SPMC 16.5.0 update adds 4K and refresh rate sync support for the Amazon Fire TV


The most popular Kodi fork, SPMC, has just been updated to version 16.5.0 with a couple great new Fire TV features. First, Fire TV 2 owners will be happy to learn the app now supports native 4K video playback on their device. The update also adds refresh rate sync, which changes the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick video settings to match the frame rate of the file being played. Both of these features were first introduced on the Fire TV by MrMC, another popular Kodi fork. MrMC being open source was likely a big contributing factor to SPMC adding these features.

To install and try SPMC for yourself, you can follow my sideloading guide, or just use my Downloader app and enter http://bit.ly/spmc1650 in the text field.

  1. Rick says:

    SPMC-20161121-1c72918-spmc-jarvis-armeabi-v7a worked for me, but I can’t figure out where to get a link for you. The next one I downloaded (SPMC-20161127-0390d07-spmc-jarvis-armeabi-v7a) and the final one don’t change refresh rate on my FireTV2. I noticed it has been reported, though.

  2. Mark_Venture says:

    Can this version of SPMC be installed along side Kodi 16.1 (i.e. on the same Fire TV at the same time), and use the same MySQL database?

    • Rick says:

      I use it alongside another version of Kodi with launcher intent. Not sure about dbs. You’d have to check db versions maybe?

  3. Adam says:

    Been waiting for this. Happy to see Dolby passthrough survived the upgrade intact.

    I’m missing something though, in settings I set the resolution to Unlimited, so it will read 3840×2160 when I restart SPMC, and it plays 4k files, but at no point does my Vizio 4k tv switch resolutions like it does any other times it plays 4k content, or start up 4k apps like Youtube.

  4. Rick says:

    In case you haven’t seen this, start here: https://github.com/koying/SPMC/wiki

    • Adam says:

      I have seen it. And thank you. :-) Lots of good info.

      I suspect the problem might be that the advancedsettings.xml has to be manually edited. I was hoping there was an option to avoid that.

      • Adam says:

        Is anyone that has a 4k tv seeing this new version on the FireTV change your tv’s resolution like it does when you fire up YouTube, or a 4k show on Netflix or Amazon?

        • Ichijoe says:

          I’d have yet to actually try this branch of it. But the latest Kodi Krypton Beta 5, has the same option in it. As to a “Visible” Switch from standard HD, to UHD… I think your probably missing it as that switch happens at the time you load SPMC, Kodi up. If there is an option to force Kodi, or SPMC to use 720p, 1080p or 2160p independent of the actual output setting. Then I’m not aware of it.

          But, as Kodi Krypton is still having add-on issues for me (i.e. SuperRepo), I will most definitely give this a try. If only to test out some 4k Content like Big Buck Bunny after a bit, and report back.

        • John Grover says:

          It doesn’t switch to 4k for me either. The old version did. Tv reports 1080p when playing 4K content.

        • Bebe says:

          Yes, when I tried to watch Netflix on Fire tv 2 I had a problem with the resolution.

        • Ashley says:

          Nope doesn’t work for me

  5. Christopher Loughrey says:

    I’m running an old SPMC and love it. How do you update your existing SPMC without losing all your addons etc.? I tried to update it before and it wiped everything out

  6. Ichijoe says:

    OK so I just installed it.. And, unlike the aforementioned Kodi Krypton Beta 5. I do NOT see a setting here to change outta 1080@60 to say 2160@24 its actually grayed out on my AFTV2. Just out of whatever interest, is this down to this beeing a 32-Bit Build? That Kodi Beta, was in fact a 64-bit version. Since the SoC in the AFTV2 is supposed to be a 64-Bit compatible.

    OK (I should probably lrn2read), it said that the update would take place after a restart…

    So I restarted it, and SPMC is reporting a res change of 2160@60 now… The problem is… And yes it there always a problem? Like some others here I haven’t taken any notice if a Res Cycle, not even when starting SPMC up. In fact my set is still reporting an output of 1080@60.

    So it looks likes this is just a poor attempt at hacking some output varibles to me, that doesnt have any affect elsewhere. Unlike the latest 64-Bit Krypton Beta 5. But, that I have to download, and instal most of my Add-ons again It’ll likely have to I get back from my chores.

