Software version 5.0.5 for Fire TV 2 can still be rooted


Good news for those looking to root their Fire TV 2. Software version 5.0.5, which is currently arriving on devices, does not block rooting. AFTVnews reader Nano Parodi has chimed in to confirm that he successfully used my new rooting guide to root his Fire TV 2 that already updated to version 5.0.5. This means that all 2nd-gen Fire TVs, regardless of the software version they have, are rootable.

If you have a Fire TV 2 that has updated to 5.0.5 that you want to root, you should block updates since the next software update may block rooting. Then, you can either follow my rooting guide and downgrade to the 5.0.4 pre-rooted ROM, or wait for rbox to release a pre-rooted version of 5.0.5 and then follow the guide.

  1. nozebleed says:

    saaweeeeet ill just hold off until the prerooted rom is released then.

    honestly i dont even really know why i root anymore other than tinkering and “sticking it to the man”

    • cdlenfert says:

      Both good enough reasons, I might also add you could probably resell a rooted AFTV for more then a non-rooted device since eventually you won’t be able to buy one and root it. At least that was the case with the Apple TV 2.

    • Rodalpho says:

      I root my AFTVs for ad blocking in YouTube. No other reason.

      At first you needed root to play files off an attached USB drive, but I believe they support that use-case now.

    • Mark says:

      I want to root so that I can wi-fi new media files to my external HD.

  2. daffung says:

    hey elias i was able to get to recovery, was just a matter of booting up to recovery so unplug, if it doesn’t boot to recovery, unplugg again then eventually it did..
    i was able to push rooted firmrware but after installation
    i think i bricked it even more, this time i dont get any screen at all, like the hdmi cable not even connected at all.. so i guess the boot process got messed up thats why im not gettting screens anymore.

    in this case, would it fix the frozen white amazon login by reinstalling the official OS? or the rooted OS and offical wont make difference,
    and btw im returning the two bricked fire tv’s and i got my replacement and im on processing of rooting this one..

    easy guide btw, really took only 20 minutes per box!

  3. jeff says:

    Curious why you suggest that people downgrade after they block upgrades? Can’t they just stick to 5.05 until the pre-rooted 5.05 come out?

    • jeff says:

      EDIT – Oh, I guess you meant if you block updates after rooting… and not just block updates via router blocking the upgrade sites.

      • AFTVnews says:

        I’m not suggesting people downgrade. I’m just saying that if you don’t want to wait for the 5.0.5 pre-rooted ROM, then it’s safe to downgrade to the 5.0.4 pre-rooted ROM if your Fire TV is already on the official 5.0.5.

    • daffung says:

      means that if your on 5.0.5 firmware u can still apply with current method since theres no 5.0.5 pre rooted firmware yet, so basically ur downgrading if ur on 5.0.5.

  4. cdlenfert says:

    META: Elias, is there any way we can receive alerts or e-mails when someone replies to a comment we leave on the site. It’s tough remembering where I comment and to go back and check them. (Please feel free to e-mail me your response)

  5. mdeni says:

    Hi, I’m trying to get root on my firetv 5.0.5, but can’t get to it. I’m stuck at the “Waiting for the preloader” message, which never completes. I tried on Win 7 32 and 64 Bit, but no luck. Could be a driver issue and I disabled both anti-virus and firewall. I followed each step of the guide at I’m stuck now and don’t know what else to try. So any advice is appreciated, I just wanna root this thing so badly.

  6. Mike says:

    Does this mean one can follow the xda root guide for aftv 2 version 5.0.4 if they have an aftv 1 running 5.0.5?

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