Solutions for Missing Broken App Icons on Fire TVs, Fire TV Cubes, Firesticks, and Fire TV Smart TVs

Fire TVs, Fire TV Cubes, Fire TV Sticks, and Fire TV Smart TVs have had a long-running bug that prevents the icons of certain sideloaded apps from appearing on the home screen or the Fire TV’s app list. This bug only affects devices running Fire OS 7, but it makes it difficult to determine which app is being launched since neither the app image nor app name appears in the newer Fire TV interface. While there is no way to stop this issue from happening, there are a few things you can do to make it a lot easier to differentiate between the apps that are affected by the issue.

Solution 1: Select uninstall to see the app name

If you highlight an app with a missing icon and press the MENU button on your remote, the option to uninstall the app will appear in the lower right corner of the screen. If you select to uninstall the app, a confirmation screen will appear with the app’s name at the very top. While this is a bit tedious to do regularly, it’s a quick way to determine which blank icon is for which app, without needing to do anything else. Obviously, you would select not to uninstall the app once you’ve determined the app name.

Solution 2: See app name in Recent Row

Instead of opening your grid of all apps, where the name of the app is not displayed, consider using the Recently Used Apps row on the home screen, which is the second row down, just below the sponsored banner row. Even though icons are missing here as well, at least when an app with a missing icon is highlighted in the Recent row, the name of the app is displayed at the top of the screen. This can help you determine which apps are which so you launch the right one.

Solution 3: Install Launcher app with a working icon

If you just want an icon to be preset for all of your apps, your best option is to install a “dummy” launcher app for the apps that have icons missing. The launcher app essentially serves as a shortcut for the real app. Since the launcher app has visible icons, you can hide the real app and just use the launcher app from now on. You’ll need to do this once for each app, but you won’t have to repeat it if you uninstall or update the app that has an icon missing.

To make a launcher app, you need the package name of the app you want it to launch and an image for the launcher app to use as an icon. You can determine the package name of any Fire TV app by following this guide. Once you know the package name and have an image to use, head over to this page to generate a launcher app for the app that has a missing image. Enter anything for the app name, enter the package name you determined earlier, and upload the image (as both the logo and banner) that you want to see appear on your Fire TV.

Once the launcher app is generated, sideload it on your Fire TV by uploading it somewhere, like Dropbox or Google Drive, and using Downloader. Remember that you can use the URL Shortener to make the Dropbox/Google Drive URLs easier to access. Lastly, you’ll probably want to hide the original app that has a missing icon by highlighting the app, pressing the MENU button on the remote, and selecting the “Hide from Your Apps” option.

Solution 4: Modify the APK and reinstall

The most time-consuming solution is to modify the APK of the sideloaded app so that the Fire TV can correctly read and display its icon. This is a lengthy process and needs to be repeated anytime you need to update the app, so I don’t recommend it for most people. If you want to give it a try, here is a detailed guide for how to modify an APKs image to display correctly.

  1. Jack says:

    I use Total Commander, available from the Appstore. Not only is a great file manager, you can launch apps by creating a new icon with ‘+’, launch app, command. The new app icon will now display on the bottom row. I just did this today on my new CUBE with Opera and AIDA64 sideloaded. Couldn’t be any easier. I also did HIDE APPS on my apps page so I don’t see the missing icon image.

    • Eric says:

      Do you have to add pic first how does it work thks

      • Jack says:

        On the bottom row, farthest right, click the ‘+’ icon.

        Under ‘Function type’, change to ‘Launch app (main function).

        Under ‘Command’, click on the two right arrows.

        Window will open up with your apps. Select your app and then OK. Done.

        Optional: Long hold on the app icon to move it’s location on the bottom bar.

        With long hold, you can also ‘delete’ or ‘change properties’.

  2. Kavin Rubarth says:

    I use AppStarter launcher to clear up those missing icons!

  3. Jack says:

    Another option – from Chainfile – Sideload Launcher Android TV v1.05. You can search for the APK and sideload it. It’s on APKPURE.COM (a trusted site for APK’s, many sites are not so be cautious). I’ve used it before and it works.

  4. Jack says:

    FYI for everyone. I must installed it an crashes on the new CUBE.

  5. TechyChris says:

    I’ve been using Elias’ Solution 3 for years with several apps. Works perfectly. It looks complicated to set up at first but it’s actually very easy, takes one minute to complete.

  6. mgs thomson says:

    use text banner it shows info on every thing . hold down the 2 bottom buttons on remote for abt 10 sec and text banner comes up gives you all the info on any apk and a lot more

    • Tom Wooden says:

      hold down what 2 buttoms please.

      • mgs thomson says:

        hold down the 2 buttons either side of pause button or go to setting and then choose accessibility go down to text banner and turn on . another way go to amazon app store and download taotlus and that will display every app with the icon and click on app you want and that will play the app for you . hope that helps

    • Neogeo71 says:

      Elias, even though I move apps to front to pin them, Amazon kids icon keeps popping up as one of the apps in the top row of pinned icons! Any idea why or how to stop that? I just want my main 6 pinned apps there.

      • Neogeo71 says:

        I was able to resolve this by clearing data on the Amazon app store app. Once it rebuilt cache I was able to set my pinned apps and it is holding fine now.

  7. Mackman says:

    I can fix any greyed out app icon.No it’s not the method described here.Taking requests.

  8. OIC TV says:

    I Use Wolf Launcher + Launch Manager. It does it all instantly, & by passes everything Amazon / Google wants to sell you. Customizing options give us “THE Clean Screen”. The Auto Start App opens everything up to the page you set when the TV / android box turns on. I can help.

  9. Tom Wooden says:

    did that today,wolf launcher + launcher manager both on my 4k FS and my tivo4k streamer. Easy and works awesome. Have my own home screen on startup now and nothing else.

  10. Simon says:

    This is an app i made.
    It could open another app instead after initial setting.

  11. Michael says:

    As long as you’re on the subject of what’s broken, here’s my list that others can add to.

    1. After the Fire TV app on the Fire HD10 gen 9 tablet is closed out for an hour or two, re-opening the app fails with an exit to the app configuration page because the app can’t find the Recast. I have to restart the tablet to re-establish communication. The Fire TV app on my Pixel 3a phone can always find the Recast, no matter how many times it is closed out and reopened.

    2. I can’t open the Jack Ryan and the Expanse Prime Video X-Ray video Bonus Content with a Fire Stick 4k or a Fire TV gen 2. I can open it in the Prime Video web site with a Windows 10 computer. Jack Ryan and the Expanse are the only two that I’ve tried. Are Fire devices unable to open all X-Ray video Bonus Content?

    3. The Disney+ app on the Fire Stick 4k can’t display black when viewing Dolby Vision content. Black comes out gray. The Disney+ app on the Nvidia Shield Pro 2019 can display blacks.

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