Kodi on Fire TV I would think most of the people who are only downloading it directly from Amazon would be the types that wouldn’t even seek out the third party addons with pirated content. A lot of people may use the addons but they are the tech types used to doing whatever is needed to get what they want and are used to side loading and installing unofficial software.

    While Amazon isn’t in the business of allowing downloads of their video content allowing and promoting Kodi use on Fire TV would give them a chance to say the Fire TV is great for local media content as well as streaming online. There are many indie stores which have drm free video downloads and it’s great to have a way to play those files on TV. It is great software for those local video libraries which is why it’s been used as the basis for many projects including Plex.

    If you have open source software with an open addon system of course there are going to illegal uses of the system. Kodi take the approach of not allowing discussion of it on their forums and not including them in any official capacity but they also don’t care to police the system and they shouldn’t. The addons would just appear on another platform anyway.

  3. Ian Kruger says:

    Amazon must be shitting its pants at the prospect of losing SPMC. Jeff Bezos is probably in a meeting right now shouting at some underling for costing him such a big account.

    • Robert says:

      Why would he be that upset Ian? How is it costing them exactly? I doubt the general public goes out and says oh, the FireTV without SPMC… no thanks. No, the one thing he would be talking about is the Ouya purchase as they “spent” time negotiating for that contract and lost it, or about unveiling the new Kindle, or with Misener about the drone hearing, or with colleagues about public interest data charts of the events at E3. There’s plenty of things for him to focus on.

      I’m all for the developer making a stand though. I’ve never used the SPMC flavor but I’m much more likely to do so now.

      • Jimmy says:

        They did not lose the bid for Ouya, cause no reputable company would have wasted their money on buying Ouya. Ouya has nothin of interest for a company like Amazon or any other major company. Ouya coudn’t even sell one hundred thousand units, which is not good, and they own nothing valuable. They own no patents or library of popular apps, so Ouya is basically worthless. The company was a failure and Amazon would have never ever bought them out. Amazon wants to make money, not lose money. Amazon would spend a couple bllion buying out a company like Research In Motion (not that RIM is for sale, just an example) before they would spend a penny buying Ouya. Wait and see, Ouya will be a failure for Razer as well if they do not redesign it and start from scratch. The idea of a square box is obviously something that was not attractive to most people, and the square deesign of Ouya was the whole marketing campaign. The only way Ouya has a chance of making it is if they do a complete reboot/redesign. Ouya might have made it the first time if they woould have focused on telling us more about instead of constantly telling people how square it was people can see its square so they should have focused on what to say to get people to wanna buy it. Ouya was a huge failure, considerng how well known they were within the Android community. Everyone knew about Ouya, but very few bought it.

      • RVD26 says:

        You clearly missed Ian’s sarcasm in his post.

  4. CK says:

    i prefer spmc tbh, kodi gone or not is unimportant because i have no problem side-loading it from my phone. believe it or not, i mainly use kodi for legitimate stuff, example:- twitch which is 100 times better than the official app on the fire tv which gives no user settings at all. YouTube on kodi allows for live video which the default one on the fire tv doesn’t allow, NBC sports network, ustvnow, film-on (yes that’s legal), apple YouTube trailers and a few more. yet still they are many alternative devices to use kodi these days, amazon fire tv is just another one. kodi is competition for amazon video/music services as most copyrighted content is available, i get amazons point, i cant blame them. removing kodi from their app store was just a band-aid in my opinion, if they really want to stop kodi they would disable usb debugging and release an ota update to remove kodi. you cant stop kodi, its available on too many digital device formats, pc/htpc/mobile etc but at least they are trying to curb piracy.

  5. G. says:

    This move makes no sense to me but just as a gesture of kindness or ‘out of respect’ it does since SPMC is a spin off vs. the official app getting removed.

  6. datruf says:

    Soooooooooo stupid on koying’s part. Only reason it (and T###) wasn’t pulled is because the higher ups who made the decision to pull Kodi over piracy probably didn’t even realize there were two other forks in the store, remember the store has tens of thousands of apps by now. A flunky probably approves them, probably even a user of Kodi and the “third party apps”. Or top brass let it go for a bit to boost sales but then saw the sheer level of piracy going on through Kodi then pulled the plug. They have the ability to see all that stuff going through their devices BTW. Google lets piracy slide because google themselves do not produce video content (yet). It also has the devastating effect of devaluing the content they are currently negotiating over for googletv, and it reduces the cash reserves of the companies they are negotiating with. Google has a looong history of turing a blind eye and some would say protecting and encouraging piracy. A good example is the youtube lawsuit which predated google even buying youtube. Then google fought tooth and nail for years against that lawsuit, they drug it out for, what, like 5 years??!?? The longer they fought the more those companies were devastated by the ongoing piracy and the bleaker their futures looked, and the better the deal they gave google just to save whatever they could.

