Sonos PLAY:1 is $50 off and PLAY:5 is $100 on Amazon and through Alexa Voice Shopping [Expired]

To highlight Alexa’s new ability to remotely control Sonos speakers, Amazon is taking $50 off the price of the Sonos PLAY:1 and $100 off the price of the Sonos PLAY:5 if you purchase either one through Alexa. That brings the price of both speakers down to lower than they have ever been.


You don’t need to use Alexa voice shopping. You can get the same discount by using promo code SONOSPLAY1 or SONOSPLAY5 at checkout on Amazon’s website.

The black Sonos PLAY:1 is currently $190, so buying through Alexa brings the price down to $140. The white Sonos PLAY:1 is currently $198.98, so buying through Alexa brings the price down to $148.98. I don’t personally keep track of Sonos prices like I do for Amazon hardware, but the price history for the PLAY:1 shows that the lowest it has been on Amazon is $149 during Black Friday last year.

Both the black and white Sonos PLAY:5 are currently $499 on Amazon, so buying through Alexa brings the price down to $399. Price history shows that the lowest the PLAY:5 has ever been on Amazon was also during Black Friday last year, when it was $469.

To receive the discount on either speaker, simply say “Alex, order a [black/white] Sonos Play [1/5]” to any Alexa enabled device. Be sure to specify not only which model, the “play 1” or “play 5”, but also which color. Alexa will tell you the order price before confirming that you want to place the order, so check that it correctly applied the $50 or $100 discount. If you accidentally place an order you didn’t intend to place, you can immediately say “Alexa, cancel my order” to cancel.

All Alexa devices, including the entire Echo line and Fire TV line, can now remotely control these two Sonos speakers. Once everything is configured, you can ask any Alexa device to begin playing specific music from a specific source on these speakers. So if you have an Echo Dot in your bedroom and a Sonos PLAY:1 in the living room, for example, you can tell the Echo Dot to “play my rock station from Pandora in the living room” and the Sonos will begin playing without it needing to be connected to the Echo Dot. This is a much better setup than having an external speaker connected to an Echo Dot via Bluetooth or a 3.5mm audio cable because each device can continue to function independently of the other.

  1. Bal says:

    be warned all, you cannot pair up a Sonos:1 Play with the new Sonos:One. a bit of a show stopper for me, meaning I’ll keep my Denon Heos equipment. I found this out when look at the Sonos Forums.

    Also note that in the US, Denon have released the Heos Entertainment Skill, so you can control your heos equipment via Alexa.

    • AFTVnews says:

      Great to know, thanks! Is the Denon Alexa skill working well for you? It seems like pretty deep integration.

      • Baloo247 says:

        Unfortunately it’s not available here in the uk. So i’ll have to wait. It’ll be interesting to see how the smart speaker battle pans out. sonos are definitely on the right path.

  2. johanov says:

    it says that the coupon is invalid

    • AFTVnews says:

      It’s still working for me. Check on the right side of the checkout page to see if the discount is already applied. That might be why the promo code is not being accepted.

      • johanov says:

        strange …
        getting “The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase.” and the price is still $221.29 (after tax)

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