  7. AFTVnews says:

    Those of you not seeing the app switch to 4K, try force quitting / properly exiting SPMC, and then change your Fire TV display settings to “automatic.” I remember MrMC’s developer telling me his app can’t change resolutions unless the Fire TV is set to automatic.

    • hdmkv says:

      Not working for me. My Vizio 4K reports 1080p no matter what :(. YouTube switching just fine. Will try November 21 build as suggested by @Bab72de above.

  8. dk1 says:

    I installed the new SPMC version on Fire TV 2 using the new Downloader App (great app btw) and the app still won’t open. Starts to load and then just closes. Same thing with older version of SPMC. I was hoping the new version would fix this problem. Is there a fix for this that I may have missed.

  9. hdmkv says:

    Anyone know if voice search works with SPMC and Fire TV? It does with Shield and Mi Box, but no idea about FTV.

    • Ichijoe says:

      I suspect that the Shield, and Mi Box, are more closely aligned with the Google Now Service. The AFTV OtOH probably prefers Amazon’s Alexa, and so to answer your question no.

    • Josh says:

      I recall sideloading Google from the google app and when you press the IP on the virtual keyboard (spmc 16.1) the voice search does comes up but won’t recognize my voice input.

    • AFTVnews says:

      No, voice search does not work on the Fire TV inside apps.

  10. Ichijoe says:

    Just to confirm the 2016-11-21 Build of SPMC is WORKING FLAWLESSLY!
    Yes I had to manually push it from 1080@60 to 2160@24, but unlike last time the Screen had cut out for a moment to rescan the Picture. No reset, or force stoping of said App was even necessary.

  11. Ichijoe says:

    I don’t know if its just the fact that is over the Net (Add-ons), but this hasn’t really done much to improve my 4k experience. I guess I should download some 4k trailers, or that Big Buck Bunny 4k3d demo, and try playing that locally off the MicroSD. But, as it is I’m not that impressed. Than again this might be the beginning of a 4GB+ RAM era for holding such large streams long enough so as to not rot in buffer hell.

  12. Dean Jewson says:

    I have been using Spinz for my spmc setup since a previous version 16.4 on my firetv which I could push 4k playback with but the menus were always screwed up after leaving a 4k playback and going back to spmc (Spinz) menu which could be fixed by backing out of spmc to Amazon menu and going back in which would force the menus back to 720/1080
    I have installed this new build and it would let me select 2160p output no problem on first run but after adding Spinz build for my setup the option for 2160 has now been locked down for the setup menus etc as part of the build. Is there anyway to get this back and still use Spinz as I like the layout.

  13. Pupe says:

    I would like to update spmc 16.4.2 to this. If I do this, will my spmc settings be erased? Thanks

    • Adam says:

      Pupe, no, settings stay.

      And to everyone that wasn’t seeing the resolution, you’re correct, you aren’t. Koying said on Github that he had made a last minute change that presumably broke things. He released a test version 16.5.1 that fixed things and I can confirm that it does indeed switch your tv’s resolution to 4k like the Youtube app and various 4k movies on Amazon or Netflix.

      You can set it to make the switch when you fire up SPMC and stay there no matter what file you watch, or switch resolutions based on individual files.

      As far as whether setting refresh rate is working, I can’t say as I don’t know how to check.

      • Pupe says:

        Thanks for the reply Adam. Also my addons and everything will stay right?

      • E. Stilianopoulos says:

        i have not the change in my resolution on my Samsung UDH tv either. So it looks like the last minute change by Koying is going to be corrected? Is the 16.5.1 test version accessible as an APK? Or will it be released soon?

  14. Ujn Hunter says:

    SPMC 16.5.0 isn’t using my “Video Calibration” settings. Screen is being cutoff when videos are playing, but the main UI screen seems to be fine. Anyone else notice this?

  15. Alec Piercy says:

    I just cannot seem to get this to load on my firestick. it instals ok but when i open it it says that SPMC has encountered a problem and has to close or offers to send a crash report. Worked ok for one day then no joy since despite completely reseting my firestick.
    I have installed a successfully on a 2nd firestick which is in the daughters bedroom but my firestick just doesnt seem to like it !!
    any advice would be greatly appreciated

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