Sonos One and Sonos Beam smart speakers now support Alexa Announcements

Sonos has announced that their Sonos One smart speaker and Sonos Beam smart soundbar, which both have hands-free Alexa built in, now support Alexa Announcements. This feature was previously only available to Amazon’s Echo line of smart speakers until the Eufy Genie was the first non-Amazon Alexa device to add support earlier this week. While the Eufy Genie also added support for Alexa calling and messaging, Sonos hasn’t taken that step yet, so only Announcements are supported at this time. Correction: The Eufy Genie was the first 3rd-party Alexa device to support Alexa calling and messaging, but not the first to support Alexa Announcements. The Ecobee Switch+ supported Alexa Announcements before the Eufy Genie.

  1. Kira says:

    Incorrect. The Ecobee switch+ already supports Alexa Announcements and did so before Eufy or Sonos.

  2. VioletGoodman says:

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