    Amazon produces their own content, Amazon is not as much of a tech juggernaut that google is, they do not spin money out of thin air via adds (click fraud in the early years on a massive scale BTW, look it up) or fancy new electronic services. They may one day though, but not today. Amazon makes most of its money by selling goods on Amazon.com. They are way more concerned with tangible “things” that they sell. The whole idea behind selling the fire stick is to get more people to buy prime and to buy content. Amazon’s target consumer for the FireTV and the fire tablets are people that are slightly stupider than your average android user. They DO NOT want to teach those people how to steal content with the easy that Kodi provides.

    The only people hurt by this move are the users of SPMC and T###, because now they can’t do the “recent” apps trick to easily access the loaded app. More than likely this move alerted Amazon brass to the existance of other Kodi forks, I pray they don’t find TVMC, especially since it was just updated to 14.2 for android two weeks ago. They are never going to get it back in the store again, and they shortened the time TVMC is going to be allowed to stay on. GOOD JOB.

    The smarter move would have been to just keep quite and let it rock as long as possible to get more and more people hooked on it.

    My bet is the wrong dude got tipped off to what Kodi does and how insanely muscular it is as a piracy app when they became alerted to the ebay resales because it became the box of choice to sell pre-loaded. Maybe a content owner bitched to them. Maybe they just saw all the piracy streaming traffic going to the boxes from the diagnostics being sent back from the boxes. I genuinely want to know what happened to make them decide to pull it. I’ll bet they approved it naively and then watched the installations and then when they saw that 99.9999999% of people use it to stream movreel links they were like “no way”.

    • John Doe says:

      “They have the ability to see all that stuff going through their devices BTW.”

      Wow! We have one of ‘those’ guys. Wear your tinfoil caps because Amazon is reading my brain waves with the Fire TV. The are listening to all my conversations with the voice command remote, lets talk in code.

      • John DOH! says:

        Why do you think the option to turn off diagnostic reports is in the settings?

        • Bob says:

          I agree. Seems pretty open what might be in those log files.

          Information Received. The Software will provide Amazon with data about your Amazon Fire TV and its interaction with the Services (such as available memory, up-time, and log files) and information related to the Digital Content and your use of it (such as voice information, content archiving, and search queries). Information provided to Amazon may be stored on servers outside the country in which you live. We will handle any information we receive in accordance with the Amazon.com Privacy Notice.


  7. Steve says:

    Seeing this makes me so happy.

  8. Steve says:

    I really like how they will take an app down…… but keep these devices with it pre-installed still on the store.


    WTF Amazon.

  9. santi says:


  10. Ujn Hunter says:

    Anyone know when an App is removed from the Amazon App Store, if it is still able to be downloaded/installed if you’ve already bought it?

    • Bob says:

      Likely not, but you could never install SMPC or Kodi on your FireTV from the Amazon App Store anyways. It wasn’t compatible.

    • Steve says:

      Yes you can still download and install all apps that you have purchased(or gotten for free). The app will still be available in your cloud on device. In the case of FTV you may have to scroll right along way to find it.

  11. Amagoing Nowhere says:

    Here’s what mouth breathing morons Amazon are. You can still buy a ripped off version of Kodi. Yes, basically a Pirate copy. A cut of the proceeds goes to Amazon:


  12. snorkel says:

    “They have the ability to see all that stuff going through their devices BTW.”

    OMG, that is priceless ha ha ha.

    • John DOH! says:

      “The Software will provide Amazon with data about your Amazon Fire TV and its interaction with the Services (such as available memory, up-time, and log files) and information related to the Digital Content and your use of it (such as voice information, content archiving, and search queries).”

      “Digital Content” means anything. You think they would spend millions and millions of dollars developing the FireTV and not include the ability to properly diagnose them? Diagnostic reporting has been an OS feature since, what, Windows 2000?

  13. keith says:

    What at first seemed like an arrogant, obnoxious note to team kodi now seems to me like a totally ignorant reply (but a somewhat innocent one…)
    I don’t think the people involved over at amazon really have a clue. We might picture some really smart, well read individuals making these calls but what if they’re not at all?
    Kodi is a very popular app and might be the best software in the amazon app store. Even if kodi members promoted this piracy, you’d think their talent and reputation would warrant a few more words in parting.
    Google seems a lot more knowledgeable and I think if there is a serious appeal process amazon will most definetly reconsider. I don’t think people can fathom just how massive that company is and to be fair I don’t think that pathetic rejection note should define them–they still have a chance to be jerks though. I’m just gonna stay tuned…

  14. Eric E. says:

    Some of you guys don’t realize that more than half of all FireTV sticks and FireTV boxes were purchased solely because of the possibility of having KODI install on them…. That equates to Millions in sales revenue period! So pulling the apk from the App Store costs them sales especially from the general public that don’t know how to load and operate the application for themselves. Don’t care what stand you take on it, not having the option to integrate from the Amazon store costs $$$ even if you can get it by other means, that is of course as long as Amazon doesn’t start playing bullshit games like Apple OS developers did with every essential update to their iphone/pad/pod users that were jailbroken to Cydia.

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